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FashionValet's Mid-Season Sale of Up to 90% is Going On Right Now

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing the word ‘sale’!

Just when you thought the mid-year sales period is over, think again! FashionValet is having a massive mid-season sale, with items up to 90% off. Whether it’s apparel, accessories, shoes or even cosmetics, FashionValet has got you covered.

Intimidated by the wide selection of products on sale? Don’t worry, we’ve specially handpicked several outfits so you can check out ASAP and post that new OOTD!

P.S.: Everything here is below RM60! Hurry though, sale ends 29 July.

Berry Cute

Berry and mauve tones are some of the most popular color choices of 2017, and it’s still a hot pick in 2018! Incorporate this trendy and beautiful color scheme into your outfit and feel confident, because looking good makes you feel good!

  1. Instant Sofea Shawl in Melrose From RM 46.75
  2. Olivia Long Sleeve Blouse in Purple From RM 47.92
  3. Polly Stripes Wide Leg Pants in Black From RM 44.95
  4. Monro Heels in Wine From RM 44.50
  5. Sipadan Tropical Matte Lipstick in Maroon From RM 23.59

Mean Girls

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Or in this case, every day! This bright and feminine color is soft and beautiful. Perfect for an outing, or date nights!

  1. Emma Off Shoulder Two Way Top In Baby Pink From RM 37.27
  2. Ayna 2.0 Hibiscus Shawl in Inas From RM 46.75
  3. Miniscule Paisley Pants in Beige From RM 38.70
  4. Samantha Sandals In Pink From RM 44.50
  5. Violet Sling Bag in Grey From RM 44.50

Smell The Roses

Even on a busy day, you should stop and smell the roses. Or better yet, wear them! Bloom like the beautiful flower that you are with this floral themed outfit. It is sweet and feminine without being overpowering or flashy.

  1. Brenda Kimono Long in White From RM 34.95
  2. Paige Drawstring Waistband Top in Nude From RM 51.42
  3. Ayna Shawl in Light Salmon From RM 38.25
  4. Crepe Wide Leg Pants in Sand From RM 47.10
  5. Brick Special Edition Matte Lip Glide in Brick Red From RM 33.60

Bae-sic Essentials

Sometimes all you need is a simple and basic color scheme to slay the day. Go for a minimalistic route with this outfit and start your day without any stress or worries!

  1. Elvia Top in White Lily From RM 14.97
  2. Genette Striped Pants in Light Blue From RM 28.02
  3. Amanda Platform Espadrilles in Blue From RM 49.50
  4. Paku Candy Clutch in Cream Puff From RM 35.00

Rocker Chic

Confident, strong and bold, this outfit is for the days you want to strut your stuff and show them who’s the boss! Tip: Accessorize with silver spiked jewellery for added edge!

  1. Madeline Jacket in Black From RM 44.95
  2. Refuge Gelato High Waisted Jeans in Black From RM 39.60
  3. Karen Long Sleeved T-Shirt in White From RM 22.36
  4. Chyler Gladiator Heels in Black From RM 59.50
  5. Fondue Matte Lip Cream in Dark Brown From RM 36.00

Fun in the Tropics

We took inspiration from the tropical safari style and added a girly twist. The pink top adds a sweet contrast to the look. Whether it’s for work, a day out or just to run errands, this outfit is perfect for any occasion!

  1. Aggie Asymmetrical Top in Pink From RM 46.70
  2. Cargo Pants in Khaki From RM 51.80
  3. Ava Vest in Light Brown From RM 46.70
  4. Ayna 2.0 Hibiscus Shawl in Zara From RM 46.75
  5. Victoria Flats in Taupe From RM 41.98

Glitter & Gold

All that glitters is not gold, but that’s not the case when you’re wearing this outfit! Flaunt and pose in this gold themed look that is sure to make you stand out from the rest.

  1. Carey Pleated Top in Champagne From RM 36.51
  2. Verra Pleated Side Pants in Blush From RM 42.17
  3. Ayna Shawl in Pink Rose From RM 38.25
  4. Russian Rullette Medium Clutch in Nude From RM 31.50
  5. Selina Low Block Sandals in Black and Pink From RM 51.38

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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