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Why Buy A TOKIT Omni Cook: Confessions Of A Young Adult With Limited Cooking Skills

For aspiring chefs and skilled ones alike

When I was offered the chance to review the TOKIT Omni Cook, I jumped at it to see what the hype is all about. I had seen TOKIT Omni-Cook ads but had never given it much thought until this opportunity came along.

Frankly, I’m someone with limited culinary skills and was amazed by its claim that it’s an “All-In-One” appliance that could replace 21 kitchen gadgets. Yeah, you read that right; twenty-one. Think of the savings in money and space!

A noob in the kitchen, I’m always up to try any appliances that would allow me to save time and prepare my own meals easily. Cooking means I can cut back on my eating out habit, saving me a few Ringgits too when I live on my own. Not to mention, it’d allow me to make healthier diet options.

Apart from those who lack cooking skills and experiences as I do, busy individuals with families will appreciate the TOKIT Omni Cook. I also believe that the elderly may benefit from using this as it reduces the workload, only requiring intervention for adding ingredients.

If you haven’t heard of TOKIT, they came about in 2013. Their name is derived from the words “TO” and “KITCHEN”. Launching their first product in 2016, the company has gone on to release other products including the Omni Cook in 2021.

Food is the way to the heart. TOKIT strives to empower users to have a fun and smooth-sailing experience in the kitchen by providing high-quality smart appliances. With TOKIT, everyone has the opportunity to cultivate their skills and passion for cooking. They have received 48 awards from IF, Red Dot, G-Mark, IDEA, and more, signifying their excellence in the industry. 

Table Of Contents

Review: Dinner, Recipes & Modes

Dinner: Three(3) recipes tested

Other Recipes:


The TOKIT Omni Cook: Explained

First off, let’s talk about what you get when you purchase a unit.

What’s in the box:

  • Main engine frame
  • Simmering basket
  • Measuring spoon
  • Measuring cup
  • Mixing bowl
  • Blade set
  • Scraper
  • Whisk

While the basic set is sufficient for making a wide range of dishes, there are additional items and accessories that may be purchased separately which include a blade cover, steamer set, and slow-cook plug. 

Setting up your TOKIT Omni Cook

Setting up is no trouble. Once you’ve unpacked everything, all you have to do is plug it in and it’ll automatically switch on. There’s also a power button situated on the right.

As pictured above, what you’ll need to do after is set up your device by choosing your country, language and connecting it to WiFi. All this takes no time at all.

The Omni Cook intelligently automatically connects to WiFi when powered on. There is no need to manually connect it each time upon start-up. If you find yourself having to do so, it would most likely mean that your internet signal is weak.

Once that’s done, don’t be alarmed when you hear a loud voice talking. It’s just the AI giving you a quick tutorial on the interface.

Design & Interface

Featuring a modern design in black and white, the TOKIT Omni Cook will look great on any kitchen counter. It is sturdy, durable, and most importantly heat-resistant.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, its operation is a no-brainer. Even the elderly would not be put off by it. Featuring a 7” display, the touchscreen is sensitive and responsive. There’s a sidebar on the left where the recipes, modes, and settings can be accessed, as well as letting you adjust the screen brightness and volume level.

The control knob below the screen is to be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise to go back and forth between steps in recipes as well as to adjust elements like time, temperature, and blade settings. One click of the dial can start or stop a preset. This makes it convenient to operate though your fingers may be dirty as you can get away with using the back of your hand.

Moving on, I want to highlight a feature that I absolutely love; the spool located on the back of the main engine frame. It allows for the cable to be wound for easy and convenient cable management, keeping things neat. Although it seems like a minor feature, it shows that TOKIT has put thought into its design.


In terms of safety, its operation is stopped if the lid is removed, and there’s a slider which you have to move to the left in order to remove the mixing bowl. Furthermore, there are suction cups attached to the bottom that prevents it from slipping even if the surface that it is placed on may be relatively slippery. Kudos to TOKIT for their practical design!

Unlimited access to recipes

TOKIT’s cloud recipe database, cookNjoy hosts thousands of recipes comprising different cuisines that are accompanied by photos and videos, which I found to be quite helpful. You’ll even find local recipes including Nasi Land Onde Onde. 

There are also curated collections for occasions such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and a special collection created by Sorted Food that utilises the Omni Cook. Meanwhile, parents starting their babies on solids will appreciate the ‘dishes for baby’ collection.

Just favourite the recipes you’re interested in for ease of reference. The great thing about this feature is that it comes with cooking presets which takes the guesswork out of things. All you have to do is follow the instructions. 


As mentioned, the Omni Cook is advertised as an “All-in-one’’ appliance. Boasting 15 culinary modes, hat include chopping, mixing, kneading and steaming, it’s versatile. These modes are ideal if you’d like to try out a recipe of your own that’s not on cookNjoy as you’ll have free rein to manually tweak the presets accordingly.


Like most people, part of why I do not enjoy cooking is the hassle of cleaning up afterwards. That’s why the ‘pre-clean’ function is one of my favourite features. It does the heavy-lifting, only requiring you to add 1000g of water to the mixing bowl and a few drops of dishwashing. 

The result is satisfactory but you sometimes still need to go in with a sponge for particularly stubborn food remnants. On that note, do be careful because the blade is extremely sharp.


Here’s an honest review of my experience with the TOKIT Omni Cook as someone with minimal culinary skills. I tested out recipes from different categories such as soup, dessert, baking, and main course while utilising some of the culinary modes too.

Dinner: Three(3) recipes tested 

Soup:  Pig stomach soup with peppercorns

In one evening, I tried out three(3) recipes, starting off with pig stomach soup with peppercorns. I had never made this dish before but did not find it too challenging. In fact, this recipe is rated as ‘super easy’.

All I had to do was follow the steps prompted on the screen. For example, when it says to “add 400g of pig stomach”, you do not even need a food scale as ‘weighing’ is one of the many things the Omni Cook can do. 

I adore this feature as it reduces the hassle of me getting out my weighing scale or even needing one at all. I just had to gradually add to the mixing bowl until the correct amount was displayed.

Once I added the pig stomach, I rotated the control knob to start the cooking process. Speaking of which, you need not worry about the temperature or trying to gauge how long to set the timer as it’s all automated! When that step is completed, the screen usually prompts you to carefully remove the lid and will show you what to do next.

Though the recipe called for white radish, I substituted it with pork ribs. The result was a flavourful peppery taste that wasn’t too spicy. The meat was tender and the pig stomach was just right; not too chewy.

Main course recipe: Braised pork in brown sauce

I also tried my hand at braised pork in brown sauce. Belatedly, I realised that my dishes were both pork-heavy but it worked out as it was cooked in different styles.

This braised pork recipe called for rock sugar. My mum normally uses regular sugar grains so this was interesting. This recipe was easy to follow and I’d definitely make this again. Due to the fact that the TOKIT Omni Cook is truly multifunctional, I did not need to alternate between it and the pot on my stove. All I needed was the mixing bowl to blanch, stir-fry, and boil. 

The meat was thoroughly cooked, with the soy sauce, star anise, and sweetness from the rock sugar blending well together.

Dessert: Fruit ice cream

For dessert, I made fruit ice cream. Only two ingredients were required; fruit and whipped cream. While the recipe called for mixed fruit, I decided to go with a single type of fruit; dragon fruit. As you can see, the fruit was well blended and I found no clumps or bits of fruit. 

Besides, adding the whipped cream was made easy with the measuring cup that usually sits atop the lid of the mixing bowl.

After freezing, the result is as pictured. As no sugar was added, it only has the natural sweetness of the fruit which I favour, and the slight taste of whipped cream. Perhaps, I’ll  add a little more whipped cream for a creamier taste next time. It’s the perfect guilt-free treat for a hot day.

Not to toot my own horn but I think my first time preparing dinner at home was a success. All was made possible by this nifty machine! The entire process took me under 4 hours and if you think that’s a long time, I assure you it is not. Most of the time was taken up by waiting for the pig stomach to stew.

For such scenarios, in the meantime, you can prepare the ingredients for your next dish, complete other tasks, or put your feet up for a little while.

Other Recipes:

Sauce: Pandan kaya sauce

If you know me, you’ll know just how much I love kaya. It is why I love a good Kopitiam breakfast; Kaya butter toast is my go-to! The TOKIT Omni Cook has afforded me many ‘firsts’. This was the first time I had attempted to make Kaya.

Kaya, often referred to as Coconut jam, is a spread made of eggs, sugar, coconut cream, and pandan juice (which provides a sweet smell and mild colouring).

First, pandan leaves had to be chopped repeatedly to achieve a fine texture. Lucky me, the sharp blade got the job done. After being mixed for 30 seconds, it had to be sieved to extract the pandan juice.

Before the ingredients could be mixed, the bowl had to be cleaned. Then, I attached the whisk that was provided before adding the coconut cream and left it to cook according to the programmed settings.

Pictured below is the end result. I reduced the amount of sugar by more than half as I generally do not like things to be too sweet, despite having a sweet tooth. I’m glad I did as I found it tasted just right.

However, in terms of texture, the outcome is unlike what I had envisioned. If you zoom in, you can probably tell that it is not very smooth; a little lumpy actually. It tastes yummy nonetheless. 

To get to the bottom of this I asked my trusty pal, Google, to enlighten me as to why the kaya turned out as such. Apparently, it was because the temperature was too high or that heat was not well distributed. TOKIT is known to update recipes so here’s hoping this one gets a revision. 

Till then, I’ll try cooking it at a lower temperature if I attempt this recipe again. 

Also, while I appreciate the convenience of being able to use just one bowl to get everything done, my one peeve is having to clean the mixing bowl in-between steps. When cooking on the stove, more than one pot can be used simultaneously, delaying the washing til the end. However, the same can be said about other multicookers-type appliances so this point is not a dealbreaker. 

Main dish: Spaghetti with Cheese & Bacon

Next up, craving a taste of Italy, I made spaghetti with cheese & bacon. Essentially, this is carbonara. An easy dish to prepare for lunch or dinner, you probably already have the ingredients needed.

First, I stir-fried the bacon for just 5 minutes according to the recommended settings. Then, the bowl had to be cleaned before adding water to be boiled. Once that’s done, the spaghetti can be added through the hole of the main pot lid.

If you’re wondering why it doesn’t look very creamy, well, it’s not supposed to be. I found this quick and easy to make and can see myself whipping this up for dinner after a long day at work. 

However, I would hold back on the salt as the bacon and cheese made it flavourful enough. As the recipe did not specify the type of pasta to be used, feel free to go with whatever you fancy. If you’re wondering why the pasta looks a little more brown than usual, it’s because I used wholemeal spaghetti.

Baking: Brownies

I am an aspiring baker. “Aspiring” because it is merely an aspiration. I never seem to be able to get it right, even when following recipes to a tee. Hence, I was excited to give it another try, since the Omni Cook has a mixing function. 

It can heat too. So the first step was to melt 100g of butter in 1 minute. However, I had to repeat this step a couple of times. I’m not sure if it’s because I should have left the butter out for a good while or whether it’s okay to take it directly from the fridge for immediate use. A small hiccup, but not a major flaw.

As mentioned, it is easy to add and measure things due to the built-in scale. It is extremely precise, displaying the weight detected on the screen. The whole process was fast and effortless.

I was extremely pleased with the outcome. Am happy to report that my brownie was a success! Using the Omni Cook to mix the batter obviously yielded better results. For context, I usually hand mix the batter, and it just never turns out quite right. I’ve suspected that it could be due to the way I mix the ingredients.

Praise the TOKIT Omni Cook! There is potential for improvement in my baking skills after all.

Beverage: Nut milk

A fan of alternatives to dairy, I’ve tried oat, almond, rice, soy, and coconut milk. I usually add it to my coffee or overnight oats. Having not used a food processor before, I was intrigued when I stumbled upon this recipe, especially since I hadn’t tried cashew milk.

This recipe takes under 10 minutes and only requires a few ingredients; cashews, pitted dates, coconut flakes, vanilla extract, and water. 

The result is a good frothy blend, and I've been making lattes with it daily. It is a little grainy but I personally enjoy a bit of texture. On the other hand, if you prefer a smooth taste, the recipe advises that you filter it before drinking. 

Main course: Japanese Stewed Beef

A first time for everything; making this stew with the Omni Cook made me think that cooking is easy. With simple ingredients, a hearty meal is not out of reach. It’s really a matter of preparing the ingredients and throwing them in as instructed. 

This turned out delicious! Though a little dry for stew, it pairs well with rice! The beef tasted tender and juicy, coupled with the sweetness from the carrots and some potatoes.

Mode: Kneading

Among its various functions, ‘kneading’ has got to be one of the Omni Cook’s most useful ones for all the aspiring home bakers out there. Manual kneading requires a precise technique to be applied, and it can make or break the outcome of your baking.

Thanks to the Omni Cook, even the most inexperienced of bakers can avoid mistakes like over-kneading, and won’t have to tire themselves out.

You can look forward to a well-kneaded mixture in a matter of minutes! 

Mode: Ice Shaving

This is a short commentary as I did not try any recipe that required ice shavings. I just wanted to test this function to see how well it shaves ice. To do so, I put a couple of ice cubes into the bowl and pressed the control knob. The result was satisfactory.

Mode: Juicing

I tried out the juicing function, making carrot juice. It was easy enough. You can adjust the blade speed and set the timer for however long you wish. Some water has to be added to it and you may not enjoy the juice if you don’t like pulp. With that said, you can use a sieve to separate the juice from the fruit.


You don’t need to be a professional to prepare meals thanks to the TOKIT Omni Cook. With an impressive range of recipes, the possibilities are endless, and you will not be plagued with the conundrum of what to cook. 

Instead, you can experiment with different recipes and expand your palate, trying new cuisines and delicacies that you otherwise would not. While it allows you to dispense with the need for certain other appliances and gadgets, it is no replacement for your oven or stove.  

Nevertheless, it is a great multipurpose appliance that we recommend to:

  • the elderly
  • homemakers
  • working individuals
  • inexperienced cooks

The TOKIT Omni Cook truly can do it all and is perfect for preparing meals for small families. Those who live alone can also easily prepare single servings or larger portions for meal prep. 

It’s useful to everyone in different ways. The elderly will appreciate the convenience of being able to throw in all the ingredients and leave it to work its magic while they rest. And of course, the unskilled cooks will value the guidance from its recipes and improve their skills.

Overall, I’ve had an enjoyable experience with the TOKIT Omni Cook. Using it has eased me into cooking and I now feel inclined to cook more often, not only because the Omni Cook simplifies the processes but also because there are so many recipes to try.

I can now easily whip up something to eat without having to research the recipe ahead of time. Plus, I don’t need to wait around, monitoring the cooking progress thanks to the presets. 

Ultimately, I can honestly say that I have spent more time in the kitchen this past week than I normally do in a month. Ask my mum if you don’t believe me!  

If that sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, I can assure you that I hardly felt I was attempting to make anything elaborate. It’s all thanks to TOKIT Omni Cook for making cooking easier. 

Table of Contents

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