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Review & Price: Philips MoistureProtect Hair Straightener (HP8372/03)

Protection against breakage!

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Philips MoistureProtect Hair Straightener HP8372/03

RM 293
Best hair straightener with ceramic plates and fast heat up time
add_circle Innovative sensor for temperature control
add_circle Has 3 heat setting
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Leaves a shine on hair
add_circle Reportedly no hair falls
remove_circle Body takes a while to cool
remove_circle Can get too hot to hold

A good hair straightener (flat iron) has to straighten the hair without tugging it as well as remain safe to use on the hair. Especially with Malaysia having a hot and humid climate, ensuring the hair stays sleek can be a challenge. Well, it may not be so with Philips' MoistureProtect Hair Straightener.

As its name suggests, the flat iron is designed with a MoistureProtect technology that ensures moisture does not escape the hair when being applied with heat. It's great against frizziness due to a built-in Sensor Technology that diagnoses your hair 30 times every second to ensure the right temperature is applied onto the hair and that hydration is preserved. 

Moreover, by utilizing floating ceramic plates that contain negative ions to combat frizziness and straighten your hair easily, the iron's design ensures less pressure on your hair which leads to lower risk of hair breakage. Not forgetting, you can actually set the heat manually with 3 digital temperature options provided, which lots of higher-end models don't offer. Additionally, the iron has a decent heat up time of 15 seconds and an auto shut-off feature after an hour.

When it comes to real-life tests, there's been a call for a better protective body as the straightener reportedly takes awhile to cool down and that it can be too hot to hold. Some did say that the flat iron is lightweight and that with the provided traveling pouch, making it quite portable.

Overall, it's a simple tool that does its job. Minor hiccups are present but nothing too major to not dismiss this product.

Specs of the Philips Moisture Protect Hair Straightener (HP8372/03)

Cord Length 2.0 meter
Heat-up Time 15 seconds
Temperature 150-175-200 degree Celcius
Voltage 110-240V
Hair Care Technology
  • MoistureProtect technology
  • Floating ceramic plates
  • Ionic
  • Ceramic coating
  • Auto shut-off (60 minutes)
  • Hanging loop
  • Swivel cord
Other Accessories
  • Pouch

Reviews of the Philips Moisture Protect Hair Straightener (HP8372/03)

"It’s a product which is easy to use and the hair damage is minimal due to the incorporated technology." - Makeupandbeauty.com

"For those who do not have much time to style the hair, this device will be of great use as it heats up instantly and provides efficient results in much less time. I would highly recommend using this straightener as it maintains the moisture level and makes hair look healthy & shiny." - Brideeveryday.com

"We found that the technology helped style our hair quicker than average, and the three manual temperature modes give you options that are often lacking in straighteners." - Independent.co.uk

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