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Best Co Living Space KL Selangor

7 Best Co-Living Spaces in KL & Selangor 2024

Try out the communal lifestyle at one of Malaysia's coolest co-living spaces

We’re pretty sure everyone has heard of co-living spaces because they're all the trend these days, right?

For those unfamiliar with the word, co-living is a modern housing alternative that allows tenants to share their living space and share similar goals, beliefs, and interests. 

Spaces for the finest co-living in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are a blessing for lonely city dwellers. They not only give economical and accessible living quarters, but they also provide high-quality service, fun amenities, and a level of warmth that other hotel options lack.

If you're currently hunting for the most fantastic co-living spaces in Malaysia, look no further! Here we've compiled a list of the top co-living spaces in KL and Selangor. These co-living places will provide you with all the amenities you need to live comfortably and productively, whether you're a student or a young professional. 

7 Best Co-Living Spaces in KL & Selangor 

Best Co Living KL & Selangor - The Hatchery Place
Check The Hatchery Place price below:

The Hatchery Place offers some of Malaysia's most amazing co-working spaces and communities in addition to giving the greatest co-living in Malaysia. 

It is also a great place to work from home, where you can work alone and have meaningful exchanges with other creatives and entrepreneurs.

Unlike other facilities in the market, such as hostels or hotels that label themselves as "co-living," The Hatchery Place is small, homey, and economical. They also provide free flow of coffee, tea, food goods, and WiFi for your convenience. 

The Hatchery Place has hosted amazing people from all over the world in the past few years. These countries include Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Estonia, and Latvia!

The co-living space also frequently hosts events that stimulate the formation of relationships. You can look forward to Exercise Mondays, Community Book Events, Time Bank, Meal Shares, Drum Circles, and other similar occasions held throughout the year. There is always something for anyone interested in experiencing a new way of life.

Customer Review:  

"I had a nice stay and will gladly return in the future. The space was amazing, the people were all nice, and I had a great time here. Their WiFi is lightning fast as well!."- Jason.

Coliv Damai Residence
Check Coliv Damai Residence price below:
  • Contact Number: +6012 253 6322
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Address: CoLiv @ Damai Residence Damai Residence, No. 1, Lorong Damai 13 Kiri, Kampung Datuk Keramat, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
  • Facebook: @Colivmy
  • Instagram: @colivmy

If you’re looking for convenience and a sense of community in the city, Co-Living @ Damai Residences could be the best co-living option for you.

They design their areas to be favourable for resting, relaxing, and working – built with your comfort in mind. The space provides holistic care by including an indoor and outdoor gym, a garden, an entertainment zone, a BBQ pit, a meditation deck, and other amenities.

It is also ideally positioned close to everything you could need, as it is in the middle of Kuala Lumpur City Center.

You can mix with folks from various cultures while you're there, as weekly events are held to engage with their micro-community.

To add, Coliv does not take your safety for granted in exchange for these amazing benefits. Not only does the building come equipped with smart locks and CCTV cameras, but there is also on-site security 24/7. Worry not; your safety is still their top priority.

Customer Review:  

"The rent is reasonable, plus you get a free workspace if you work here. I get to save about RM40 a day instead of going for a co-working space"- Julien.

Check Utopia price below:

Utopia is a co-living space network with locations across Malaysia, including many in Kuala Lumpur. It is, without a doubt, the best-value co-living space with a plethora of benefits.

This co-living space is an excellent option for anyone looking for a low-cost co-living space in Malaysia. You may get a lot of benefits for free here as they provide all members with free cleaning, laundry, and repair services, saving you money and giving you more time to rest. With their high-speed 500mbps WiFi, members also don't have to worry about the Internet connection.

If you're concerned about paying for other people's excessive electricity usage, put your worries aside as they use an individual billing system here. To top it off, there is no deposit required to move into this facility.

Guests get to experience different “utopias” at different branches. For example, Utopia at KLCC Twin Towers is the ideal venue to experience contemporary Kuala Lumpur. Utopia @ Central Kuchai Lama, on the other hand, is a gourmet wonderland and a welcome respite from the city's bustle.

Most importantly, anti-burglar locks, CCTV cameras, and fire safety procedures are also in place to safeguard your well-being.

Customer Review:  

"Because of their daily in-house cleaning, the facility is always pristine. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they always have a smile on their faces. 11/10 would recommend it to anyone!"- Peter

The Purple House (TPH)
Check The Purple House (TPH) price below:

The Purple House (TPH) started making its name in 2011 as a pioneer company in the Malaysian hostel industry. After years of providing a co-living space and student accommodation service, TPH has now grown its business to a new market by providing workers' accommodation.  

So, whether you’re a student or a worker, finding a place for your comfort is no longer an issue. TPH is the country’s leading premium accommodation and services provider, with over 10,000 active beds under its management. 

The Purple House strives to provide an extraordinary resident experience while also cultivating a well-connected and safe community. Because Malaysia is a multiracial country, TPH believes in mutual respect between everyone regardless of race, religion, gender and culture. 

If you're seeking a place where you can feel respected, seen, and heard, The Purple House might just be the place for you.

Customer review: 

“I stayed in Purple House for my first year of college. I found this place very secure in terms of security, and I also met a bunch of friendly people whom I'm fairly close to now. The facilities that are provided are pretty satisfactory as a lounge, study room and laundry areas are available. Lastly, the efficient management team is easy to contact whenever needed.” – Alia Hasni.

Commune Living
Check Commune Co-Living price below:

Commune Co-Living brings together communal living with adequate privacy by providing a 24-hour security crew to guarantee a secure atmosphere for living at home. As one of Malaysia's most established co-living providers, they have two co-living spaces at The Grand Subang SS13 and SS15, available for tenancy.

The co-living space has captured tenants' hearts – especially students – by offering study areas and a communal kitchen for the convenience of their tenants. Not only that, but Commune Co-Living also provides free shuttle service for students to Sunway University, INTI University, and Monash University.

If you're a busy professional, leisure time is a luxury, and using it for chores deprives you of the chance to recharge at home. Fortunately, staying at Commune Co-Living may ease your concerns about cleaning as they offer complimentary weekly cleaning of the communal areas. 

What's even better? Commune Co-Living's management serves a friendly and quick-to-respond team to deal with tenant issues. Their crew is also available around the clock to assist tenants. With this, Commune Living is, without a doubt, a 5-star service provider to improve your standard of living.

Customer Review: 

"My favourite part of Commune Living includes its cleanliness, gym, lovely pool, and variety of amenities for students to live genuinely, talk, socialise, and even study. Their administration is incredibly responsive, approachable, and friendly."- Afeeq.

Komune Living
Check Komune Living price below:

Komune Living is one of the top co-living spaces in KL as they offer a unique set of living alternatives to their customers. They provide a co-living idea while allowing members to choose their sleeping quarters based on their preferences.

Private studios or apartment-style rooms are available to choose from. You may still use the community kitchen, outdoor barbeque area, infinity pool, gym, and cafe, among other amenities. Boredom would also be a thing of the past as they provide daily communal activities, weekly local excursions, and monthly special events

Whether you're visiting for a short or long period, Komune Living will welcome you with open arms and will make your stay an unforgettable one.

Customer Review:

Everything is fantastic! I'm pretty pleased with the staff and the overall facilities. I never expected a surau in a Co-Living space, which genuinely makes me happy.” - Fazra

Ant Hill Co-Living
Check Ant Hill Co-Living price below:

Ant Hill Co-Living's primary goal is to provide clients with the most economical and best co-living experience possible by exceeding their expectations in every way around the Klang Valley.

Looking for a room complete with lavish décor, lighting, and furniture, all at a reasonable price with no up-front costs? You've been heard!

Ant Hill aims to create a living environment that fits the demands of students and working young. From geographic location to room arrangement, they want to provide the social youth with a wholly equipped flat for peace of mind. 

The rooms at this co-living space are completely furnished with attractive décor and lighting to ensure practical use and high-quality day-to-day living requirements. For those in need, you won't have to pay and may move in right away after inspection.

Customer Review:  

"I was really pleased with their service, and management responded quickly to maintenance requests. I had no problems during my tenancy and had a terrific time!" - Ben. 

Is co-living legal in Malaysia?

In Malaysia's urban districts and major cities, housing is highly unaffordable because wage growth cannot keep pace with rising property prices.

As more people cannot afford to rent a home, the country is expecting more co-living and co-working projects to emerge soon. Even though there are no clear restrictions or regulations on properties offering such concepts, co-living is all the rage in Malaysia. And while co-living facilities are springing up all over the country, more homes are offering this kind of option. 

Furthermore, co-living allows you to live a more flexible lifestyle without having to worry about a mortgage. Unlike traditional renting agreements, co-living promises a hassle-free nature of the housing appeals to people who migrate from city to city for professional or personal reasons.

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