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Crisp Texts And Vibrant Images Made Possible With These 9 Printer Inks

Quality ink for all your print needs.

The term “paperless” seems to be increasingly employed in today’s digital era regardless of professional or personal use. But that doesn’t mean that printing is completely falling out of favour. Various brands are still churning new printer models every year and this applies to printer ink cartridges as well.

Here are some picks you might want to consider in your next to-buy checklist.

Best printer ink for inkjet
Best printer ink for inkjet
Check Epson Original Ink price below:

Specially made for the Epson’s L-series high-capacity inkjet printers, these multi-colour ink bottles are capable of yielding up to 4,000 and 6,500 pages for black & white and colour printing respectively. The ink bottles themselves are also designed to be spill-proof, ensuring you won’t make a mess when refilling the printer’s ink tanks.

Best value for money printer ink
Best value for printer ink
Check Canon 810 + 811 price below:

Looking for a printer ink that gives the best value for money? You might want to consider getting the Canon 810 + 811 then.

This value pack comes with a set of black and colour cartridges which allows you to print over 200 sheets of A4 documents. With such high page yields, you won’t have to worry about replacing ink cartridges on a frequent basis. Even better, it is also compatible with most Canon Pixma printer models.

Best easy-to-refill printer ink
Check Brother LC535/LC539XL Refillable Cartridge With Ink price below:

It is no secret that refilling ink cartridges can be frustrating at times. If you’re not careful enough, you might end up with a mess. Thankfully, the Brother LC535/LC539XL refillable ink cartridges make the entire process simpler with its “plug-and-play” design. Best of all, the ink cartridges are also capable for high-capacity printing of up to 2,400 pages.

Best ink with the strongest pigment
Best ink with strongest pigment
Check Canon PGI-2700 Normal Set Cartridge price below:

Pigment inks are known to produce high-quality and vibrant colour images. This brings us to the Canon PGI-2700 ink cartridges. Designed for Maxify printer models, the ink cartridges can print from a reasonable amount of 700 to 2,500 pages. You can expect crisp colours and sharp texts that gives you not only a smudge-free result, but also a high-quality printout.

Best printer ink for HP
Check HP 61 Black & Color Inkjet Print Cartridges price below:

From black texts to colour images, the HP 61 gives you the best printing result. Constantly frustrated when your printing stops halfway due to insufficient ink? The HP 61 ensures that your whole document will be printed even when the ink is running low and can yield up to 165 and 190 pages.

Best printer ink for Canon
Check Canon CL-98 Color Original Ink Cartridge price below:

You can’t go wrong with a Canon ink cartridge when it comes to reproducing accurate and crisp colours. Take the Canon CL-98 for instance. This reliable ink cartridge not only offers you quality printing results but is also both fade resistant and smudge-free at the same time. The Canon CL-98 can last up to 400 pages worth of colour printing.

Best cheap black printer ink
Best cheap black printer ink
Check Canon PG-47 Black Ink Cartridge price below:

Ink cartridges can be costly. But for the Canon PG-47, this ink cartridge is affordably priced yet able to last for a long time on usual usage. It can print up to 400 pages, and the ink is specially designed to be smudge-free. No more messy results when you print a black-and-white A4 document now!

Best cheap colour printer ink
Best cheap colour printer ink
Check HP 703 Tri-Color Original Ink Cartridge price below:

It isn’t always necessary to spend a fortune on ink cartridges that produce vivid colour results. With the HP 703, get the same result on a pocket-friendly price. Yielding up to 250 colour-printed pages, it is also fade-resistant to ensure your print is durable and long-lasting.

Best printer ink for photos
Best printer ink for photos
Check Canon CLI-42 Ink price below:

The Canon CLI-42 ink cartridge is specially designed for the Pixma Pro-100 model, a photo printer known for its speedy yet amazing print quality. The ink cartridge is also engineered to ensure that it can be easily slotted into your Canon printer with minimum fuss. The best part, it can yield up to 600 pages of full-colour print.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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