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Cut, Chop and Dice with these 7 Best Chopping Boards

Make cooking easier!

Did you know that different cooking ingredients require different types of chopping boards? Professional chefs use colour-coded chopping boards where each colour is specifically reserved for a certain class of food.

This is important because using different chopping boards for different ingredients can prevent cross-contamination - a situation in which harmful bacteria from one food is transferred to another.

Discover the best chopping board to cater to your cooking needs with our special picks below.

Best cutting board with containers – suitable for veggies
Best cutting board with containers – suitable for veggies
Check Multipurpose 3-in-1 Cutting Board price below:

An innovative product for a chopping board, this kitchen equipment comes with a tray to gather your chopped ingredients and strain them after washing. The convenient design makes the product ideal to cut different types of veggies. Plus, there are handles on both sides of the food grade plastic board to allow you to layer it on top of the kitchen sink.

Best cutting board for cooked meat
Best cutting board for cooked meat
Check Bamboo Chopping Board price below:

A bamboo chopping board makes an ideal choice to cut cooked meat, as you can use the same board for serving. The sleek design of this board gives your dishes a modern touch, and the bamboo material is a hardwearing natural material that is easy to care for. Ideal for both chopping and serving, this board makes a great addition to your kitchen.

Best chopping board for raw meat, chicken and brisket
Best chopping board for raw meat, chicken and brisket
Check IKEA Legitim Chopping Board price below:

Polyethylene plastic material makes for an ideal choice to chop raw meat and chicken as plastic does not absorb the juice from these ingredients. It is also super easy to clean, reducing the hassle in the kitchen. This product is dishwasher safe and recyclable too.

Best wooden chopping board - with juice groove
Best wooden chopping board with juice groove
Check IKEA Proppmatt Chopping Board price below:

A classic choice for chopping boards, wood is free from harmful chemicals and is guaranteed to be BPA free. Wooden chopping boards also have better durability and last longer.

This chopping board is made using heavy, solid wood - a naturally durable material. It also has a juice groove to channel the dripping and prevent your kitchen table top from getting messy and dirty.

Best chopping board for knives
Check Stainless Steel Knife 5 +1 Set With Wooden Chopping Board price below:

This chopping board comes with a set of 5 knives - the perfect combo to add to your kitchen appliances. This board is also made using wood and is both strong and durable. Ease the cooking process with this combo set; now you can prepare the best dishes from your kitchen.

Best board for fruit
Check IKEA Finfordela Bendable Chopping Board price below:

A creative innovation that eases cooking, this chopping board is like a mat and is foldable and bendable. The flexibility of the board makes it easy to transfer the chopped food for serving or cooking. Super lightweight, it is suitable for fruits and vegetables but can also be used for other ingredients.

Best for fish
Check Portable Suspension Chopping Board price below:

This chopping board comes with an embossed surface to prevent food from slipping, thus, making it an ideal product to cut fish. Furthermore, the board comes with a suspension that enables the product to stand, making storing easier. It can even double up as a drying rack.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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