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IKEA Malaysia is Clearing... Here are 8 Items You Can Get From Just RM5!

High-class decorations on a budget!

Ikea is clearing out old furniture models as they're preparing for new models to come in. And we can't but to wonder, "Wow, SO CHEAP!"

If you're a fan of Ikea furniture or need new items for your home, now's your chance to grab some juicy discounted deals from just RM7.

Don't wait, because the deals are valid until stocks last (and will be gone, forever). Some deals are even discounted until 23rd August 2020 only.

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Here's are some of the best Ikea deals that we think are worth buying:


This gorgeous STRIMMIG bowl comes in a lovely pale shade of green and makes a great touch of elegance to your dining table.

SJÖPENNA Pendant Lamp: RM69

Sure, minimalism is attractive but why not add character into your dining room with this unique-patterned lamp?

BLÄNDANDE Candle holder Set: RM39

Don't underestimate the power of adding candles to your home. Light that scented Bath and Body Works candle for a relaxing, spa-like experience, or use the candle holders even has vase for your plants!

RANDGRÄS Quilt Cover and Pillowcase: RM69

How often do you get to buy bedsheets under RM100? Get this cotton-lyocell set that's sewn with a high-count thread to ensure long-lastingness.

LEJONGAP Curtains: RM127

Want sunlight but also want some privacy? Get this pair of translucent curtains to enjoy the best of both worlds, now at a discounted price!


Bring your living room to life with this simple yet, eye-catching fluffy rug. It's sure to give your house a more cosy feel to it!

KVICKSUND Memo board: RM28

Happiness can come in many forms, and cleanliness is one of them! Organize your desk neatly (and creatively) with this memo board that's sure to make your study area Instagrammable.

GRUCKAN Hand towel: RM69

Your kitchen can look inviting just like your other rooms at home when there's a cute kitchen towel like this one!
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