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Huggies diapers are one of the most popular diaper brands in Malaysia, and for good reason - Huggies diaper selections are designed with innovations to make the lives of both babies and parents easier.

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Which type of diapers for my baby?

There are no fixed rules or formula on your choice of diapers. In the end, it all comes down to the convenience and situation for each baby. It is okay to continue using tape diapers for a while if you are more familiar with them or use both depending on the activity and time of day.

Tape Diapers

All Huggies diapers come in two types – Tape diapers and Pant diapers. Tape diapers are generally preferable for newborns and babies who are not very active yet, as it is easier to put in on a baby while they are lying on their back and lift up their bottom.

Tape diapers are also generally cheaper and are suitable for infants up to six months. Do know that newborns are more likely to defecate very often at this stage but will gradually reduce once they are 3 months old.

Pant Diapers

For babies who are already learning to crawl and active, pant diapers can be much more convenient, as you can put it on your baby in any position without the legs being lifted. 

It is also a great choice when you bring your child for activities outside of home, as it is easier to put on or take off.

Pant diapers generally have an elastic band around the waist and legs and allow babies to move easily move around without discomfort, as well as any risk of leakage.

Why Huggies

The choice of diapers for your baby is as important as picking the right diet or milk formula for them. A few things to consider are the innovation behind the diapers, and how it feels against your baby’s skin.

Huggies diapers are free from irritants like elemental chlorine, rubber latex, fragrance, parabens and EU allergens. There are also extremely comfortable to wear, absorbs well, and even comes with a wetness-indicator to let you know when your baby’s diaper is ready to be changed. Learn all of Huggies diaper features below.

Types of Huggies You Can Redeem

Huggies Dry for Newborns

Huggies Dry for Newborns is made with 1,000 micro holes that absorb wetness quickly to prevent leakage and to keep your baby’s skin dry. It is also designed to absorb a newborn’s runny bowel movements, preventing it from coming back to the baby’s skin.

Huggies Dry Pants

Huggies Dry Pants series feature the Dry Xpert Channel technology, distributing urine 4-ways across the pad for fast absorption and keeping it there. No need to worry about it as well, as the absorption last as long as 10 hours, while still keeping it 100% breathable.

Huggies Natural Soft (Tape/Pants/Newborn)

Diapers from the Huggies Natural Soft series all contain 100% important natural cotton that is extremely comfortable. 

Newborn versions are capable of quickly absorbing pee and runny poo, while tape and pants have an overnight absorbency of up to 12 hours and come with a wetness indicator.

Huggies Platinum (Tape/Pants/Newborn)

All Huggies Platinum diapers feature over 100 million ultra-thin, breathable holes that allow fresh air to pass through. It’s flexi-form also ensure the fit remains slim even after multiple wettings.

Just like the Huggies’ other offerings, you can expect overnight absorbency of up to 12 hours!

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