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8 CC Cushions to Help Tackle and Even-Out Sallow Skin

So lightweight, you’ll feel like you’re floating on air.

Gone are the days where compacts used to represent thick, caked-on makeup. With the emergence of CC cushions, you'll get all the goodness of a regular foundation plus the perks of CC creams (colour-correction, hydration, and in many cases, sun protection); culminating in a flawless airbrush finish that is aided by the use of a cushion applicator.

What are you waiting for? Try your luck with these eight amazing CC cushions that are experts in their fields.

Best Korean CC cushion
The Face Shop
Korean CC cushion
Check The Face Shop Intense Cover CC Cushion SPF50+ price below:

Besides scoring a cute compact, this product will give you 25 hours worth of hydration and colour correction. It is strong enough to cover any tiny bumps and spots, but light enough to keep you from feeling weighed down. Made up of seven different types of oils that soothe inflammation and regenerate skin, this CC cushion certainly goes beyond being just a makeup product.

CC cushion for dry skin
Check Banila Co. White Wedding Dream CC Cushion price below:

Using a unique Bouquet Flower Complex and Micro Blooming Powder, this formula promises to brighten dull skin and refine fine lines and wrinkles, all while giving you sufficient protection from the sun as well as hydration that lasts; perfect if you're someone with dull or dry skin looking for a pearl-like, glowing complexion.

Best high coverage CC cushion
High coverage CC cushion
Check Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion price below:

This powerhouse CC cushion is a foundation and a concealer all in one cute little compact. Besides covering all your little nasties, it provides your skin with nourishing ingredients that act to retain hydration as well as prevent damage - another great product for those with dry skin.

cc cushion for sensitive skin
Check A'pieu Air-Fit Cushion Bboyan SPF50+ price below:

If you have sensitive skin but still want a translucent-white complexion, this product is for you. Made with all the best ingredients coming from grains, milk,  aloe vera and berries, look forward to a beautiful complexion without having to compromise on your skin's health.

Best CC cushion for oily, acne prone skin
CC cushion for oily, acne prone skin
Check Cosrx Clear Fit Blemish Cushion SPF 47 price below:

Cosrx’s Clear Fit Blemish Cushion has all the best ingredients that will keep oily skin in its lane. Centella Asiatica, niacin and carotene keep the skin youthful while niacinamide and adenosine have awesome skin-healing abilities that will do wonders on acne-prone skin.  It hydrates your skin without looking too dewy and takes care of oil without being too matte, giving you the perfect balance.

Best drugstore CC cushion
CC cushion drugstore
Check Bio-essence Sakura Cushion CC Cream price below:

Containing vitamin-rich Sakura extract and packed with hyaluronic acid, your skin will not only look silky smooth but also receive more than adequate hydration that will keep it looking young and refreshed.

Best Japanese CC cushion for tan skin
Japanese CC cushion for tan skin
Check Shiseido Synchro Skin White Cushion Compact price below:

With six different shades to choose from, this product is great for those who consider themselves a little bit tanner. Additionally, this product evens out your skin tone as well as balances your sebum levels, keeping your skin looking healthy from the inside out.

Best CC cushion for combination skin
CC cushion for combination skin
Check BIOAQUA Air Cushion CC Cream  price below:

Bioaqua’s Air Cushion CC Cream will help your skin achieve a flawless finish all while keeping it beautiful and natural. With ingredients that give you the added benefit of a brighter, hydrated skin, this product will offer you glowing skin that will last throughout the day, thanks to its innovative waterproof formula.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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