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12 Best Bicycle Brands Malaysia 2024 (Road Bike, Hybrid, etc.)

Cheap, reliable, and dear to the environment.

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Cyclist & Youtuber

Heng Choo Chian

Before settling down as a content creator, Heng Choo Chian used to toil as a producer and director. Now, when he’s not working, he pursues his passion by doing what he enjoys the most; cycling and educating the public about bicycles on his YouTube Channel.
"My definition of a good bicycle is that it must work properly depending on the individual’s needs. You don’t want or need to spend all your savings to get a race bike just for commuting. Prioritize your needs and look past the trend. Or else, it would be a burden to your finances. It’s important to understand your needs, buy within your limit, and learn how to maintain it."- Heng Choo Chian

Who could forget the sun-dappled evenings where we took to our bikes while our friends hailed from their gates and we’d all race each other to the playground? 

Not too long ago, we all held our breath as Malaysian Olympian, Dato' Muhammad Azizulhasni bin Awang zipped down the tracks and grasped for our country a silver medal. What a rush!

Cycling has always been a popular form of exercise amongst us. Some like it for the thrill you get from the speed, while some see it as a relaxing hobby.

Certain states like Penang and Kuala Lumpur even started up bike-sharing services to make it easier for tourists to travel around landmark areas. Whereas, some Malaysians opt to cycle to their destinations to lower their carbon footprint. 

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking to buy a bike of your own. Not sure which ones fit your budget range or if it's worth the price? Let’s get you started on the best bicycle brands available in Malaysia.

12 Best Bicycles in Malaysia

Riverside 500 Bicycle
Check Decathlon Riverside 500 Bicycle price below:
add_circle Comes with disc brakes for maximum safety
add_circle Aluminum frame and lightweight
add_circle It comes with disc brakes for maximum safety
add_circle Aluminium frame and lightweight
add_circle Reliable disc brakes

Why It’s Our Top Pick?

“This bike oozes versatility; whether on roads, gravel, or smooth ground – the Riverside 500 will be able to handle it. Especially if you like lounging your bicycle everywhere, this bike is light but still feels sturdy as the frame is made out of aluminium.”


The bicycle has been reviewed to be sturdy enough even for a 50km ride. It has been tested to be suitable for use in uphill and downhill rides without any problems.

Aside from its portability, the seat is designed ergonomically to enable long-distance riding without strain on your body, while the 9-speed drivetrain promises a smooth and speedy ride. To top all that off, the bike comes with disc brakes, which are the best type of safety measure for your bicycle.


  • The frame is made from lightweight aluminium
  • It has 9-speed for a smooth ride
  • Ergonomically designed seat for long-distance comfort
  • Suitable for various terrains, including uphill and downhill rides

Who is this for?

This wonderful hybrid bicycle is ideal for anyone seeking a reliable and versatile ride. You will get to enjoy the freedom of cycling, and it doesn't matter if you are a daily commuter or a cyclist explorer.

Moreover, it is designed to easily handle different terrains, making it a great choice for riders of all levels. So, if you're ready to embark on new cycling adventures, this bike is ready to roll with you!

Best city bicycle
LEM YT2 Road Bicycle
Check LEM YT2 Road Bicycle price below:
add_circle Single-speed for easy riding
add_circle Equipped with high-quality gears


If you are hunting for the perfect city bicycle to navigate the bustling streets easily, let us introduce you to the LEM YT2 Road Bicycle! This flexible two-wheeler is designed for both off-road adventures and smooth city rides. With its sturdy alloy rim, 26-inch tires, and a robust weight capacity of 150 kg, it is ready to tackle any terrain area! 

In addition, the no-fold design keeps things simple, and it’s a piece of old tackie to maintain with its single-speed setup.


  • It has an alloy rim for durability
  • No fold design for simplicity
  • Offers maximum weight capacity of 150 kg
  • 26-inch tires for smooth commutes

Who is this for?

This remarkable LEM YT2 Road Bicycle is the perfect companion for city dwellers and adventurers alike. Whether you are cycling through urban streets or exploring off-road trails, its robust construction and straightforward design make it an excellent choice for riders of all levels.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a reliable and versatile city bicycle, this bicycle by LEM has your back. Prepare yourself to embark on exciting journeys and conquer the urban jungle with this dependable ride!

Best electric bicycle
Xiaomi E-Bike Himo Z20
Check Xiaomi E-Bike Himo Z20 price below:
add_circle Fully foldable
add_circle Removable battery for easier charge
add_circle The intelligent control system offers real-time feedback for efficient energy use
remove_circle Not good for hilly terrains


If you are solely using your bike for transportation purposes, invest in an e-bike to help ease your burden. This electric bike model comes with three modes. The ‘0’ is for no assistance, where you would pedal like a regular bike, and ‘1’ is for pedal-assist, which uses up to 30%-70% of the total power. Finally, the ’3’ is for full power mode, which will be activated using the throttle.

With 250W of power, the bike allows a range of up to 80km until your next charge on pedal-assist mode and approximately 50km on pure electric mode. An LCD is attached to the handlebars to indicate the mode you are in and the battery life. Need to get on a train? No problem! This bike is fully foldable for ease of transport.


  • Powerful 10Ah Lithium Battery which provides lasting energy for up to 80km on a single charge
  • Swift and reliable gear adjustment for effortless riding.
  • Lightweight, durable, and ergonomic for enhanced riding efficiency and safety

Who is this for?

This electric bicycle by Xiaomi has you covered if you want to make your everyday commutes easier, explore your city, or take a leisurely ride! The Xiaomi E-Bike Himo Z20 is perfect for urban commuters and eco-conscious adventurers. Its versatile modes and impressive range make it a reliable choice for riders of all levels, promoting a sustainable and exciting way to travel.

Best bicycle for kids from ages 2 and up
Xmua British Style Kids Bicycle
Check Xmua British Style Kids Bicycle price below:
add_circle It provides a DIY decal for a personalised touch
add_circle Premium steel construction for durability


If you are searching for the perfect bicycle for your little ones aged two and up, this bicycle by Xmua is an ideal choice. Besides, the bicycle is perfect for young riders who have just started their cycling journey. Plus, this fantastic bike is equipped with a stable training wheel for the kids to practice until they can ride a two-wheel bike.

Moreover, it has a quick-release seat, which makes height adjustment a breeze, and the seat with a holder helps them learn to ride confidently once the training wheels are off. The dual brake system features a Front U-Brake and Rear Drum brake, ensuring double safety for your kids.


  • Available in 12", 16", and 18" sizes
  • Quick-release seat for easy height adjustment
  • Easy installation with basic assembly tools
  • Chain guard for added safety

Who is this for?

This Xmua British Style Kids Bicycle is perfect for parents looking to introduce their little ones to the joy of cycling. Its stable training wheel, adjustable seat, and dual brake system make it a perfect choice for children aged two and up who are keen to start their biking adventures.

Plus, the DIY decal feature allows your child to add their personal touch to their new ride, making it a unique and special experience.

Best road bicycle
Alcott Zagato S
Check Alcott Zagato S price below:
add_circle It has a sleek design
add_circle Suitable for beginner
add_circle Lightweight


If you are an avid cyclist looking for the perfect road companion, this bike is worth considering. It strikes the ideal balance between durability and weight, ensuring a smooth ride as the bicycle is made with a carbon T800 frame. The Shimano Sora R3000 groupset and Prowheel Ounce crank provide reliable performance, while the Tektro brakes offer dependable stopping power.

Whether you are tackling a challenging hill or cruising along a coastal path, the Alcott Zagato S is ready for the adventure.


  • The bicycle frame is made from Carbon T800
  • Equipped with a groupset of Shimano Sora R3000
  • It has a weight of 9 kg

Who is this for?

The Alcott Zagato S is an excellent choice for road cycling enthusiasts who seek a reliable and versatile bike. Its balanced performance and lightweight construction make it suitable for a wide range of riding scenarios. Plus, this bike is designed to elevate your cycling experience without breaking the bank.

So, if you are eager to explore new routes or enjoy the freedom of cycling, the Alcott Zagato S is a companion worth considering.

Best mountain bicycle
LEM YT4 Mountain Bicycle
Check LEM YT4 Mountain Bicycle price below:
add_circle Made with strong 26-inch tires
add_circle The bicycle can handle riders up to 150 kg
add_circle Hardy sport rim
remove_circle It has no warranty


Hey there, adventure seeker! Meet the LEM YT4 Mountain Bicycle, your trusty companion for off-road escapades and thrilling rides on the beaten path. This versatile bike is all about rugged performance without bells and whistles. With its 21-speed Shimeng/Shimano gearing system, responsive disc brakes, and well-built 26-inch tires, you will be ready to tackle any terrain. Plus, it can handle riders up to 150 kg, so you can invite your friends to join the fun. Remember that this bike doesn’t fold, but it’s a solid choice for those seeking an affordable and reliable mountain bike.


  • Provides 21 speeds
  • It has a weight of 10 kg
  • Comes with disc brakes (front and rear)
  • Offers maximum weight capacity of 150 kg

Who is this for?

The LEM YT4 Mountain Bicycle is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking to embrace the thrill of mountain biking. It is a fantastic choice for riders who want an affordable, durable off-road bike that can handle different terrains.

Whether you are a beginner looking to explore new trails or an expert bicyclist seeking a dependable companion, this bicycle won’t disappoint. Plus, its robust design ensures it can accommodate riders of different sizes and skill levels.

Bicycle 22 inch with 3 Seater
Check Bicycle 22 inch with 3 Seater price below:
add_circle Family-friendly
add_circle Multi-coloured options
add_circle It has front and rear foot rests for passengers, plus child food barriers


Family time is so important, and that is why you should get this bike for a fun family day out! Moms and dads can bring their kids along with them to the park on this 3-seater bike, which also comes with a cute basket at the front for water and snacks.

Safety measures are included in the bike’s design itself, with handrails installed front and back so the children have something to hold onto as they ride. It has front and rear passenger footrests, with child foot barriers. In addition, the bike comes with gears for varied terrain.


  • Weight capacity of 150 kg
  • Offers a spacious basket storage
  • Designed with three cosy seats
  • Equipped with gears for varied terrain

Who is this for?

The family bicycle is ideal for anyone who wants to spend quality time outdoors with loved ones. Whether you’re a parent with a child or a group of friends who love adventure, this bike offers a fun and comfortable way to explore together. Its spacious design and safety features make it a great choice for families who want to make sweet memories on two wheels.

Best bicycle for women
TRS Croze Pro
Check TRS Croze Pro price below:
add_circle Durable and foldable
add_circle It has a good brake system
remove_circle Slightly pricey


If you are hunting for a fantastic ride, let us introduce you to the TRS Croze Pro. This bicycle is your ideal companion for leisurely rides around the neighbourhood or intense workouts. Its hydraulic brakes, Shimano gear system, and lightweight frame make it a versatile choice for riders of all levels.

Plus, the design looks more casual and suitable for women who want casual rides while enjoying the city view. It also has alloy cranes with a size of 52T-170mm, a premium wheelset with measurements of 40mm, and a foldable pedal.


  • Hydraulic brakes for precise stopping power
  • Shimano Altus SL-M310 8 Speed Shifter for smooth gear changes
  • Foldable pedal for easy storage
  • Alloy crankset with 52T and 170mm length
  • 40mm high-profile wheelset (451) for a comfortable and stable ride

Who is this for?

The TRS Croze Pro is the best bicycle for women seeking a durable and stylish ride. If your height falls between 140 cm and 180 cm and your weight is below 110 kg, this bike is perfect for your needs. Plus, it provides a smooth and safe cycling experience, making it a top choice for those who want to enjoy the road ahead.

Decathlon  B'Twin Cycling Foldable Bicycle 20
Check Decathlon B'Twin Cycling Foldable Bicycle 20" price below:
add_circle Fully foldable
add_circle Easy storage


Folding bicycles are great for people who may not have as much storage space in their homes. The compactness also makes it easier to carry into public transport like the train without obstructing other passengers. 

This bike comes with a system that holds the wheels together and pedals that’ll fold in. Taking all of this into account, it should average to only take up about a 26cm length of storage space. Plus, it’s compatible with accessories like transport covers and pannier racks, adding to its versatility. Don’t worry about your bike falling when you store it, as it comes with a stand to support the weight of your bike, too!


  • It comes in a compact design
  • Crafted from Hi-Ten steel
  • Offers a smooth ride with a 44-tooth chainring and 16-tooth freewheel cog
  • Provide Steel V-brakes for effective and gradual stopping power

Who is this for?

This foldable bicycle is an excellent choice for urban commuters, students and anyone seeking a convenient and efficient way to get around town. Its compact size and ease of folding make it ideal for those tight on storage space or looking to take their bike on public transport.

This bicycle is quite balanced regarding its price value and build quality, given its price point. The 20" wheels, however, suggest that those who intend to use this bicycle for casual purposes are smaller and lightweight, preferably kids below 5 feet tall.

Best affordable bicycle - under RM500
UTANKING 26” Inches Wheel Size Foldable Mountain Bike
Check UTANKING 26” Inches Wheel Size Foldable Mountain Bike price below:
add_circle Offers many features for a low price
add_circle Front and back disc brakes
remove_circle It may not be suitable for extreme mountain biking


Despite its low price, this bike comes equipped with many components! It has a front suspension fork for stability with dual disc brakes for maximum safety. The wheel is a hefty 26-inch type suitable for light mountain biking and you can even fold it up for storage at home or easily place it in your car boot. The best part is that the bike comes with 21 gears!

The bicycle is said to be durable and of moderate weight. Given its price, we can comfortably say that this is a great value option for most casual users.


  • It has a sturdy carbon steel frame
  • Handles up to 150 kg with sport rims or 120 kg with alloy rims
  • Comes with 22 kg of weight

Who is this for?

If you have a sense of adventure, love cycling, or want to stay active, this bike by UTANKING will be your trusty companion. Its easy installation and 1-month warranty make it a budget-friendly choice for those looking to explore the great outdoors without breaking the bank.

Additionally, it is packed with features with high performance. So, gear up and hit the road with confidence!

Best bicycle for adults
Begasso Road Bike
Check Begasso Road Bike price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle It comes with a sleek and modern design
remove_circle The seat is slightly uncomfortable


If you want an exciting two-wheel adventure, look no further than the Begasso Road Bike 700C 26-inch. This road bike is perfect for adults seeking a thrilling ride on the open road. Plus, it is designed with 21 gears of different speeds. The bicycle is suitable for those with a height of 150 cm to 190 cm and has anti-slip black PVC pedals.

Whether you're a seasoned racer or a casual rider, its 21-speed gear system, sturdy carbon steel frame, and disc brakes make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to explore the world on two wheels.


  • It has a weight of 12 kg
  • The bicycle chain comes with 108 freewheel
  • Designed with 21 gears of speeds

Who is this for?

This Begasso Road Bike is made for those passionate about and interested in cycling. Moreover, it comes with a bunch of cool extras, such as water bottle holders and locks, making it an even more enticing option for those seeking an adventurous biking experience.

Check STONBIKE 20" ELECTRIC BICYCLE price below:
add_circle Front and rear disk brakes for enhanced safety
add_circle Equipped with a powerful 48V lithium battery


Imagine zipping through the city street with the wind in your hair, effortlessly conquering steep hills, and arriving at your destination with a smile on your face. Well, you can pause the imagination as this bicycle by STONBIKE will be your ultimate companion for an exciting, sporty ride.

With sporty features like a sport time, front and rear disk brakes, and front and rear LED lights, this electric bicycle offers a thrilling ride experience. Plus, its 48V lithium battery ensures you will have the power you need for every adventure.


  • Sport rim for a sleek and stylish look
  • Made with a powerful 48V lithium battery
  • It is designed with 20-inch wheels for a comfortable and agile ride

Who is this for?

The STONBIKE 20" ELECTRIC BICYCLE is perfect for the urban adventurer and fitness enthusiast looking to add some fun to their daily commute or weekend rides. Whether you are navigating busy city streets or exploring scenic trails, this sporty electric bicycle offers an exciting and eco-friendly way to get around.

- How much should we spend to buy a good bicycle?

Whatever it is, the shopper must spend according to his or her ability. Bear in mind that, just like buying a car, a premium bike comes with premium maintenance fees, higher theft risk and many more hidden costs and risks. Especially for beginners, it’s not worth breaking the bank or using credit for something that you think is cool for you.

A decent budget to start with will be around RM2500. This price however should include protection gears and other accessories. But if the amount is still too much, interested buyers and shoppers can look for other alternatives based on their budget. A good bicycle is a bicycle that keeps the passion going, and it shouldn’t be determined by its price.

- What to look for when buying a bicycle?

You’d want a bike that best suits your needs. So, think about what you are using the bike for.  

  • Want something for exercise or travel around town? An urban or hybrid bike works best. 
  • If you are looking for a sturdy, powerful bike for more vigorous activities, then opt for a mountain bike. They would usually have front and back suspension as well as the options for lower gears to facilitate uphill riding. 

The next important point is to find a bicycle which suits your build. 

  • You want to make sure that the bike can handle your weight and height
  • At the same time, it should comfortably let you rest your feet on the pedals with slightly bended knees. 
  • Good ergonomics ensure that you do not strain your back or neck, and lessen the prospect of injuries. 

Lastly, make sure that your handlebar and brakes suit your needs. 

  • A disc brake is your safest bet for most casual uses, especially if you are riding on rough terrains. 
  • Drop bars are great for speed and aerodynamics. These are usually a feature for road bikes, but they might be uncomfortable for long-distance cycling. 
  • Meanwhile, riser bars are made for steering, which means that you would want it on a mountain bike, as it allows you better control of your front wheel.

- What are the other things to consider when buying a bicycle?

Set your budget

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a purchase is your budget. Luckily, because cycling is in trend now, your chances of getting the perfect one for you that is within your budget are high.

However, keep in mind that the quality of most bicycles is directly proportionate to the amount of money spent. But that shouldn’t mean that you must go beyond your budget. Heng Choo Chian’s advice is, keep looking!

Where to buy it?

When purchasing a bicycle, you must decide whether to purchase it from a bike shop, online store, or from a second-hand market. From shoppers perspective, they might wonder why this is important. Well, this is because the place of their choice guarantees whether they get the best fits, price, service and support they need to purchase. Nevertheless, each of them carries different pros and cons.

To illustrate, even though you might have to pay a huge amount upfront, you get support from the salesman to decide which is best for you when you purchase from an offline store. And despite not getting your hands on the item for try-out, the internet far outstrips the traditional shopping experience when it comes to selection. Hence, research is very much needed.

Look for a partner/cycling group 

It’s one thing to invest in a bike and not use it because you don’t have the motivation you need to ride, but to own a bike and not have a partner or cycling group to ride it with is an opportunity wasted.

There has been a lot of research done on how training with others might affect one’s sporting performance, and the general consensus is that it is a good idea. When people are riding together, it will stimulate them psychologically and physically to ride at a higher level. In other words, companions motivate riders to improve their skills. Given these reasons, don’t squander the chance!

- Must-have bicycle accessories (do I need gears?)

To start with, riders who are new to the sport might want to consider purchasing a helmet, lights, and blinkers before thinking of buying spare tubes and other handy multitools for their convenience.

Although gears in bicycles aren’t totally a need, they are something that’s good to have especially if riders are thinking of riding at a hilly terrain, like Klang Valley. 8 speeds (cassette system) is a decent gearing system to start with as it’s not too old, and relatively easy to get.

Other latest and older models aren’t very optimal for some people considering the high maintenance or the hefty price they come with. But if budget is the main concern, 6 or 7 speeds make perfect alternatives too.

- Warranty and maintenance cost

When it comes to this discussion, it’s safe to say that most branded bicycles usually come with a warranty with terms and conditions. However, this of course comes with a higher price. And as for the newer brand or non-branded bicycles, a warranty might not be possible.

If you are buying from a shop, usually the shop will include 2-3 times basic maintenance for gear indexing, adjusting the bike, etc. But if it’s from an online seller, usually you will have to do them on your own.

Maintenance cost vastly ranges from RM40 - RM400 (or more). For a regular 11-speed road bicycle, you might need to spend around RM500 - RM600 on the chain, tires, and tubes maintenance for every 5000-7000km ride.

Now that we have got you covered, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a bike and ride off into the sunset!

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