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Here's What You Can Expect From the NYX Super Brand Day on Shopee

It's almost too good to be true - but it is true!

Got an obsession with makeup? Well, NYX Professional Makeup is equally obsessed with helping you to look your best with makeup fit for professionals! And all your makeup needs can be satisfied at an insane promotion going on right now: the NYX Super Brand Day on Shopee.

Happening on 23rd August 2018, the NYX Super Brand Day will feature a whole load of your favourite NYX products at discounted prices. Everything will be 100% authentic and you can even stack your discounts up to 30%. But it won't last for long so make sure you don't miss it!

Shoppers can also enjoy additional discounts. Be part of the first 800 buyers and get RM 20 off when you spend a minimum of RM 100 with the code NYX4U2 (only valid for Shopee app checkouts). OR, shop on the website and enjoy RM 10 off with every minimum spend of RM 50 by using the code NYXSBD10 (only valid for the first 1000 buyers).

Already excited and can't wait till 23rd August? Good news, NYX will also be having shocking daily deals on selected products starting from 16th August. Be sure to check in daily to make sure you don't miss your favourite products at reduced prices.

But it doesn't end here. Follow NYX Professional Makeup's Official Shop on Shopee to also unlock vouchers worth up to RM 30,000.

And there's more to it....

Here are some other deals to not miss out on:

With so many great steals, it almost feels like a crime to miss the NYX Super Brand Day. So mark your calendars for 23rd August 2018 and check in daily from today onwards for great deals on selected products!

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