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Have Your Very Own Wine Cellar with these 8 Best Wine Chillers

Wine not keep your wines chilled?

For those of us living in tropical climates where the weather is often hot and humid, wine is best served chilled. In fact, chilling wine also extends its shelf life, as unlike in temperate regions, wine can easily spoil in the tropics if left exposed to surrounding temperatures for extended periods of time. Here are some great wine chillers to help you counter this problem!

Best wine chiller bottle
Coleman Cooler Bottle (1/3 Gallon)
Check Coleman Cooler Bottle (1/3 Gallon) price below:

Although not the most aesthetically-pleasing chiller bottle for wines, Coleman is a trusted brand when it comes to coolers. This flip open 1.3-litre cooler bottle makes it easy to keep your wine or other beverages chilled on your outdoor adventures. The screw top lid makes sure your drink is secure even if dropped, and the flip open cap makes pouring easy without the risk of spills. Finally the convenient handle makes it easy to carry about with you anywhere you go.

Best lockable wine cooler with humidity control
Whynter WC-16S SNO 16 Bottle Wine Cooler
Check Whynter WC-16S SNO 16 Bottle Wine Cooler price below:

With a 16-bottle wine storage capacity, the Whynter WC-16S SNO utilises a thermoelectric system to keep your wine at the appropriate temperature and humidity level sans vibration. There is also an adjustable thermostat for storing different wine varieties (52F - 64F). However, what’s even better is that it features a cylinder lock at the bottom that allows you to lock your fridge. Now you can keep your wine safe and free from curious hands!

Best wine cooler bucket
Ice Bucket – Wine Cooler
Ice Bucket
Check Ice Bucket – Wine Cooler price below:

A simple twist of the traditional wine cooler bucket, this clever design utilizes eco-friendly BPA-free silicone to create a handy wine chiller that was designed to hold up to 120 ice cubes and keep them insulated for longer periods of time. The silicone construction material also means you won’t have to worry about any breakages, and the chiller can be stored directly in the freezer. Simply fill with ice, place the wine bottle you intend to chill in it and wait. 

Best wine chiller refrigerator with glass door
Grubel Wine Chiller GWC-TP28BK
Check Grubel Wine Chiller GWC-TP28BK price below:

When is a refrigerator not a refrigerator? The answer, when it’s a wine chiller! This stylishly-designed offering from Grubel is a freestanding wine chiller that looks like a high-end fridge. The GWC-TP28BK is a professional grade wine chiller designed to keep your wine at optimum temperatures of between 12°C to 18°C. It also features humidity control, interior LED lights, eco-friendly energy consumption and a low noise level. Stores up to 28 bourdeaux bottles too!

Best wine cooler cabinet
Tuscani Wine Chiller Cellar BELLONA110 - Bello Vino
Check Tuscani Wine Chiller Cellar BELLONA110 - Bello Vino price below:

The Bellona110 - Bello Vino by Tuscani is a free-standing wine cooler cabinet designed to hold up to 111 Bordeaux Wine bottles or 321 liters of wine. The wine chiller is equipped with 5 full wooden shelves and uses thermoelectric technology to maintain temperatures between 5˚C-18˚C, a digital LCD display and LED lights to keep you informed on the temperature conditions in the chiller. This wine cooler cabinet is truly a good investment to keep your wines safe!

Best under counter wine chiller
Wine Chiller Grubel
Check Wine Chiller Grubel price below:

If you are on the hunt for an under-the-counter electric wine chiller, then the Grubel GWC TP18K will fit the bill nicely. This stylish thermoelectric wine chiller was designed to be compact and fit under most bars and counters while still providing enough space to store up to 18 Bordeaux-style bottles. The Grubel is equipped with a host of features including humidity control, single temperature control of 8°C - 18°C, vibration-free and stainless steel racking to ensure your wines age properly. 

Best wine chiller bag
Fackelmann Wine Chiller (39 x 17.4cm)
Check Fackelmann Wine Chiller (39 x 17.4cm) price below:

The Fackelmann wine chiller bag works to chill wine in the same way as a traditional ice bucket. However this concept has been updated as you no longer need to make ice cubes to use the Fackelmann. The insulated bag is filled with refrigerant so all you need to do is store it in the fridge or freezer for 2-3 hours before placing your wine bottle in it, for pre chilled bottles just place the bottle in the bag as the insulation will maintain the bottle’s temperature adequately for serving. 

Best stainless steel wine chiller
2L Stainless Steel Wine Bucket With Screw Cap (SILVER)
Check 2L Stainless Steel Wine Bucket With Screw Cap (SILVER) price below:

You can easily keep your wine chilled with this easy-to-use large capacity stainless steel wine cooler bucket. Holding up to 2 liters of your favorite wine, the chiller comes with a convenient screw cap dispenser mouth to easily pour out your drinks without spillage. Just fill your drink into the chiller, screw the cap shut and store it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

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