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8 Best BBQ Grills To Make Mouthwatering Food

Take your grilling game to the next level

There are so much you can do with a BBQ grill - you can cook anything from an assortment of meats, fish and veggies at the comfort of your yard. The trick is to find that perfect grill to suit your needs, and we've narrowed down the choices for you from what’s available on the market. Read on to find out more.

Best BBQ grill with a side burner
Best BBQ grill with a side burner
Check Liberty Chef Pro Gas BBQ price below:

This all-in-one gas BBQ stove is perfect for all your outdoor grilling needs. It comes with three burners, a smoke cover, foldable side tables, two cast iron grill plates, one cast iron hotplate and a side burner. Now you can grill your food on one side, and make your sauces at the other.

Best for beginners
Check Russell Taylors Electric BBQ Grill price below:

Russell Taylor’s Electric Indoor and Outdoor BBQ grill is ideal for beginners. As it uses electricity, you don’t have to worry about using charcoal or gas. The grill is 240 square inches in size, perfect for a medium-sized house party.

Additionally, this BBQ grill is sloped and has a surface area that allows excess oil to drain away easily. This full non-stick coated surface makes cleaning up a breeze. Its stand is detachable - remove it if you wish to use it for indoor grilling on the kitchen counter.

Best BBQ grill for boats
Best BBQ grill for boats
Check Homelux Portable Gas Stove price below:

Homelux Portable Gas Stove Infrared Cassette BBQ grill operates with a butane cartridge canister. It’s portable, light and easy to use and has extra safety features like the built-in Governor Inline Cutoff valve. The flames ignite automatically once the gas is turned on. Plus, the fire strength is adjustable, making it suitable for cooking on a boat.

Best BBQ grill with a smoker
Check Anti-rust Steel BBQ Grill Drum Medium Size price below:

This BBQ drum is built with a durable anti-rust steel construction all around the body. It's coated with high-temperature paint and four adjustable legs for your preferred height. You'll also find two pieces of stainless-steel grill nets for better grilling. Additionally, there are also handles attached to the grill for portability.

Best for an outdoor kitchen
Best for an outdoor kitchen
Check Shuangchi BBQ Grill price below:

If you have an outdoor kitchen, a gas BBQ grill will be an excellent addition. This three-burner 100% stainless steel stove is CE-approved and is also equipped with an infrared heating system and electronic ignition. There's also an oil collection plate, height adjuster and smart thermostat to ensure efficiency and safety. It's also designed to be smokeless, so you can easily place it at any ventilated areas.

Best for an apartment balcony
Check Mitoyos Electric Smokeless Grill Barbeque Set price below:

Mitoyos Electric Smokeless Grill is ideal for apartments with a small balcony. The BBQ grill is compact and stylish, featuring adjustable grill height and thermostat, drip tray and microswitch safety lock. This device works on a 220V power connection and is rated at 2000 watts. Due to its compact size, it is easy to store and convenient to bring with you in case you need to use it elsewhere.

Best BBQ grill with a rotisserie
Check Outdoor Foldable Standing BBQ Grill With Rotisserie Skewer price below:

The HZA-8802A outdoor standing BBQ stove uses charcoal or wood to grill your food. It comes with a rotisserie to make cooking large, whole chicken and slabs of meat easier. You can choose to turn your roast automatically with an attached motor or do it manually.

Best BBQ grill for the money
Check ITATA BBQ Grill Folding Charcoal Picnic for Barbecue Camping price below:

The ITATA folding BBQ grill is an excellent value for money and features a wide cooking area and is enough to make food for four people. You can fold it into a compact box if you wish to transport it out of your home. It comes with a lid, allowing you to keep your food warm and keep the flies out.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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