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This Retro Keyboard Is Stunning, But Would We Buy It?

It’s a love-hate relationship.

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Retro designs are really refreshing to look at after staring at our modern and futuristic products every day. Everyone loves some blast from the past: The fashion world is bringing back styles from the 20s, kitchen appliances are dipped in the retro pool and now, technology is kickin’ it old skool with Rymek’s take on typewriters in the 1950s.

This technology-infused retro keyboard and keycaps have a modern interpretation of the traditional version that’s comfortable to touch and great to work with. Thanks to our friends at KnewKey who handed us the head-turning Rymek, here’s what we think.

First Impression Is Everything

Most retro-designed kitchen appliances and stationeries come in pastel colours to give you a sense of nostalgia. Rymek, however, went for a cool and timeless look with a black frame and rose gold keycaps instead.

The five-mode backlit keyboard got us all hooked; just hit the ‘fn’ and ‘del’ buttons and the effects will start rolling. Our favourite goes to mode Four - hit on a key and a wave of light will flow through the entire keyboard.

Mode One takes you to disco world, as the lights will blink continuously (until the battery dies). Though, this function can become a distraction and may disrupt work productivity. Mode Two has an interesting side as well, where the caps will light up slowly and fall into a dim.

You’ll Need To Touch To Know

It’s impossible to resist touching the backlit saddle-shaped keycaps. They’re smooth and soft, and the deep clicking sensation makes every tap therapeutic.

You’ll start typing non-stop and yes, this article is completely typed with the Rymek; notice how zen this article is? Typing on the keycaps produce a crisp, tactile sound loud enough for the neighbours to hear us, but that’s the beauty the mechanical keyboard, no?

The Rymek comes in three mechanical switches: The Gateron Blue Switch and Cherry MX Blue Switch are clicky and generate a typewriter sound. As for the Cherry MX Brown Switch, it comes with the tactile bump feeling and a quieter clicking sound. The Unit we received is built with the Gateron Blue Switch; hence the loud clicking sound compared to the other switches.

It Doesn’t Stay Connected At All Times

The vintage-looking lever on the left functions to easily switch between the Bluetooth and wired mode, especially when there’s a need to connect to two devices at the same time. On the right side, the knob acts as a volume control with a muting function.

Although, the Bluetooth connection is rather unsatisfying. There are four Bluetooth modes that are supposed to connect to four devices, but mode One to Three are constantly sleeping except for mode Four. That being said, there’s an issue with the fickle-minded Bluetooth connection. It would go on and off in split seconds, hence the birth of typos. Not to mention, the Rymek would occasionally rewrite the functions on the laptop’s trackpad, which can be pretty annoying.

Manoeuvering Is Not Convenient

The Rymek is created to accompany tablets and smartphones; to make working on these devices a breeze. Scrolling through the screens will not be too difficult as well.

However, working on a laptop not as convenient. It’s no fun playing Mister Fantastic, twisting your wrist pass the keyboard to get to the trackpad. The metal handle has to be removed in order to control the trackpad, and that’s not easy. Of course, the ideal solution is to use a mouse but that defeats the purpose of product minimalism.

So, Would We Buy It, Or Not?

The Rymek is a remarkable product, no doubt about that. It looks amazing on your desk, the keycaps and the lights are attractive, but it’s not something you would want to use when working on deadlines because of its disappointing Bluetooth connection. The Rymek Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard retails from USD 99.00 at indiegogo.com.

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