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Declutter Your Kitchen With This 10-In-1 Mutifunctional Tool Set

It doubles as a decorative artificial plant too


No one likes a cluttered kitchen, especially when you live in a small space like a studio apartment. Countertops, hanging racks and cabinets are always limited in space, and you’ll have to be Marie Kondo to organise all your small kitchen utensils properly. You’ll have to find a way to string everything together, like this multi-kitchen tool set from that comes in the shape of a decorative plant.

Best portable kitchen tool set
10-In-1 Smart Fruit Set
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Check 10-In-1 Smart Fruit Set price below:

This six-inch-tall fruit set is packed with ten handy tools; you don’t even need to clear a drawer to house them all. Additionally, you can place the ‘plant’ on your countertop as a decorative item and easily use them whenever you want. It starts with five fruit picks at the top, followed by a fruit masher, fruit mesh cutter, lemon squeezer, avocado scooper, citrus and apple cutter, a grater, and ends with a bowl at the base.

This kitchen tool is portable and lightweight - making it a must-have kitchen gadget. It also makes a great travelling companion. You can use it for your outdoor activities, picnics and camping trips, to name a few – think convenience and decluttering. 

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