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Manage Your Oily Hair Better with these 7 Hair Conditioners

Get that shiny, healthy hair you deserved.

You’re still required to condition your hair after shampooing, even if your mane is the oily type. Wondering why would anyone with greasy hair wish for an oilier look by conditioning it? Trust us, all you need to do is find the right conditioner that is suitable for your oily hair. Here are some of the best picks that would make a difference.

Herbal Essences Detox White Tea and Mint Conditioner


From RM 15.02

Best herbal hair conditioner for oily hair

Get that refreshed and clean hair with the help of Herbal Essences' Detox White Tea and Mint hair conditioner. It has a balanced pH level and is gentle enough to use daily for coloured hair as it is for all types of hair. Plus, the smell of white tea and mint will leave you head over heels.

Petal Fresh Hair Rescue Thickening Treatment Conditioner


From RM 28.21

Best for fine, oily hair

This baby right here restores Keratin to the hair with its Biotin B complex which will help increase the thickness of each hair strand. It also contains organic Lavender, Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang which helps remove excess grease from your hair. Don’t worry as it will not completely remove any essential moisture from your scalp. Also, the caffeine will help protect and energise your hair roots to promote hair growth.

Ouai Leave In Conditioner


RM 108.00

Best leave in conditioner for oily hair

Hydrate your hair and keep it silky smooth without worrying about it oiling up your hair. Ouai’s leave in conditioner is super simple to use. Just dampen your hair and spray the conditioner on and that is all! You can even apply this conditioner to your hair as a hair primer before curling or ironing your hair. It has excellent heat protection and leaves your hair looking glossy and healthy.

Pantene Nature Care Fullness and Life Conditioner


From RM 11.89

Best drugstore conditioner

Even with oily hair, a lot of damages can be done. Especially if you blow-dry, iron and curl your hair ever so frequently. Keep your hair healthy with this conditioner that will restore all the essentials that your hair needs. Besides oily hair, this conditioner is also suitable for all other hair types. 

Shiseido Tsubaki Volumizing Volume Touch Conditioner


From RM 36.57

Best for limp and oily hair  

Having oily hair can sometimes make your hair look limp and flat. Shiseido’s Tsubaki Volumizing Volume Touch conditioner helps add some definition to your hair. It also nourishes and hydrates your strands without making it look oily. Plus, this conditioner has the ability to penetrate and repair the damaged parts of your hair.

Good Virtues Co. Helpful and Delightful Clarifying Hair and Scalp Conditioner


From RM 11.25

Best clarifying conditioner

Achieve a much nourished and manageable hair with this conditioner that contains Chamomile, Rosemary and Sage. These herbs help control oil production and provide relief to your scalp. It also contains Maca Root extracts that will help strengthen hair follicles to reduce hair fall. Organic Black Seed oil that's found in this bottle of magic also gives you all the purifying goodness that your hair craves for.

C. Michael Stem Cell Daily Moisture Conditioner


RM 29.90

Best moisturizing conditioner for oily hair

This hair conditioner is uniquely infused with apple stem cells that has the ability to remove excess oil from the hair and scalp without drying them up. It also moisturises the hair and keeps it healthy and tangle-free. That being said, it also gives you that smooth, shiny and silky hair.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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