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Let Your Brows Do The Talking with these 8 Brow Gels

For that extra ‘oomph’ to your brows.

Take your brow game to the next level with some brow gel. Designed to offer hold and volume, brow gel or brow mascara is a quick and easy way to tame and groom your eyebrows. Clear or tinted, a brow gel can provide definition and volume to sparse brows, or used at the end of your eyebrow routine to create budge-proof brows.

Perfect your eyebrows now with our top-rated brow gels selected to fulfil different needs!

Check ETUDE HOUSE Color My Brows price below:

If you can’t find an eyebrow product that matches your hair colour, don’t worry, tinted brow gels are your best friend. The Etude House Color My Brows coats your brow with a natural tint to help match your brow colour to your hair colour. No more searching for the right shade of brow pencils or powder! 

Best brow gel for growth
Best brow gel for growth
Check Eyeko Brow Magic Brow Boost price below:

Sparse or thinning eyebrows? Achieve naturally bold and bushy-looking brows with Eyeko’s Brow Magic Brow Boost. It’s infused with botanical extracts, caffeine, vitamin E and B to stimulate hair growth and condition the brows. It also uses 100% cellulose fibres to add a more natural looking, volumised effect.

Best brow gel with hair fibres for sparse brows
Best brow gel with hair fibres for sparse brows
Check Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow + Brow Volumising Fiber Gel price below:

When it comes to brow products, Benefit Cosmetics take it seriously. The highly raved Gimme Brow + is loved by many, and for good reasons. It uses microfibres to add definition and volume to sparse brows for a feathery and wispy effect. The tiny brush also helps the microfibres to adhere to the brows with ease and precision.

Best for thick brows and black hair
Best brow gel for thick and black hair
Check Tarte Tarteist Brow Gel price below:

Thick brows are a gift and a curse - you don’t need to fill them in, but they can get messy and unruly. Luckily, the Tarteist Brow Gel is designed to tame and set unruly brow hairs for a neat and clean look.

This clear brow gel comes with a tiny brush that applies the product to every nook and cranny of your eyebrow to ensure every strand is smoothed out and separated. Thanks to its nourishing formula, this brow gel is non-sticky, non-flakey and non-drying.

Best brow gel with small brush for thin brows and beginners
Best brow gel with small brush for thin brows and beginners
Check Innisfree Skinny Brow Mascara price below:

A thick spoolie brush can make a mess on thinner brow shapes, which is why the Innisfree Skinny Brow Mascara is a godsend for those with thin brows. The super thin and slim brush can easily coat your brows without making mistakes or a mess. The water and sweat-resistant formula also sets your brows to ensure it lasts all day.

Best brow gel in a pot for blondes
IT Cosmetics
Best brow gel in a pot for blondes
Check IT Cosmetics BUILD-A-BROW Gel Stain price below:

Create natural and feathery brow looks with IT Cosmetics’ BUILD-A-BROW Gel Stain. This brow gel is best applied with a brush to define, shape and mimic brow hairs for a realistic effect. The waterproof and budge-proof formula gives you a full day wear without fading or smudging.

Best drugstore brow gel & mascara - suitable for eyelashes
Best drugstore brow gel on eyelashes
Check Palladio Herbal Clear Brow Gel price below:

An affordable 2-in-1 product from the drugstore? What a steal! The Palladio Herbal Clear Brow Gel can be used as a clear brow gel to set and tame brow hairs or as a clear mascara to define and boost your lashes. It’s formulated with herbal extracts to nourish and condition brow hair or lashes.

Best brow gel for grey and black hair
Best brow gel for grey and black hair
Check Givenchy Mr Brow Groom Mascara price below:

If you have grey or black hair, instead of going for a black tinted brow gel that can look harsh, opt for clear brow gel for a more natural and soft finish. The Givenchy Mr Brow Groom Mascara is a clear brow gel that’s formulated with vitamin B5 to add volume and hold to the brows without leaving any sticky residue or flakes.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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