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10 Witty Gift Ideas That’ll Ensure You’ll Never Be Forgotten

We promise.

Shopping for gifts should not be taken lightly, especially when you’re purchasing them for the important people in your life. You’ll need practical yet clever presents that are anything but lame, or stuff they had no idea they even needed.

Luckily for you, we’ve discovered 10 cool (but a tad bit creepy) personalised gifts that may delight, or even spook, your loved ones.

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Check Photo Mug price below:

Seal in that friendship with your bestie by gifting them a mug shot of you. Morning coffee? You’re the first thing that they’ll see! Angry at you? The mug will remind them that you are besties for a reason. Can’t sleep at night? A hot cup of cocoa with your face there will soothe them to sleep.

Check Shot Glass price below:

A shot (or five) of tequila is always in order when we are feeling celebratory, or even when a friend is upset over a breakup. Occasions like these do better when your shot glasses are wrapped with playful print or better yet, a picture of your face.

Check Photo Stickers price below:

One great way for your friends to remember you is to stick yourself all over them, or on their belongings to be more appropriate. Put your most fabulous picture on these stickers and use them on notebooks, backpacks, to seal presents, and perhaps even their closet doors so you’ll be the first thing they see in the morning.

Check Serving Tray price below:

Why eat at the table when you can serve food out of a tray with your face on it? A personalised serving tray is a great way to make sure your parents don’t forget you, especially during mealtimes. We’d probably agree that those are crucial times throughout the day. So, get your parents one of these and you just might find more food being kept for you!

Check Photo Pillow price below:

Everyone loves pillows, right? Probably because they make the best cuddle buddy. Instead of getting one from your typical department store, why not personalise a pillow with a printed photo of yourself (or your friend’s)? This way, they’ll never forget the pillow, or you.

Check Coasters price below:

One can never have too many coasters – unless they consider cup stains on coffee tables as art, of course. Protect your loved one’s furniture with flair with these little squares that do double duty as coaster and photo display right under your glass, in which you can personalise your own pictures.

Check Photo Ornaments price below:

If you ask us, Christmas and magic are almost synonymous. This makes getting personalised photo ornaments a unique way to commemorate great moments throughout the year and celebrate all that is special to you. These trinkets also make for great decorative pieces and can be really meaningful gifts to share with loved ones.

Check Luggage Tag price below:

Tag along with your friends during their travels; your picture on their luggage tag at least. Besides, that’s a great reminder for them to get you awesome souvenirs from their trip. You can choose between two sizes, depending on how clear you want your face to be in public. It’s made from aluminium with a special coating to prevent oxidation and rust. Plus, the tag is water-resistant so your picture will never get destroyed.

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