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Huawei or iPhone? Own the Latest Smartphone with Digi

You’ll get more than just a device

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Get your hands on the latest smartphone for free whenever there’s a new release thanks to Phone Freedom 365. For instance, you can upgrade your Huawei P20 Pro to the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro and pay absolutely nothing. That aside, this mobile plan by Digi gives you more than just a smartphone.

Who would Phone Freedom 365 benefit?

If you’re always on the go to run your business, or in the media, it’s likely that you’d need to upgrade your phone. You’ll need the latest technology and applications to get to get your work done faster and easier - and that could be very costly. To cut down on cost, the Digi’s Phone Freedom 365 mobile plan is ideal as there’s absolutely no upfront payment and 0% interest fee.

Get the perfect mobile plan and a high-tech phone

In conjunction with Digi’s Phone Freedom 365 mobile plan, we’ve partnered up with the telco for this review on Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Understand how this phone and mobile plan goes hand in hand; this handset with numerous functions require a mobile plan with multiple features. All you have to do is subscribe to this plan, which covers your bills and everything in between.

There are plenty of phone options

Apart from the Huawei Mate 20 series and it’s P20 Pro counterpart, there are plenty of other phone models you can choose from. If you’re an Apple fan, choose between the iPhone XR and XS series, as well as the iPhone 6 series. Of course, there’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well.

Protect your phone with Digi Shield

This add-on feature, in collaboration with AmTrust Mobile Solutions, covers any damages and theft on your phone. You can choose from an option of ScreenCrack and Full Coverage; prices vary based on your phone model.

The Full Coverage plan covers liquid damages to your phone as well as device theft. It costs as low as RM 9 a month, for phones that cost up to RM 1000. Don’t worry when you’re travelling abroad, as you are still covered for any device damages outside of Malaysia for up to 60 days.

The ScreenCrack plan only covers accidental damages to your phone’s screen. It’s a one-off payment that protects your phone against screen damage for a period of 12 months from as low as RM 29 for phone devices that cost RM 1000 and below.

Are you already a part of the Digi family?

Do note that this feature is only available for existing Digi Postpaid customers who have used this plan for a minimum of 6 months. You’ll also need good scoring and no records of any late payment, network barring and reports of lost or stolen SIM. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro retails for RM 3,599, at Lazada and Shopee but with Digi, you get to own it by just subscribing to the plan of your choice.

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