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8 Best Hair Curlers in Malaysia 2023 - Short & Long Hair

Life is too short to have boring hair.

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Isn’t it tiring to find the right curling tong or wand? It can be a tad confusing for many. There are countless types of styling tongs and wands out there to achieve curls from beachy waves to tight, curly hair.

But how do you know which one gives you the best results you need? We took to finding the right ones for you. Here are 8 types of curling tools that you’d need in your life.

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Best hair curler in Japan with clamp - suitable for Asian hair
Best hair curler in Japan with clamp for Asian hair
Check 3 in 1 Japanese Hair Curler Waver 19mm Standard price below:

Looking for dramatic curly hair or classic wavy hair? This Japanese curling iron is the perfect choice. With its triple barrel curling iron, you can now style your hair quickly and efficiently.

The curler comes with a curler heat conductor of a diameter of 21-30mm with alloy as its thermal conductivity material. This is definitely a worthy investment if you love a variety of styles on a regular basis.

Best automatic hair curler with steam
Best automatic hair curler with steam
Check Babyliss Pro Perfect Hair Curler price below:

Some of us have trouble using curling tongs or wands when it comes to curling our hair. Don’t worry, we feel you. This automatic hair curler by Babyliss Pro is an amazing tool that features revolutionary patented technology which makes it so quick and straightforward to use.

Your hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber and then heated from all directions. In just seconds, your hair will be perfectly curled!

It also has an audio beep that indicates when you should remove your hair from the curling chamber, making it easier to avoid hair damage. With this, you can experiment with different kinds of settings from tight curls to loose, wavy curls.

Best hair curler with rotating barrel
Vivid & Vogue
Best hair curler with rotating barrel
Check Vivid & Vogue Auto Rotating Hair Curler Curling Iron price below:

This auto rotating barrel hair curler iron comes with a ceramic coated plate that has a 360-degree swivel cord, making it easier to curl your hair. The iron curler can be heated up to 200 degrees which helps with a faster process of curling your hair. Get ready to experience effortless, long-lasting smooth curls and say goodbye to frizzy hair.

Best hair curler with dryer, brush, and comb
Best hair curler with dryer and brush comb
Check Electric Styling Hair Curler with Brush Comb HS71R price below:

This amazing multifunctional curler comes with a comb and hair dryer that helps style your hair into various looks. It not only works as a curler but is also suitable for hair drying.

You can switch between a concentrator nozzle, a volume comb and a straightening comb. The concentrator nozzle works as a dryer with 1200W rated power for quick blow drying whereas the volume and straightening combs can rotate 360-degrees for curling.

Best for short and fine hair
Best hair curler for short and fine hair
Check Philips Hair Curler BHB862 (16MM Curling Barrel) price below:

Sometimes curling short or fine hair can be tough because of its low grip. Hence, using this Philips Hair Curler with a slim barrel makes it easier to grip your hair. This 16mm ceramic coating curling barrel has a high heat temperature of 200C that will help you achieve bouncy and gorgeous curls. Its ceramic coating also adds shine and gloss to your hair, making it look glamorous and healthy.

Best hair curler with retractable bristles for thick and long hair
Best hair curler with retractable bristles for thick and long hair
Check Panasonic Styling Brush Iron EH-HT40-K price below:

This hair curler is perfect for creating large curls with volume. Its easy-to-use styling iron brush with retractable bristles works as both a hairbrush and at the same time, holds each strand of hair in place, making it much easier to curl your hair. This is also a good curling iron brush for beginners.

Best hair curler for beachy waves
Check VINS Comfort Curl Ceramic Spiral Hair Curler Iron price below:

Always dreamt of having beachy wave curls? You can now do it yourself with this Comfort Curl Ceramic Spiral Curler that offers an innovative solution to create smooth, shiny and bouncy curls with supple waves, achieving a professional finish.

The plastic spiral coat that covers the ceramic barrel on the outside helps prevent your hair from getting burnt or ruined. This hair curler is also perfect for newbies that would love to try curling their hair as it’s simple and easy to use.

Best hair curler with multiple wands
Best hair curler with multiple wands
Check Nova 3 in 1 Multifunction Hair Curler/Straightener price below:

You can now have the best of both curls with Nova’s 3 in 1 multifunction hair curler and straightener. It gives a professional salon effect, helping you achieve your dream curls. Coated with Nano ceramic, it makes your hair look shiny and while protecting it from damage. This curler is suitable for all hair types.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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