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Top 8 Jojoba Oil Products For Use From Head to Toe

Slather this healing potion all over!

Jojoba oil is a great beauty ingredient. Most beauty products have jojoba oil in its list of ingredients. This is because it is the closest kind of oil to that which is produced by the human skin that helps to heal and protect the skin from external toxins. Hence, jojoba oil in cosmetic products acts as a replacement for human sebum.

Below are a few Jojoba Oil products ranging from face products to skin and hair to choose from!

Best oil for hair loss
Check Claire Organics Lavender Rosemary Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil price below:

Claire Organics’ treatment oil revitalises hair growth and is suitable for all types of hair that are suffering from hair loss. It nourishes the hair and helps to prevent hair from shedding. This oil is also effective in increasing blood circulation on the scalp to aid in hair growth.

Ingredients of this treatment oil include Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil as well as Lavender and Rosemary essential oil. 

Best natural shaving oil for sensitive skin
Check Now Solutions 100% Pure & Organic Jojoba Oil price below:

Want a denser beard or know a friend in need? Now Foods’ Jojoba Oil is a great product to help you do just that. Jojoba oil sits within the hair shaft to add volume and make the beard look fuller. Lightly massage the oil on your beard to encourage better blood flow and improve the health of the hair.

However, bear in mind that the oil will only add an appearance of thickness if your hair is naturally thick on its own.

Best jojoba oil for massage
Check Biofinest Pure Jojoba Oil - 100% Organic Oil price below:

Jojoba oil has many uses, and one is that it works well as a massage oil. Massage it onto your skin whenever you need a little boost of energy. It is said to relieve stress and anxiety, boost the immune system and act as a powerful detoxifier. Also, it works well to heal burns, scars, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Best jojoba oil for hair - shampoo and conditioner
Best jojoba oil for hair - shampoo and conditioner
Check Forever Living Aloe Jojoba Shampoo + Conditioning Rinse price below:

The enzymatic activity of aloe jojoba shampoo sloughs off dead cells, strengthens hair follicles and papillae while supplying saponin to fortify the hair and give it volume. This makes combing through your hair easier. Use this shampoo with its conditioner for extra moisturising properties and protection against split ends!

Best jojoba oil for all skin types including acne and oily skin
Best jojoba oil for all skin types including acne and oily skin
Check Rosehip Facial Oil & Jojoba Facial Serum price below:

Restore your skin’s natural oil balance with this rejuvenating blend of skin-loving oils. This nourishing oil helps to prevent acne and regulate oil production in oily skin types. It also has anti-aging properties and is great for all skin types.

Best jojoba oil for aging skin
Burt’s Bees
Best jojoba oil for all skin types including acne and oily skin
Check Burt’s Bees Complete Nourishment Facial Oil price below:

A dermatologically-tested jojoba-enriched facial oil, this oil will give your skin a dose of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins for an anti-aging powerhouse that will leave your skin smooth, hydrated and rejuvenated. Burt’s Bees’ facial oil blend has been clinically shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines – making it ideal for mature skin types.

Best jojoba oil for rosacea
Radha Beauty
Best jojoba oil for rosacea
Check Radha Beauty USDA Certified Organic 100% Pure Oil price below:

Radha USDA Organic Jojoba Oil has essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. When combined, all the ingredients aid in the healing of dry, itchy skin, psoriasis and even rosacea. As Jojoba oil closely resembles the body’s natural sebum, it has been used to balance oil production and moisturise deep beneath the skin.

Best jojoba oil for nails
Best jojoba oil for nails
Check Skin Food Jojoba Oil Nail Essence price below:

This Skin Food nail essence moisturises the cuticles, strengthens the nail bed and makes the nails shine. With constant use, it is effective in repairing dry and brittle nails permanently. Its small size also makes it easy to fit into any handbag and can be super useful in-flight when the air in the aeroplane starts to dry your skin.

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