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Create a Stunning Website with these 16 Website Builders

If you can imagine it, they can develop it

A professional website is a prerequisite if you want to have an online presence. Sometimes, it’s the first point of contact between you and your customer, so your website must make a great first impression.

But how do you create a website if you don’t have the technical expertise? Not to worry, because there are a handful of website builders out there for you to choose from, each of them offering highly customized packages.

Here we review 16 recommended website builders in Malaysia.

Table of Contents 

16 Best Website Builders in Malaysia 

1. Exabytes
Best digital solutions provider
Updated on 9th June 2021
add_circle Great customer support
add_circle Comprehensive range of marketing services
add_circle Fast response
add_circle Various cloud backup solutions to choose from

Offering a range of value-added services such as web security, digital marketing, CRM, and shared hosting solutions, it’s no wonder that Exabytes earns the above title.

Key Features

Whether you wish to rank on Google, do email marketing, advertise on LinkedIn, or grow your business on Facebook, Exabytes’ comprehensive range of marketing solutions have got you covered. 

And if you’re worried about security, you can try their advanced web security solutions.

Customer Review

Providing top-notch customer service and technical support, Exabytes can solve any technical issue within 15 minutes or less.

The Ultimate Webmaster Malaysia
2. The Ultimate Webmaster.com
Best customizable website builder
Updated on 15th June 2021
add_circle Industry-specific website designs
add_circle Offers consultation on how to improve SEO
add_circle Great for small and medium-sized businesses
remove_circle No free trial

The Ultimate Webmaster.com understands that each business is unique and thus have created highly customized web designs.

Key Features

They offer an endless range of designs specially catered to different types of industries. They have designs for almost any category, such as for hotels, churches, real estate, travel, corporate, construction, and the list goes on and on.

Customer Review

If you subscribe to a plan, their sales representative will provide helpful advice and consultation. Thus, many clients that have little experience in website-building genuinely appreciate this extra service.

Fuyoh Design
3. Fuyoh Design
Best for e-Commerce websites
Updated on 8th June 2021
add_circle Website is easy to navigate
add_circle Simple and user-friendly interface
add_circle Offers free consultation & quotation
add_circle Offers useful statistical tools
remove_circle No free trial

What makes Fuyoh Design the best e-commerce website builder in Malaysia? It has a package that offers comprehensive online shopping solutions!

Key Features

Want to set up the best online shopping site complete with a secure payment system, automated inventory management system, affiliate marketing system, topped with aesthetically pleasing product pages? Fuyoh Design is your best bet.

If you wish to tweak your marketing strategies, you can also utilize their statistical tools that monitor website traffic.

Customer Review

They’ve received mainly 5-star reviews, with many clients praising them for their simple yet professional designs.

4. Rubysoft
Best web design service
Updated on 8th June 2021
add_circle Highly customized design
add_circle Graphic design services
add_circle Provides digital marketing services

Rubysoft is known as the best for web design, owing to their strong emphasis on UI/UX design in ensuring the best browsing experience for your users.

Key Features

If you can’t find ready-made website building services in the market, you can approach Rubysoft, and they will be able to build a customized website.

They also do graphic design for you, including logo design, banner design, newsletters, and product packaging.

Customer Review

Overall, clients love its beautiful web designs that come with business tools such as ticketing, SMS integration, CRM, and invoicing.

5. Hostinger
Most cost-effective website builder
Updated on 8th June 2021
add_circle Comes with designer-made pre-built templates
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Has built-in SEO tools
add_circle User-friendly
remove_circle The low pricing is only for a basic website builder service

Who says you need to sacrifice quality for price? With Hostinger, you can own a professional website for as low as RM11 a month!

Key Features

You don’t have to spend much time and effort into designing the perfect website, because Hostinger is an easy website builder with pre-built design templates catered to different types of categories. All you need to do is select the template you like. 

Oh, and you will have access to over a million free images.

Customer Review

Hostinger is extremely suitable for beginners, owing to its user-friendly interface, such as its drag-and-drop design and its auto AI text generator.

Go Daddy
6. Go Daddy
Easy-to-use website builder
Updated on 8th June 2021
add_circle Have pre-built templates
add_circle Provides social media management
add_circle Built-in marketing tools
add_circle Beginner-friendly
add_circle All-in-one dashboard allow you to manage everything from one spot
remove_circle No backups

The top website builder in Malaysia, Go Daddy is also a simple website builder that is great for beginners.

Key Features

They have pre-built templates for you to choose from. So whether or not you’re talented in designing, your website will still end up looking good!

What’s cool is that you can leverage data with GoDaddy Insight, an AI system that provides you with performance metrics and advice on how to improve your online presence.

Customer Review

All in all, Go Daddy is the best website builder in Malaysia, loved by many for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Big Domain
7. Big Domain
Best website builder for businesses
Updated on 8th June 2021
add_circle Has pre-built design templates
add_circle Great customer service
add_circle Easy to use
remove_circle No free trial

Why Big Domain is so ideal for businesses is because of its web hosting services, enabling businesses to “rent” a space in the World Wide Web to house a website and store files on that website.

Key Features

Big Domain offers 3 types of plans, ranging from basic to premium, to cater to businesses of all size, from start-ups to large multinationals.

Coming with more than 200 ready-to-use templates, businesses can get a head start in designing their website. 

Customer Review

Fast, reliable, and flexible pricing. These are just some of the reviews given by their clients who got their first website up and running on the web.

Go Get Space
8. Go Get Space
Best website builder with content writing and marketing services
Updated on 8th June 2021
add_circle Offers a comprehensive range of web hosting services
add_circle Customized web designs
add_circle Great customer service

Go Get Space is great for those who require many value-added services like SEO, search engine marketing, and content writing. 

Key Features

Apart from only providing customized web design services, they also provide drag-and-drop web builder services for those who prefer to handle the website designing on their own.

And if you find yourself in need of quality content, Go Get Space will engage wordsmiths to do the writing for you, whether it’s for a blog post, social media post, or newsletter. 

Customer Review

Their digital marketing solutions and web content services (inclusive of web photography and animation) mean that many clients’ needs were fully taken care of.

9. Shinjiru
Best all-purpose website builder
Updated on 8th June 2021
add_circle Able to deliver in 14 days
add_circle Social media integration
add_circle SEO optimized
add_circle Has a huge selection of read-made widgets
remove_circle Email hosting services aren’t too reliable

Providing custom-made and SEO-optimised websites, Shinjiru is your go-to website builder if you want an all-purpose website.

Key Features

Whatever the purpose of your website, whatever industry you’re in, and whatever your needs are, and Shinjiru will deliver a beautifully designed website in 14 days.

Every website that they build is hosted on Amazon’s worldwide content delivery network which averages a 99.99% uptime, ensuring that the page will always load quickly.

Customer Review

Many customers are satisfied with the website designs and web hosting services, with the average rating being 4.8 stars.

Mind Your Web
10. Mind Your Web
Best website builder with comprehensive packages
Updated on 15th June 2021
add_circle Provides Google Ads management service
add_circle Provides a comprehensive range of e-commerce and marketing services
remove_circle Require a large up-front investment

Mind Your Web offers 5 web design packages to choose from, ranging from the most basic web design plan to the most value-added e-commerce plan.

Key Features

Their web designs are highly customized and can work well across any device, whether it’s your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

If you opt for the most premium plan, you will enjoy up to 20 content pages, marketing tools, multi-currency support, courier services support, and a payment system that accepts any payment gateway.

Customer Review

Overall, it’s a trusted website builder with all-in-one solutions for SEO, online store and e-commerce, and content management system.

11. Cleverus
Best website builder with SEO services
Updated on 21st June 2021
add_circle Web designing services that places importance in visuals
add_circle Has marketing insights on multiple online platform
add_circle Straightforward approach for interested customers
add_circle Suitable for many types of businesses

Cleverus is an internet marketing service provider that offers a good deal in their packages when you build a website with them, as well as insights about marketing your domain and SEO analysis.

Key Features

Run by a team of marketing professionals with a deep understanding of SEO, the group uses their understanding of how to properly market an online domain for business to assist you no matter what online platform you want for.

in the package regarding building a website, the team starts your project from strategising your website's brand & position, all the way to deploying it.

Customer Review

After engaging with Cleverus, we have seen a tremendous increase in our website ranking position from the Google search and have attracted more organic traffic to our websites since then.

12. Voxyard
Best website builder with application design services
Updated on 21st June 2021
add_circle Perfect for both desktop and mobile based clients
add_circle Very simple and clean to navigate around
add_circle Free consultation
add_circle Tailored budget services available

If all you want is just a clean website without a lot of extra frills, Voxyard is the one to go to. From their website, you can already tell that offering simple but beautiful, engaging UI is a highlight of theirs.

Key Features

Part of what makes Voxyard unique is that they offer straightforward consultation sessions, even if you as the client, don't know what you want. From developing and building a concept, the team also offers enhancement and maintenance services.

To keep it simple, Voxyard offers both Back End development as well as Front End Web & Mobile development. 

Customer Review

Voxyard's diverse portfolio has clients like Gerakbudaya (Book shop), Business Tourism for Australia & WABA (NGO). This shows their flexibility in deploying varied concepts to suit different clients from different industries.

13. Winnefy
Another best all-purpose website builder
Updated on 21st June 2021
add_circle Multiple services to offer all-in-one web solution experience
add_circle Varied portfolio

Everything that you need to make your online business succeed? Winnefy can help you with that, from start to finish!

Key Features

The company delivers according to its drive for achieving results. As a matter of fact, to ensure that you are off to a good start, Winnefy offers head-to-toe solutions on how to start and improve your website.

Their list of services includes responsive web designs that will ace in User Interface, web-based application, SEO services, Copywriting, Digital marketing and Web-App development.

Customer Review

"They are very professional, knowledgeable and they obviously have a lot of experience in dealing all the works related to Web Design, SEO and others. I just don't know how to describe in more but they really do having the work done professionally! Recommended!" - Jeff Pow
14. Aspire Idea
Best website builder for small businesses
Updated on 21st June 2021
add_circle Has web hosting
add_circle SEO and social marketing services
add_circle Offers bulk SMS services

Web designing services can be intimidating for small business owners. But Aspire Idea is determined to make sure that anyone, big or small, is treated fairly regardless of pricing or their capabilities to realise their client's vision.

Key Features

Aspire Idea is run with a simple goal: To promote your business as efficiently as possible. Part of why their services appeal to potential clients is that they genuinely share their knowledge and know-how on managing a website to build a business. All Aspire Idea ever want is to help you maximise your return on investment.

Customer Review

"Business owner is a specialist in this field and he is committed to all his sales orders. Consult him for more and excited packages." - Edmund Lee

15. BeanSE
Another best digital solutions provider in Malaysia
Updated on 21st June 2021

At BeanSearch Expert (BeanSE), the digital marketing agency ensures that you build a presence from your brand from the get-go.

Key Features

With an enriching history that stems back from 2000, BeanSE has always been committed to helping enhance the online presence for both corporates and enterprises alike. Since its operation, BeanSE continues to learn and adapt as well as apply new online marketing strategies to benefit their client's businesses accordingly.

BeanSE offers you services to counter 4 types of queries you may have: Building a Searchable Business, Have Maximum Exposure, Best Promotional Strategies and Converting Potential Customers.

Customer Review

Based on our observation, the team also had the opportunity to give talks on marketing to colleges, as well as achieved a promising reputation based on its 5-star rating via Facebook page and over 1,000 followers. - ProductNation

16. Instaweb
Another best easy-to-use website builder
Updated on 21st June 2021
add_circle Very easy-to-use
add_circle Offers auto-updates for your websites
add_circle Minimal SEO optimisation offered

Building your own website is a huge step to take as a business owner. So let's call Instaweb as, the website solution provider that helps you ease into the transition with baby steps.

Key Features

How easy is Instaweb? All you need to do is register right with your Facebook page. This is a seamless process to "convert" your Facebook page into an actual domain website that will look and feel similar to what your existing customer database is used to.

Having your own website with them also means there is no need to update your own website's back end issues. Moreover, Instaweb offers tips and SEO optimisation to solidify your website's presence. And the best part is that it is suitable for a diverse set of users be it for e-commerce or for service providers.

Customer Review

Translated: "Instaweb is an all-in-one solution, our website is always operating well and looks good 24/7. Thank you Instaweb!" - perfumeheaven.my

How much does it cost to make a website in Malaysia?

If you want to create a website without coding, you will have to engage the service of a web builder. 

Generally, it costs as low as RM12 a month to create a website. However, the price can go up to a whopping RM500 per month, depending on how many add-ons and value-added services you require.

And if you want to reduce your cost to zero, you can always opt for free website builders.

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