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You Can Turn Your Smartphone Into a Dash Cam With These 8 Apps

Kill 2 birds with one stone!

Dash cams give you a good view of what’s happening on the road when you drive, offering security and evidence in case of an accident. In this modern age there are apps available to turn your smartphone into a dash cam. 

Of course, the main advantage of using a dash cam app over a dedicated dash cam is price, as you’re using a smartphone to store your recordings. Be advised though that even the best apps can never compare to a dedicated dash cam due to the difference in hardware. Read up on our list of best dash cams instead if you'd like to get yourself one.

Otherwise, if you do have an extra phone lying around, you can make use of it by installing these top dash cam apps.

Dashcam GTX+

  • Best dash cam app for windows devices

  • Price: RM 11.50 

Dashcam GTX+ is a good way to utilize an old Windows 10 smartphone. The full version shown here has a variety of features including speedometer, altimeter, full HD recording, Bluetooth connectivity, compass and action cam mode. You can download a full-featured trial version to test the features before making a purchase. If not, there’s also a free version available with fewer features and adverts.

Drive Recorder 

  • Best free dash cam app

  • Price: Free 

Who doesn’t love free stuff, especially if it’s useful? This Drive Recorder app will effectively transform your phone into a car dashcam equipped with a host of features. 

You can have background recording, repeated recording, auto-record function, choice of recording resolution, video streaming to cloud drive, navigation via video location and lots more. There is even a live support page to help users who experience problems with the app. 

CamOnRoad Car DVR

  • Best dash cam app for iPhone

  • Price: Free

CamOnRoad is another free smartphone app that transforms your iOS device into an advanced car DVR with added navigation features. It has a nifty feature that warns you in case of any speed traps in the surrounding areas.  Another plus point is that the app is advertisement free. Additionally, it comes with free cloud storage of 2 GB for registered users.

AutoBoy Dash Cam -Blackbox

Autoboy Dash Cam has an impressive accurate GPS tracking system as well as the ability to run continuously in the background. Coming in either free or premium, the paid version has a host of additional features such as a GPS sensor, smart crash sensor, direct link to phone gallery and much more. 

But perhaps the main reason to get premium is the additional features of background-recording which allows you to see the navigation via a small window even with other apps running. Additionally, it has LED backlight to remind users that recording is running as well as other app execution function.

Autoguard Dash Cam-Black Box

Autoguard is an Android exclusive Dash Cam App that comes in both free or premium. The latter has several key features including background recording, auto record when connected to Bluetooth devices, speedometer, GPS support, and 3D map path tracing. It also does away with annoying adds. 

Daily Roads Voyager 

While Daily Roads Voyager is available for free , it’ll contain ads. That’s why you may be interested in premium especially if you work as a driver. 

Apart from standard features such as looping, background recording and overwriting recordings, the premium version also comes with the ability to use the phone’s GPS. It also has a sensor that functions like a hardware dash cam to trigger a recording in the event of an accident. This is especially useful for grab drivers as a means of protecting themselves in terms of evidence in case of accidents.

Smart Dash Cam 

Smart Dash cam for Android comes with a number of useful features that makes it a winner. Its app is integrated with Google Drive cloud storage, supports continuous recording while the screen is off as well as smart collision detection and auto loop recording. We’d recommended going for Premium as the free version will display ad banners at all times.

Roadly Dash Cam and Speed Camera

  • Best Dash Cam App for Waze

  • Price: Free

Roadly Dash Cam and Speed Camera is made to assist drivers on their daily trips. It records not only your journey but also acts as an intelligent assistant that recognises traffic signs and speed traps as well as warn and and notify you. 

The app has several features such as a speedometer, GPS, auto start and stop while driving. There’s also Youtube sharing which works in the background while allowing navigation apps such as Waze to run while still recording. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!


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