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Be Your Own Contractor With These 7 Best Hand Drills

Your DIY home project just got easier.

There are two types of hand drills in the market; electric powered ones and portable ones. The corded drills provide maximum torque for drilling through concrete and steel, whereas cordless drills offer the convenience and ease of use.

Portable hand drills provide higher precision and convenience especially when there is no power source around. We’ve rounded up some of the best hand drills suited for different purposes. Check them out and find one that suits you best.

Best hand drill for resin
No Brand
Best hand drill for resin
Check Cordless Drill Hand Power Tool Screwdrivers price below:

This 18V cordless hand drill is a pretty useful gadget to have around. It’s lightweight and powerful enough for resin and wood drilling. The unit comes with a rechargeable battery, charger unit and six assorted drill bits.

Best affordable hand drill
Best affordable hand drill
Check Chuck Kennedy Double Pinion Hand Drill price below:

This Chuck Kennedy hand drill is sturdy and well-crafted; it's made from premium die-cast metal and is equipped with a three-jaw keyless chuck. The comfortable plastic grip allows easy and sturdy handling. Additionally, it has a powerful battery life, making sure you get your drilling job done.

Best hand drill for home use
Check Rechargeable Multifunction Cordless Electric Hand Drill Screwdriver price below:

This multifunction cordless electric hand drill is more than ready to be used for any light to medium tasks around your home. It's equipped with a 12V rechargeable battery, allowing you to complete a full task successfully before the next charge. The unit is also splash-proof and drop-resistant; there's also an integrated LED light so working in dark places will not be an issue.

Best for steel
Best for steel
Check Makita Hand Drill price below:

Makita M0600G hand drill is one of the best-corded hand drills with 350 watts of power.  Weighing in at 1.2kg, this drill is ideal for heavy tasks like working on steel and metals with the correct drill bits installed. With this machine, you won't have to worry about recharging the batteries.

Check Lithium Drill Rechargeable Hand Drill Multi-Function Electric Screwdriver price below:

This 25V Li-Ion cordless drill is one of the most powerful you'll find in the market. The high voltage makes it suitable for demanding drilling tasks that only corded drills can fulfil. It can drill through concrete and metals with ease, given the correct drill bit.

Check Bosch Cordless Impact Screw/Drill +Bosch 108-Piece Hand Tools Set price below:

Bosch's Cordless Impact Hand Drill Professional is ideal for drilling a wide range of materials from wood to masonry. It comes with various metal drill bits to make your work easier. This drill features a long-lasting battery; so you can work with it for an extended period, before requiring a recharge.

Best hand drill for concrete
Best hand drill for concrete
Check BOSCH Professional Hand Drill price below:

Bosch GBM 350 features a new ergonomic design to reduce wrist stress when you're using the machine for long hours. It has a powerful 350-watt motor that's ideal to use on concrete and metal drilling works. There is a rotating brush plate that you can set to go on reverse - you can also control the motor’s RPM via the variable speed setting.

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