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Acne Treatments Drying Up Your Skin? These 7 Remedies Won't.

Polka dots are cool but not when it’s on the face!

Dry skin and acne prone? Oh no! Having facial acne and blemishes is not a flattering look and can be quite painful especially on dry skin. If you can’t avoid it, you can treat it with care and make sure it doesn’t leave scars on your face.

There are many acne treatment products which can help heal them pretty fast. All you have to do is find the right one which is gentle enough for your dry skin. A quick note to those with dry acne-prone skin: always test the product on your wrist first before putting it on your face.

Check out some of these treatments we’ve found that are suitable for dry skin!

Check Cosrx Clear Fit Master Patch price below:

Cosrx is a Korean brand acne patch. This acne patch provides the perfect environment for wound healing and is almost invisible and unnoticeable on the skin. Also a popular recommendation by many users due to its ability to conceal red, angry acne. If you can’t stop picking at your pimples, then you'll definitely need this.

Check B.LIV Spots Got Shot 15ml price below:

B.Liv’s Spots Got Shot is used for blemish and spot therapy. It diminishes spots on the face while soaks up excess sebum and stimulate cell renewal with its lactic acid ingredient. Sulfur, on the other hand, acts as the anti-oxidant property and reduces bacteria, diminishing the growth of new acne.

Check SKIN&LAB Dr. Spot Don’t Touch Trouble Spot (15ML) price below:

This spot treatment cream has 5 natural plant extracts and hyaluronic acid to moisturise the spot without drying out the skin. It is safe to be used on dry skin because its akane extract gives hydration to the skin while the calming effect of sophora extract calms the acne.  

Check CHICA-Y-CHICO TOTA-S3.0 (30ML) price below:

Dry skin is usually sensitive, and that is why it’s important to look for a product which doesn’t dry out the skin. This dermatologically-tested, hypo-allergenic Chica here calms sensitivities and inflammation with its 100% irritation defence formula. For better results, apply a thicker layer at night to treat stubborn acne spots.

Check NEXCARE Acne Patch price below:
add_circle Suitable for all types of skin
add_circle Noticeable when patch changes colour
add_circle Waterproof

The first on our list is Nexcare Acne Patch. If you have a small pimple with pus, stick one patch on the acne, and it should flatten with the pus absorbed by the patch. It is also gentle on the skin, does not cause dryness and most importantly, can be used by all skin types.

Check MIACARE Acne Patch Day 9's & Night price below:

This patch acts as a protective layer to prevent the acne wound from infection. It promotes quick healing while keeping the acne wound clean. If you wear makeup during the day, you can easily wear this patch under it thanks to its ultra-thin feature. Extra brownie point; it comes with day and night patches.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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