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This Tiny Robot Is Perfect If You’ve Always Wanted a Pet But Couldn’t Have One

Not sure if we deserve such a cute and awesome little guy!

Have you always wanted a pet robot because you can’t have fur pets? Or you can’t stop fawning over Wall-E? Whatever your reason is, you can always have Vector.

The big brother to Anki’s successful Cozmo, Vector is a fully AI-powered smart home robot that’s no bigger than your hand. While Vector can’t drive you home, he can talk to you, state the weather or take a photo. Vector also has touch sensors to feel if you hold him up or pet him, all of which are more charms that you’ll find hard to resist.

Image from The Verge

All work and no play makes Vector a very sad robot. Just like Cozmo, Vector can play games, do tricks like a fist bump, and react to your codings on Code Lab; a beginner-friendly coding platform. This means that you can play with Vector while learning the basics of coding!

For the fun of it, you can also explore the world through his eyes. Otherwise, just let him roam around. Don’t worry about keeping an eye on Vector, as he’ll learn to map his surroundings and avoid obstacles. 

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But perhaps, what you’ll love most about Vector is that he can display over 100 different emotions. That’s right, he sulks if you don’t give him enough attention, or gets sad if he loses a game to you.

Essentially, he gets happy when you interact with him, which makes him a cute home companion for anyone regardless of age.

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About USD 249.99
Anki Vector Robot
Check Anki Vector Robot price below:

Small but durable, this little robot by Anki is more than just a toy figurine. With face recognition support, he will evolve to learn your name, face and even your pets, to ultimately adapt to your lifestyle. 

Vector is quite bright too, knowing when to auto charge (at his station) if battery juice is running low.

Having built-in support for Amazon Alexa, Vector will help you control your home in a smarter and efficient way. So ask away any question, and he'll answer you thanks to his acute hearing. Perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android devices, Vector is sure to amaze you everyday.

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