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7 Best Helmets To Protect Your Head From Bad Skateboarding Falls

Safety is a priority!

Skateboarding may just be another sports. But, it’s still an extreme sport and extra safety cautions is required as you’ll be prone to riskier falls. Aside from preventing serious brain injuries, helmet will also help absorb the impact on smaller falls. Thus, it reduces the chances of a skull fracture or damages to the head or brain.

Here are the helmets to best protect your head with.

Best skateboard helmet for toddlers and kids
Kids Skateboard Safety Protective Helmet
Check Kids Skateboard Safety Protective Helmet price below:

It’s important to keep your child safe when they’re skateboarding because anything can happen in a blink of an eye. At the very least, have a proper helmet. But why choose boring colours if you can stay safe with style?

Made of High density EPS, this helmet is well ventilated and is also perfectly fine for bike riding and similar activities.  

Best skateboarding helmet for adults
BENICE Helmet with inner adjustable buckle liner cushion layer
Check BENICE Helmet with inner adjustable buckle liner cushion layer price below:

This particular helmet is made from PC and EPS which is windproof, and it will keep your head warm even in cold climate, so use it even if you’re going on a skiing trip. Thanks to its ventilating system and the soft-liner breathable net as well as removable soft ear cotton, you’ll not experience much discomfort with this helmet.

Best skateboard helmet for those with large heads
Cromo Guard Adjuster One
Check Cromo Guard Adjuster One price below:

If you’re concern with your large head or have been unsuccessful with finding the right fit, you can opt for this free size helmet by Cromo Guard. 

With an external shell made from chosen ABS materials, there’s enough protection for minor falls as it also features EPS material with the purpose of lessening impact. The adjustable strap allows for suiting several head sizes, so worry not about having a comfortable fit.

Best helmet for electric skateboarding
No Fear Unisex Skate Helmet
Check No Fear Unisex Skate Helmet price below:

Although automated, electric skateboarding still requires the same amount of protection as much as your regular, manual push skateboards. At the very least, a simple helmet with a reasonably hard shell will do. 

Built with a durable external shell, the top features holes for better ventilation and a chin strap with buckle fastening for further security and comfort to the wearer.

Best helmet for downhill skateboarding
Aidy Adult Skateboard Helmet
Check Aidy Adult Skateboard Helmet price below:

Downhill skateboarding is one of the most dangerous disciplines in this already extreme sport and it’s best to have a proper, strong helmet before you start. In that case, we’d recommend this skateboard helmet by Aidy. 

Not only is it lightweight and durable, but it is also lined with soft cushioning inside of the helmet. Equipped with 8 air vents, this will help greatly with heat dissipation. 

Best helmet for skateboarding and snowboarding
GUB Professional Adult Sports Helmet for Skateboard Snowboard
GUB Professional
Check GUB Professional Adult Sports Helmet for Skateboard Snowboard price below:

It’s no surprise that if you love skateboarding, you may also be drawn to other similar sports such as snowboarding! For those who wish to save on money, they can opt for this helmet. 

Featuring a PC external shell with EPS foam lined in the helmet, the helmet also has a detachable sweat-absorbent pad for further comfort and easy cleaning.

Best skateboard helmet with visor
Moon Adult 2-in-1 Helmet Protective Goggles
Check Moon Adult 2-in-1 Helmet Protective Goggles price below:

Here is a helmet with protective goggles which is perfect for your outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding or even skateboarding. Why get a different helmet for every sport if you can just use one for all?

If you’re wondering, the goggles are detachable. Whereas the helmet features a great ventilation system and comes with a sweat-absorbing chin pad. What more can you ask for? 

Best skateboard helmet with chin guard
Gub Unisex Ultralight Safety Helmet
Check Gub Unisex Ultralight Safety Helmet price below:

An extra chin guard protection on a helmet is not a bad thing. After all, it helps to protect the chin area so that your jaw stays protected from falls. With 19 holes on this ultralight helmet, it offers great ventilation on a hot day while you’re skateboarding at the park. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!


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