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Leave No Trace Behind with These 7 Amazing Paper Shredders

Get rid of evidence!

Sensitive information or documents placed around in an insecure area can pose a lot of threats and may eventually lead to a breach of data. Crumbling and throwing them into the bin may not be the best solution; especially when it comes to throwing away old credit cards and bank related documents. That's when paper shredders come in handy. Here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect paper shredder for your needs.

Best paper shredder for a small business
Biosystem Platinum II Shredder
Check Biosystem Platinum II Shredder price below:

Especially in an office, paper shredders are crucial tools. This model is an excellent addition to a small office as it can conduct a whole hour of continuous shredding; it comes with an auto start and stop function. Besides, it's equipped with a micro cut shredding pattern, so your documents will be shredded completely. 

Best cheap paper shredder - for home and quilling
GTE A4 Paper Shredder
Check GTE A4 Paper Shredder price below:

Since shredders are not a common item found at home, a manual one like this would help. It produces quilled strips of papers that can also be used as decorations. This inexpensive tool is also child safe as the cutter is placed inside the shredder.

Best medium size duty paper shredder
Medium Duty Office Paper Shredder Machine
Check Medium Duty Office Paper Shredder Machine price below:

If you would prefer to go for a standard paper shredder, then this one is the one to go for. It can shred up to five sheets of paper at a time. Also, this shredder can shred through staples and paper clips which may save a ton of time from having to remove it from each set of documents. 

Best paper shredder without a basket
Portable Handheld Paper Shredder
No Brand
Check Portable Handheld Paper Shredder price below:

This portable shredder is lightweight and convenient to use. It doesn't come with a waste holder so you'll need a wastepaper basket to avoid a mess. Additionally, you can easily charge the device with a USB cable.

Best electric and battery operated paper shredder
USB and Battery Dual-use Electric Paper Shredder
No Brand
Check USB and Battery Dual-use Electric Paper Shredder price below:

This lightweight and delicate paper shredder is very compact; using only a tiny space on your desk or office area. Simply plug in the USB cable on this shredder, and you're good to go. Additionally, it also doubles as a letter opener.

Best for composting
GBC Cross Cut Auto Document Shredder
Check GBC Cross Cut Auto Document Shredder price below:

Recently, a lot of awareness has been raised in order to save Mother Nature from pollution. Save the Earth with this paper shredder, as it converts paper into small sizes. It's then easier to compost these papers without harming nature.

Best heavy duty paper shredder - for cardboard and office use
Crosscut Paper Shredder Machine Heavy Duty
Check Crosscut Paper Shredder Machine Heavy Duty price below:

This heavy duty paper shredder can shred eight sheets of paper at one go. It may even work on thinly sized cardboards as it has a strong cutter blade. There's also a micro-cut and super crosscut styles of shredding, which ensures that your documents will be completely unreadable after shredded.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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