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5 Best Baby Formulas for Gas in Malaysia 2024: Top Brand Reviews

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Consultant Paediatrician

Dr. Anne Yeoh

Dr Anne Yeoh is a consultant paediatrician, a mother, and a devotee for children’s wellbeing with 10 years of experience in Child Health. As a member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK), as well as the Malaysian Paediatric Association, she aims to create a better future for children.
“The right formula is crucial to ensure your baby achieves optimal growth as it provides all the macro and micronutrients they need. Do be reminded that each baby’s feeding journey is different and unique. So, if one works for a certain child, it may not work for the others.” - Dr. Anne Yeoh

It can be quite distressing when your little one is down with an upset tummy. Feeding can become a big challenge as your baby might not even have the appetite to eat. Luckily for these selected baby formulas, you won’t have to worry about their gassy tummy anymore!!

Table of Contents

  • Best Baby Formulas for Bloated Tummy
  • How do I tell if the formula is the right one for my baby?
  • What are the symptoms and signs of a gassy baby?
  • What are the best remedies for gas relief? - Paediatrician's Secret
  • How can I tell the difference between regular infant gas and colic?
  • When should I meet a doctor?

Best Baby Formulas for Bloated Tummy 

  • Abbott Similac Total Comfort
  • Similac Sensitive Infant Formula
  • Frisolac Comfort
  • Isomil Soy Formula
  • Infagrow A+ Gentlease

Disclaimer: The products listed in this article does not constitute any endorsement by Dr Anne Yeoh. 

Best formula milk for gas and diarrhea
Abbott Similac Total Comfort
Check Abbott Similac Total Comfort price below:
add_circle Better digestion and absorption due to hydrolysed protein
add_circle Solves many common feeding issues
remove_circle Some reviews pointed out that some babies don’t prefer the smell of the formula

Relieve your child’s plight with Similac Total Comfort that is scientifically proven to reduce the gas and diarrhoea. Enriched with a blend of vegetable oil, this milk formula greatly helps to soften stools as well. Made with DHA, this formula also offers aids in your child’s brain development.

Best formula for gas and constipation
Check Similac Sensitive Infant Formula price below:

A gassy and constipated baby tends to get grumpy, but never with Similac Sensitive Infant Formula. This product is designed especially for the infants with lactose sensitivity. Made with complete nutrition for growth, this formula helps to maximise absorption and reduce the risk of malabsorption. However, it’s best for the babies with galactosemia to avoid this formula.

Best formula milk for gas and colic
Check Frisolac Comfort price below:

Colic can be awful, and it’s always heart-wrenching to see your baby in discomfort. Thanks to Earth’s Organic Formula, your baby will never have to go through discomfort. This nutrient-enriched formula has a blend of carob bean gum, linoleic acid, and nucleotides that can greatly ease a baby’s digestion while providing total comfort to the tummy.

Best organic formula for gas - also suitable for spit ups
Check Plum Organics Infant Formula price below:

Modelled to mimic the exact taste of breast milk, Plum Organics Infant Formula provides complete nutrition for your baby’s first year. Sourced from only the finest organic ingredients, this formula is easy on your baby’s tummy to get rid of a bloated tummy. Additionally, it’s also made to support the brain and eye development thanks to its DHA and ARA elements.

Best organic formula for gas
Check Isomil Soy Formula price below:

If you’re looking to feed your baby a soy-based alternative, Isomil Soy Formula is the one to try. Made nutritionally-complete, this lactose-free formula is also free of protein to prevent allergy reactions while its calcium source helps to support strong bones and teeth development.

Best baby formula for gas and acid reflux
Enfagrow A+ Gentlease
Check Enfagrow A+ Gentlease price below:

Ease your little one’s acid reflux with every mom’s trusted choice: Enfamil A+ Gentlease. A reduced-lactose formula tasting almost similar to breast milk, this product contains a blend of partially broken-down proteins to ease gassiness. Formulated with complete nutrition, the milk is also beneficial in boosting your baby’s growth.

How do I tell if the formula is the right one for my baby?

When it comes to picking the best formula for your baby, parents must consider a number of factors. This includes your baby's needs, as well as the pricing and availability. Dr Anne Yeoh advises that the easiest way to figure out which is best for your infant is to buy in a small quantity and try it out. The way your baby's body reacts to the formula will tell you whether it's the ideal one.

What are some of the symptoms and signs of a gassy baby?

According to Dr Anne Yeoh, a gassy baby usually cries and is upset most of the time. Some describe them as fussy babies. They can cry for an hour or more and do not respond to usual remedies like feeding, cuddling or changing diapers. Observant parents may notice their babies arching their backs, pulling legs and bloated-looking tummies.

What are the best remedies for gas relief? – Pediatrician’s secret


  • Burping babies help to bring out some air from their stomach.
  • Direct breastfeeding usually has minimal gas ingestion as compared to bottle-feeding.
  • Utilizing anti-colic bottles that are designed to minimize gas ingestion can be helpful.
  • Using specially formulated milk which is designed for gassy babies. Usually, these formulated kinds of milk contain partially hydrolyzed protein which is easier to digest and low lactose.


  • Avoid milk bottle tilting mistakes. Be sure that proper tilting of the milk bottle is practised during feeding to ensure the whole nipple is filled with milk and not air, so that less air is swallowed during feeding.
  • Do not position the baby’s head lower than the tummy. The baby’s head should be higher than the tummy to prevent gas from entering the stomach.

How can I tell the difference between regular infant gas and colic?

If your baby is happy most of the time and only fusses for a while passing gases, that’s normal regular infant gas. However, if your baby is often upset and cries for hours, then it is likely to be colic. Either way, do consult your baby’s paediatrician for a better diagnosis.

When should I meet a doctor?

You should always bring your baby to see a paediatrician whenever you have any doubt or concern about your baby. A few red flags signs like poor weight gain, vomiting, diarrhoea, passing blood in stools or skin rashes required medical attention to rule other medical conditions. Hence, it’s important to take heed of whatever information you get and record them just to be safe.

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