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These 8 Best Oil-Free Moisturisers Will Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh and Glowy

Who likes their face looking greasy and sticky, right?

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Nobody can deny the benefits of applying a good moisturizer on dry skin. But what about oilier skin types? Won’t moisturizer just make oily skin even greasier than before? That’s where oil-free moisturizers come in. They ensure the skin’s hydration levels are at optimal levels while regulating sebum production, which means that they prevent the production of excess oils, hence potentially preventing breakouts. Have a look at these 8 oil-free moisturizers that are sure to freshen up your skin.

Should I use an oil free moisturizer?

As mentioned before, oil-free moisturizers will definitely help if your skin type veers towards the oilier side of the spectrum. With that said,  these moisturizers are also said to be beneficial for other skin types, including dry and combination skin. Oil-free formulas offer intense hydration without adding extra grease to the skin surface, which not only avoids clogging the pores, but also allows better absorption and penetration of the product through the skin layers, resulting in more powerful hydrating effects.

Best skincare moisturizer for combination skin
1. Neutrogena Combination Skin Moist
Best drugstore moisturizer for combination skin
Updated on 23rd December 2020
add_circle A little goes a long way
add_circle Oil-free
remove_circle Not for sensitive skin

Convenient, effective AND affordable? Sign me up. This oil-free moisturizer from Neutrogena comprises of a lightweight formula that has been specially designed to suit combination skin, where dry patches are adequately hydrated while avoiding excessive oil or shine through a unique micro-sponge system that absorbs oil and prevents the clogging of pores.

2. Tatcha The Water Cream
Best overall anti-aging moisturizer
Updated on 18th September 2020

We may not be able to rewind time (yet), but this moisturizer is close enough. The Water Cream aims to refine and invigorate the skin with the help of various Japanese botanicals within its formula. Ingredients like wild rose, leopard lily and 23-karat gold help regulate the amount of oil produced while encouraging turnover of dead skin cells so that the skin appears glowing and youthful.

Dr. Dennis Gross
3. Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Oil-Free Moisture Cushion
Best for dry and sensitive skin
Updated on 17th September 2020

Dry and sensitive skin can be a (literal) pain to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be. Dr. Dennis’ Gross Hyaluronic Marine Moisture Cushion uses a special oil-free water-break gel-cream formula that is infused with a unique Japanese marine algae. Packed with amino acids and vitamins, this moisturizer will give your skin an instant boost in elasticity and hydration while avoiding irritation to the skin as it doesn’t contain paraben or phthalates.

4. Sukin Organic Blemish Control Oil-Free Moisturiser
Best natural and organic fragrance-free moisturizer
Updated on 12th August 2020

At the end of the day, a product will only ever be as good as the ingredients put into it. That’s why you know you can rely on this moisturizer by Sukin, which comprises of a natural botanical formula that works to appease skin that is easily irritable and reduce the occurrence of acne breakouts while ensuring that the skin is thoroughly hydrated without blocking the pores.

5. Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins Oil-Free Resurfacing Cream
Best oil free night moisturizer
Updated on 14th January 2021

This product is proof that dreams really do come true. Versatile and unique, this cream works overnight as both a moisturizer and a chemical peel, aiming to brighten and renew the skin while you’re sleeping. Its formula comprises of AHA’s derived from grapes and sugar beets, with the addition of vitamins C, E, and H which work together to replenish moisture to the skin while ridding the skin of dry dead skin cells.

Best oil free and paraben free tinted moisturizer for dry skin
6. Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20
Best tinted moisturizer with SPF
Updated on 12th August 2020

Which goes first: the sunscreen, the moisturizer or the BB cream? Have all of them at once with this tinted moisturizer by Tarte. Its formula is light on the skin and water-based, allowing it to blend into the skin effortlessly without clogging the pores. At the same time, micro-treated mineral pigments help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while various vitamins keep the skin hydrated.

7. Mamonde Rose Water Gel Cream
Best Korean hydrating moisturizer
Updated on 12th August 2020

Korean products have the reputation of being gentle on the skin while also being incredibly nourishing, and Mamonde’s Rose Water Gel Cream certainly does not disappoint. Made of 100% organic Damask Rose in a soothing gel cream texture, it moisturizes and soothes the skin while refining its texture by removing dead skin cells, ultimately resulting in a clearer and fresher appearance.

8. Origins Clear Improvement Oil-Free Moisturizer with Bamboo Charcoal
Best non-comedogenic moisturizer - suitable for oily and acne prone skin
Updated on 10th September 2020

The key to avoiding acne breakouts is to prevent excess oil production as well as clogged pores. Luckily, this non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic, oil-free product exists. With the assistance of bamboo charcoal and salicylic acid, this moisturizer by Origins offers the skin the amount of hydration it truly deserves while gently cleansing and refining pores so that you are left feeling fresh and blemish-free.

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