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Juice Up Your Mobile Device With These 10 Phone Docks

Your essential phone-refuelling station.

Too many chargers lying around? You should organise them with a phone dock, especially those that are equipped with one or more charging ports to power up your mobile devices. Some docks come with additional functions such as an alarm clock, speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. Let’s take a look below as we unveil ten different phone docks that suit your respective needs.

Best Bluetooth phone dock with audio and alarm
Best Bluetooth phone dock with audio and alarm
Check LG ND5520 Bluetooth Speaker Dual Dock Station price below:

Life is made easier with the ND5520 docking station, as it charges both iPhone and Android smartphones, and allows you to play your favourite music conveniently via Bluetooth.

Speaking of music, you can even fine-tune the sound to suit you with its EQ setting, ranging from normal to jazz mode. And did we mention that the LG ND5520 features an integrated alarm clock with a snooze button as well? Life’s good indeed with LG.

Best landscape phone dock for cars
Best landscape phone dock for cars
Check Remax Car Holder Super Flexible Docking Series price below:

Looking for a phone dock that can be placed on a horizontal angle for landscape viewing? Then you'll need this dock by Remax from Hong Kong. It has a magnetic silicone base to securely mount your dock to the dashboard, without you worrying about potential slippage. It holds your phone safely for when you need to navigate with maps or hands-free call. Best of all, the holder is flexible enough to fit mobile phones of all shapes and sizes.

Best USB-C charging phone dock
Best USB-C charging phone dock
Check Samsung Fast Charge USB Type-C Charging Dock price below:

Latest phones, tablets and laptops utilise a smaller USB cable known as Type-C or USB-C. This cable is able to provide more power and has a higher transfer speed than the older USB connectors.

One of them that provides such connectivity is this portable charging dock by Samsung. You can use it to charge your phone and tablet of up to 10”, and the dock itself is versatile enough to be used on most hard surfaces like a desk or counter;  its rubberised bottom pad provides stability to your phone.

Best phone dock for home
Check Remax RU-U1 5 USB Port Desktop Charging Station price below:

Why settle for a single-port phone dock when you can charge five mobile devices at the same time with Remax RU-U1? Although charging too many devices at once sounds like a recipe for disaster, rest assured the dock is well-equipped with a smart charger chip to prevent the risk of overcharging.

Best phone dock with amplifier
Check Baseus Amplify Sound Charge Phone Stand Speaker price below:

Three words: plug and play. Just dock your iPhone on the 8-pin interface above, start playing your favourite music or video, and the small horn inside the transparent case will act as an amplifier to amp up the sound quality. Easy peasy, right?

Best phone dock with clock
Best phone dock with clock
Check Creative D160 Docking Speaker price below:

Dock your iPhone or iPod in, and play your favourite music while charging it at the same time. You can even use the remote control to adjust the volume or other functions on your device at the comfort of your bed or a sofa.

That aside, this dock is equipped with a digital clock function that operates more than just your regular alarm clock. You can either set it with different sounds from a radio or select one of your favourite songs. Think of the clock like a smartphone alarm, and you’ll get the idea.

Best phone dock for laptop
Check Toshiba V3+ Universal 3.0 Docking Station price below:

Easy connectivity and product versatility are best described for this docking station by Toshiba. You can use it as a dock for your laptop, LCD monitor or other PC accessories using a simple plug-and-play USB cable connection. The slim yet lightweight design also makes it portable enough to carry with you anywhere in your backpack.

Best wooden phone dock
Check Wooden Multi-Function Charging Stand Base price below:

This charging dock that comes with an elegant wood finish and a compact design allows you to charge not one but four devices such as Android smartphones, iPhones and even Apple Watches. It's lightweight and portable, allowing you to move it around wherever you want.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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