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8 Recommended Budget CCTVs That Are Just RM 300 or Under!

Cameras that take your worries away

It’s always wise to be ready and prepared for things in life. Instead of constantly worrying about your security, why not get a CCTV or home security system? That way, you won’t have to feel anxious about leaving your house or even sleeping at night! To help you further, we’ve listed some recommended CCTV cameras you can afford without breaking the bank.

Best with SD card and app support
Check TP-Link NC450 price below:

Stay secured with the omnidirectional TP-LINK NC450! This 720P HD camera capture angles up to 360° horizontally and 150° vertically. This means more coverage around your house thus increasing the level of home security. 

Its ‘tpCamera’ app support allows you to monitor the house and be alerted of disturbances. There’s also an SD card slot for more storage space!

Best budget CCTV under RM300 for businesses
Check AviCam Dome Camera price below:

You want clear-cut security solutions when it comes to protecting your business. The AviCam Dome Camera comes with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) network that connects other cameras through LAN. This cuts through the unnecessary need for elaborate wire installations in your business. It also has built-in night vision for security at night.

Best budget wireless CCTV - for home
Check YI Home Camera price below:

The YI Home Camera protects your home as well as its recordings you upload onto cloud. It’ll constantly update its encryption key to avoid loss or data tempering. With an HD camera that has a 111° wide-angle lens with 4x zoom, producing sharp images is easy whenever during both day and night. 

Not to mention, anyone can  easily use it as the ‘Yi Home’ app is also very user-friendly!

Best budget CCTV with WIFI and audio
Check Ezviz C6TC price below:

The Ezviz C6TC is a 360° security coverage cam for your home! Not only is it packed with features, it also includes a rare ‘privacy shutter’ whenever you need privacy. The camera records sharp videos in 1080p FHD with 6x zoom and can view from up to 10m at night. It connects to the Wi-Fi and delivers a clear two-way audio experience!

Best budget CCTV with cloud storage
Check D-Link DCS-942L price below:

The D-Link DCS-942L has one of the most convenient cloud-based storage systems. It uploads all videos to the ‘mydlink’ service where you can easily review your past videos. The camera also includes built-in IR filters to provide vivid videos for day and night surveillance. You can even easily install and configure a range of them through a web-based configuration!

Best budget CCTV for cars
Check YI Outdoor Camera price below:

It pays to watch over your car’s security when you’re out or sleeping. Despite its sleek design, the YI Outdoor Camera is durable and weatherproof for lasting security. Not only that, but it’s also highly sensitive to suspicious movements thanks to its elaborate motion detection algorithms. Besides that, its IR night vision performs spectacularly up to 15m.

Best budget CCTV for farms
Check Escam QE07 price below:

It’s important to have a wide security range for farms. As such, the ESCAM QE07’s PoE network is integral in making installation easier. The camera itself is waterproof with an IP66 rating thus withstanding wet outdoor conditions. It also supports up to 15m IR range in night vision for a more secure coverage when you’re sleeping!

Best budget CCTV with DVR
Check CP Plus Camera (CP-VAC-T10L2) price below:

This home security kit by CP Plus offers you four cameras and a DVR system for an attractive price! The cameras are suitable for both indoors and outdoors placements due to their weatherproof rating and motion detection system. 

Not only do you get a camera, but also a DVR which can screen a 4-channel recording simultaneously. Moreover, you can get alerts regarding disturbances on your smartphone.

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