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Here Are 7 Plate Sets That Are Worth Splurging On

Dinners will never be the same!

Whether you’re newly moving in to a new home or redoing your entire home décor, it’s never too ‘plate’ to change up your dinnerware for something that’ll fit your current style better. While it may not seem necessary, a simple upgrade can make mealtimes much more enjoyable. Hence, here are some of our favourite plate sets that we’ve picked out for you!

Best for toddlers
Children Teddy Bear Plate
Check Children Teddy Bear Plate price below:

Some of the best memories from our childhood might just be the fun-shaped plates we used to eat out of. Not only were they colourful and typically had our favourite cartoon character printed on them, they also made meal times more entertaining. So, trust us, these teddy bear-shaped plates are perfect for your kids in many ways. Plus, it comes in a set of 4 in an assortment of colours to suit their liking.  

Best silver plate set
BolehDeals Round Stainless Steel Plate Set
Check BolehDeals Round Stainless Steel Plate Set price below:

Plates with compartments are especially helpful if you have curry, soup or saucy dishes and don’t want them to flood your rice. What more, this stainless steel set comes with two plates, one with three compartments and another with 4 compartments. It is also a good buy for kids to use during their transitioning phase when they are too old for baby plates but too young for glass plates.

Best set for décor - suitable for Christmas
Christmas Tree Serving Platter Plate Set
Check Christmas Tree Serving Platter Plate Set price below:

If you haven’t seen a more aesthetically pleasing Christmas platter before, here’s one that screams holiday vibes. This platter comes with three separate plates that add up to make a Christmas tree when put together. Use them to serve cookies and sweets during the holiday season, or use them separately on other occasions. 

Best dinner plate set - suitable as gift
Matte Glazed Ceramic Square Plate Set
No Brand
Check Matte Glazed Ceramic Square Plate Set price below:

If round, basic plates are starting to seem outdated, opt for a square plate set instead! This set in particular comes in three beautiful colours (black, green and white). Made from ceramic with a matte glaze, its unique pan design makes it something that you can use to serve or eat on. This plate set also make for a great housewarming gift to friends and family.

Best glass and gold plate set
DILAS HOME Glass Charger Plate Set with Gold Beaded Rim
Check DILAS HOME Glass Charger Plate Set with Gold Beaded Rim price below:

This glass plate set may look just like every other plate set out there, but looks can be deceiving. The gold rim on this plate takes it from being ordinary to being royalty. It is perfect to use during special occasions, and comes in a set of 4 - perfect for small families and intimate dinners.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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