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8 Best CC Creams To Achieve “My Skin, but Better ” Look!

Your skin is 90% of your selfie.

BB cream has its many wonders. They are a kind of lightweight foundation that has both hydrating properties as well as coverage.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter and that helps more to even out your skin tone, Colour-Correcting (CC) creams would be the answer to your prayers. Here are 8 of them to get you started.

Best cc cream for oily skin

If you have oily skin, putting on any form of foundation may give rise to pesky bumps the next day. Luckily, this product from MAC does all that a CC cream should do and more. Besides evening your skin tone, it diminishes the appearance of fine lines and most importantly, it helps control the oil levels in your skin. It is also oil-free and should feel great on your skin.

Best organic drugstore CC cream
Good Virtues Co.
Best organic drugstore cc cream
Check Good Virtues Co. Brightening CC Cream SPF30 20ml price below:

This CC cream will make you feel beautiful from the inside out. It can even out signs of redness and dullness while offering your skin wholesome, non-toxic ingredients such as organic Black Seed Oil and Himalayan extracts, which will give you a bright, glowing complexion with minimal expense to the environment (and to your skin).

Best for sensitive skin
Best for sensitive skin
Check B.liv CC Pores Away 30ml price below:

You don’t have to stay away from makeup products just because of your sensitive skin. B.liv’s CC Pores Away Cream uses three main ingredients to give you a beautiful complexion - Marula Oil for pore tightening, Red Algae for sufficient hydration, and Brown Algae for sun protection and anti-inflammatory action.

Free from all harmful ingredients like paraben, alcohol and mineral oil, this product works great for sensitive skin.

Best CC cream with sunscreen SPF 50
It Cosmetics
Best cc cream with sunscreen + spf 50 for older skin
Check IT COSMETICS CC+ Cream Illumination SPF 50+ price below:

We all love a product that multitasks. This IT Cosmetics CC Cream uses an anti-aging and hydrating formula curated through IT Cosmetics’ very own Drops of Light Technology®  to give you youthful, smooth-looking skin.

The best part? It features UVA/UVB  SPF 50+ broad spectrum protection from the sun. So rest assured, your skin is in good hands.

Best Korean CC cream for Asian skin
Check Erborian CC Crème 45ml price below:

This CC cream features pigments that self-adjusts to your skin tone for a more personalised touch. Look forward to having the perfect complexion while enjoying the benefits of tight, soft skin thanks to its active anti-aging and sun protective ingredients.

Best for dry, sensitive skin
Best cc cream for dry, sensitive skin
Check Eucerin White Therapy CC Cream 50ml price below:

Eucerin’s White Therapy CC Cream 50+ has the perfect formula for those who suffer from sensitive skin induced by dryness.

Despite giving your skin a matte finish, it is not drying on the skin. In fact, it helps reduced dryness, utilising glycyrrhetinic acid to rebuild damaged skin.

Best for glowing skin
Check Elianto Amazing White Correction Complete Cream 35ml price below:

Unleash your skin’s full, radiant potential with this CC cream by Elianto. It has tiny microcapsules that spread smoothly over the skin for maximum coverage over any uneven areas.

With hydrating Birch Tree Sap and ceramide, as well as skin-softening Grain Fermentation Complex, your skin will be looking as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Best CC cream foundation for older skin
Check Hera CC Complete Care Cream SPF35/PA ++ 30ml [#23 True Beige] price below:

Using a unique Cell-Bio Technology, this award-winning CC cream is both a foundation and a skincare product. It diminishes imperfections and dullness while actively acting on the skin to tighten it. The result: younger-looking skin and a radiant complexion.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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