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8 Tapes That Rulers Can’t Measure Up To

Bow down to your new ruler.

A handy measuring tape isn’t only limited to work that relies on measurement tasks and levelled surfaces. For household projects such as framing, building and cutting, accuracy and precision is important for delivering true results.

Having said that, after considering the latest innovative components and functionality, we have narrowed down the best measuring tapes to meet your needs.

Best measuring tape for electricians
Best measuring tape for electricians
Check Milwaukee 5m/ft Compact Measuring Tape price below:

This measuring tape from Milwaukee features a five-pointed reinforced frame design and nylon blade protection which offers its strength and pro-grade durability. Superior all around, its smooth lock and retraction mechanism provides a hassle-free and overall accuracy when in use. The 5-foot tape also comes with an architectural blueprint scale for aiding calculations and conversions.

Best with spirit level
Check Fixit Laser Level Pro 3 Multipurpose Measuring Tape price below:

Coming with a 3-axis spirit level and an 8-feet long measuring tape, this tape’s laser level goes beyond accuracy. Having a handy triple positioned bubble level is also great for double checking your levelling work once completed. The lightweight tape also has metric and imperial markings which are easily seen on both sides of the tape.

Best measuring tape with laser
Best measuring tape with laser
Check Pro 3 Laser Level Measuring Tape price below:

Everything you need is in the palm of your hand. This innovative tool combines the accuracy of 3 measuring instruments into 1. It has laser distance measurer, a 7.5 m tape and a double-bubble spirit level. The striking laser projects a beam both horizontally and vertically.

For added convenience, the tape sports a secure belt clip for better mobility. Being able to cover distances great and small, you can measure the length of a room, the width of a table or even hang a picture with this handy tool.

Best measuring tape for body
Best measuring tape for body
Check Seca Girth Measuring Tape price below:

The Seca Measuring tape is a versatile circumference tape. It is great for body measurements thanks to its millimeter-system’s precision. With a practical design, the retractable tape’s printed scale is easy to read, unwinds easily and locks in place precisely. Compact and easy to store, its housing sits securely in your hand and is tough in withstanding accidental drops.

Best for woodworking
Check Irwin Measuring Tape Basic (8M) price below:

Irwin’s Measuring Tape comes with easy-to-see markings to aid high-accuracy measurement. Ergonomically designed, it is equipped with an automatic lock system that locks the blade once extended. With a width of 25mm, its steel blade can easily support itself at up to 26 feet long. Built to guarantee stability, its L-shaped hook is riveted for added strength as well.

Best measuring tape with fractions
Best measuring tape with fractions
Check Stanley Fatmax Tape Measure price below:

Stanley Fatmax’s Tape Measure stays true to delivering high-quality and durable results. It features clear fractional stud markings that help simplify critically-precise tasks. This 8m/26 feet tape is reinforced with BladeArmor coating for protection against friction. A film of Mylar polyester envelopes the blade to preserve the markings, ensuring longevity.

Measuring is facilitated with a lock and unlock mechanism, which is paired together with a heated-treated spring that allows for a smooth blade recoil.

Best measuring tape for tailoring and height
Best measuring tape for tailoring and height
Check H&T Retractable Measurement Tape price below:

Ideal for household, textile and tailoring projects, this tape can retract neatly into its case for no-mess and accurate reading. Its measurements are printed dual-sided in centimetres and inches. Being flexible and soft, measuring curved and flat surfaces are much easier. Another bonus is its compactness, as this lightweight tape can comfortably fit into your pocket, making it portable.

Best measuring tape for tailoring and height
Check Wynn’s Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Open Reel price below:

Often used in surveying tasks and fieldwork, this open reel covers a huge ground area. Wynn’s Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Open Reel offers high-quality nickel tape blades with minimal stretching which is useful for added durability to resist tear in abusive conditions. Its stainless-steel case comes with a contoured grip handle and large stake for secure anchoring.

Wynn’s tape also has an integrated ground spike for added stability. As both sides show metric, inches and foot, this calls for easy accuracy and precision. After use, the winding level brings the tape back into the reel.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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