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The 16 Best VPN Services in Malaysia - For All of Your Work and Entertainment Purposes

No more illegal downloading for you!

Miss Travelling? One of the most important tools for securing your online network is to have the security of a VPN service. There are hundreds of VPNs to choose from – all offering a combination of privacy, security and speed for your Mac and Windows PC.

But like most other things in the digital sphere, it takes a bit of homework to find out which VPN is the best fit for you. Here, we took to search up the best VPN services as well as best cheap VPN service plans (best value), all chosen and rated by many user reviews on the internet.

If you'd like to learn more about what VPN can do for you, read up our short guide after our list!

    Nord VPN | Sponsored
    best vpn services in malaysia
    Check NordVPN - 1 Year price below:
    • Price: Free | From RM15.00 per month

    NordVPN is one of the most well-known VPNs on the market right now. Not only is their interface well-organised but it also boasts over 5,000 (and growing) servers in over 60 countries with above-average performance as rated by many users who are well-known tech YouTubers & reviewers.

    Plus, it’s compatible with up to 7 devices per account and works on many platform OS including Android, macOS and Linux. Not forgetting, NordVPN can be used in restrictive countries as well.

    For the utmost security, Nord VPN not only uses military-grade encryption but also ensure that it's double encrypted. Not forgetting to mention, NordVPN has dedicated Peer to Peer (P2P) servers for your ease of mind. 

    Best overall VPN
    Check ExpressVPN price below:
    add_circle Robust encryption -- privacy is protected
    add_circle Most servers performed well on speed tests
    add_circle Access geo-blocked content from all around the world
    remove_circle Service is paid-only
    • Price: From RM 35.96 per month

    ExpressVPN is widely acclaimed to be one of the best VPN in the market thanks to its platform of 3,000 servers that spans across more than 90 countries. Coupled with an outstanding support website and live chat to troubleshoot any problems, ExpressVPN comes with speedy service and can support up to five simultaneous connections per user account.

    To add, ExpressVPN has support for not just Windows PC and Android phones but also several smart TV systems and consoles like Nintendo and Sony Playstation!

    Best affordable VPN
    best vpn services malaysia - ivacy vpn review
    Check Ivacy VPN - 1 Year price below:
    • Price: RM 4.00 per month

    Coming in at under RM4 a month if opting for a two-year subscription, this Singapore-based company provides strong encryption levels at a budget price. Equipped with smooth and consistent speeds, it covers a range of devices ranging from computers to mobile devices, as well as several platform OS such as macOS, Android, Linux, Windows & more.

    Ivacy also offers you the option to protect up to 10 devices at once!

    Best VPN service for torrenting
    best vpn services malaysia - surfshark
    Check Surfshark - 6 Months price below:
    • Price:  From RM 8.60 per month

    Here's another affordable VPN service for you to consider. SurfShark supports all major platforms and mainly utilises their very own P2P-configured servers which mean it has a bigger bite on security than some of the industry’s more established players. Compatible with torrent software like BitTorrent and uTorrent, SurfShark also claims it hides P2P activity from ISPs. (Internet Service Providers)

    Best VPN service with high-speed performance
    best vpn service in malaysia - ipvanish review
    Check IPVanish - Annual Subscription price below:
    • Price: From RM 14.05 per month

    Numerous tests have shown that IPVanish consistently delivers the best speeds. Plus, its intuitive and easy-to-use interface is boosted by the fact that it operates on the same encryption protocol, the AES-256. That same protocol is also used by the world’s leading governments and security agencies.

    Best VPN service for unlimited devices
    best vpn services malaysia - windscribe review
    Check Windscribe Pro - Build-a-Plan price below:
    • Price: Free | From RM 4.00 per month

    Not does it have a free plan, but Windscribe also lets you use it on unlimited devices and has specific clients for Windows and Mac, iOS and Android. However, it is this same feature which makes its performance less than desirable for those who prioritize speed.

    Windscribe supports the likes of several platforms including browsers like Chrome, PCs like Linux and smart TVs as well as routers. They also have a unique "Build-a-Plan" that lets you customise the location of the servers which are then priced accordingly.

    Best free VPN service
    best vpn services malaysia - finch vpn review
    Check FinchVPN - Premier (Annual) price below:
    • Price: Free | From RM 7.08 per month

    While it may store connection logs and only allows one device per license, Finch VPN's free plan gives a sizable 3GB monthly bandwidth - although with a limited number of available servers. With only average speeds and encryption, it is no surprise that Finch VPN does not feature very highly on security tests either. Still, if a basic VPN is what you're after, Finch is great too, provided you are okay with its limited quota usage.

    Best VPN service for Malaysians
    best vpn services malaysia - bolehvpn review
    Check BolehVPN - Monthly price below:
    • Price: From RM 10.00 per month

    Looking to support local? Look no further than Boleh VPN, Malaysia’s very own VPN provider. BolehVPN comes with an unlimited amount of bandwidth for gaming, streaming and P2P activity. Additionally, it uses SHA-2; a military-graded encryption that guarantees privacy and security.

    Not forgetting to mention; customer support would be extremely easier to access due to the locality of the service.

    Best VPN service plan without ads
    best vpn services malaysia - hide.me vpn
    Check Hide.me - 6 Months price below:
    • Price: Free | From RM13.32 per month

    Its users praised hide.me for its straightforward user-interface and its efficient performance, and its speed is also generally faster than many other services out there. As one of the fastest VPN with millions of downloads growing monthly, hide.me comes with the basic security features that VPN users demand from a service.

    Best VPN service with dedicated IP
    best vpn services malaysia - torguard vpn review
    Check TorGuard - Quarterly price below:
    • Price: From RM 43.18 per month

    TorGuard is one of the many platforms offering a dedicated IP VPN service. A user is always given the same outgoing IP address, whenever connected to their servers, hence enhancing privacy. Besides, this VPN service has a strict no-logging policy that decent speeds with low latency.

    Best VPN service with no logs
    best vpn services malaysia - cyberghost review
    Check CyberGhost - Annual price below:
    • Price: From RM 9.00 per month

    When it comes to the VPN business, you know you can’t go wrong with a name like CyberGhost. It only tracks the success of connection attempts, and it also offers double encryption. So, both the authentication connection and the VPN connection can be secured.

    Best VPN service for Netflix
    best vpn services malaysia - vyprvpn review
    Check VyprVPN - Annual price below:
    • Price: From RM 10.00 per month

    VyprVPN allows users to access both American and UK Netflix, opening up a world of content for those looking to stream Netflix with a VPN. Boasting consistent performance and an easy user face, tests have also shown that VyprVPN has no issues with applications bugs or timed out connections.

    Best VPN service for Mac
    best vpn services malaysia - vpnac review
    Check VPN.ac - 3 Months price below:
    • Price: From RM 38.90 per month

    Run by network security professionals, VPN.ac offers secure proxy browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Ranking high in performance in the three key areas of security, speed and privacy, VPN.ac’s Mac OS platform comes with unique feature such as double-hop VPN configurations.

    Best VPN service for Android
    best vpn services malaysia - private internet access vpn review
    Check Private Internet Access - Yearly price below:
    • Price: From RM 12.32 per month

    While it may not win any awards for originality, the Private Internet Access VPN promises state of the art, multi-layered security for Android users. It boasts 10 simultaneous connections in a new, easy-to-use app interface. Also, like many other market leaders, it comes with an all-important VPN kill switch that automatically disconnects your device from the Internet until the VPN connection is restored. 

    Best VPN service for PC
    best vpn services malaysia - vpnarea review
    Check VPNArea - 12 Months price below:
    • Price: From RM 12.92 per month

    With servers in 51 different countries, VPNArea provides fast and efficient service with an unbreakable 256 bits AES encryption. It also allows unlimited bandwidth, and while some may feel the speed is not up to par, VPNArea is still one of the most popular VPNs for downloading or playing games on your PC.

    Best VPN service for Chrome
    best vpn services malaysia - safervpn review
    Check SaferVPN - 1 Year price below:
    • Price: From RM 10.81 per month

    A safe bet for those just starting out with VPNs, SaferVPN comes with a Chrome extension and a setting which allows the ability to auto-connect whenever on a Wi-Fi connection.  The Chrome extension comes in especially handy for novice users who haven’t quite figured out VPNs yet but still want to experiment.

    What is a VPN and how does it work?

    A Virtual Private Network or more popularly known as VPN, is a service that allows users to ‘change’ their IP address and access the Internet by routing the connection through a private server, thus encrypting traffic and private data.

    In simple terms, it conceals your real IP address - a series of numbers unique to each device and wi-fi network that you use to visit sites. By using a VPN, it'll show your location (IP address) as somewhere else. Google then detects your 'VPN' location and automatically redirects you to content meant for that specific location.

    Most importantly, using a VPN gives you more anonymity against hackers who may try to steal your data to creep into your browsing history as well as internet cookies, which tracks and saves information from your internet sessions.

    VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites, maintain safety on public Wi-Fi and keep users’ online activities safe from the prying eyes of hackers and surveillance agencies.

    In short, a VPN is useful for:

    • Hiding your real IP address (location)
    • Protects information from being seen by hackers
    • Bypass geo-restricted content online (you can watch USA-exclusive Netflix shows)
    • Protect your information from being possibly tracked by your internet service provider and untrustworthy sites

    Is VPN legal?

    VPNs services are legal in Malaysia unless they are used for activities such as downloading X-rated movies and other criminal uses.

    How to use a VPN?

    The typical free VPN service tools are downloadable as a browser tool. Whereas, there are several that also acts as an independent software app on your computer.

    To use after downloading, simply (1) Install and setup accordingly, (2) Select your free or paid plan, (3) Choose your preferred country as the server to connect to. 

    Differences between free versus paid VPN plans?

    Most VPN services let you choose between their free or paid plans. 

    While most people are happy with their free plans, there are several reasons to choose a paid plan:

    • More guarantees in securing your information from the services' potential bidders (paying for your security)
    • Choose from any of the available country/servers 
    • No limitations to the usage period of the VPN services (many free ones only lets you use it for a few hours)
    • Definitely no ads or obstruction in using the service
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