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Hair Loss Expert Brand RYO Announces New Perfume Series in Malaysia

Now we can all look nice and smell nice!

Although sunlights are great for basking in Vitamin D, humidity can cause your scalp to build up residue resulting in head odour. So, protecting your hair with herbal-based RYO hair products, a leading Hair Loss Care Expert, is beneficial in Malaysia's hot and humid climate.

This early July, RYO unveiled their latest launch to retain the master formulation and cocoon it in two luxurious scents for a sensorial shower experience.

Ryo's new Hair Loss Expert Care line includes their Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume Shampoo and Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume Treatment which are available in two invigorating scents: Jeju Breeze and Seoul Sunset. Both work to eliminate scalp odour complete with a blissful retreat during each wash. 

RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume Shampoo Series

Formulated with RYO’s Ginsen9EX™ patented technology that harnesses a powerful elixir of Korean ginseng and three yellow-coloured herbs and five white herbs. With all of that, the shampoo effectively relieves and soothes dry, itchy scalps and restores balance.

The Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume Shampoo is free from seven key harmful ingredients to ensure safe, gentle, and effective scalp care that promises healthy hair from the root up until the end.

  • Animal-derived ingredients
  • Mineral oil
  • Polyacry lamide
  • Synthetic colours
  • Imidazolidinyl urea
  • Triethan olamine
  • Silicone oil

With the belief that a healthy scalp is a key to silky, lustrous, and healthy hair, this luxuriously scented shampoo is also dermatologically tested to cause zero irritation. It is also statistically proven with Korea's Standard Tests for head odour removal.

The shampoos are available in two scents: exotic Seoul Sunset and Jeju Breeze scents.

Jeju Breeze
Give your senses a warm hug with Jeju Breeze, a treatment that lends your hair care routine a touch of the tropical. With just one pump, transport yourself to the islands of Korea with the warm, woody musk notes of ylang ylang, lily and jasmine as your hair is nourished and strengthened.

Seoul Sunset
Bask in the warmth of the setting sun with Seoul Sunset. With every wash, allow yourself to be fully immersed in its warm, toasty notes of bitter orange, gardenia, freesia and sandalwood as each strand is revitalised.

Buy - RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume Shampoo Line:

Check RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Seoul Sunset Shampoo price below:
Check RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Jeju Breeze Shampoo price below:

RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume Treatments

Treat your tresses with the Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume, which is recommended to be used after shampoo and before conditioner.

The hair-boosting treatment contains Polygonum Multiflorum root extract to nourish and soothe the scalp while whole ginseng extract strengthens the hair from root to strand. RYO’s patented hair volumising technology, Root Volumer™, also contains a high amount of polymer that creates a thin film at the base of the hair, lifting limp locks at the root for flouncy, voluminous hair.

The formula is free from seven key harmful ingredients and dermatologically tested to ensure both scalp and hair receive maximum care.

In terms of variants, both are also available in Jeju Breeze and Seoul Sunset scents.

Buy - RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume Line:

Check RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume Treatment Seoul Sunset price below:
Check RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume Treatment Jeju Breeze price below:

RYO's Scalp Bio Lab uses 40 years of research to develop technology and solutions on the change of scalp and hair trouble patterns depending on environmental conditions that can relieve hair loss symptoms. On top of that, sensory research is also done on the relationship between fragrance and effects to match products and finding the perfect scent that would benefits your hair and soothes your mind.

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