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Read This Before Buying a Car Seat for Your Child

Save this as a checklist.

Shopping for baby gear can be exciting - the colours, patterns and even the cartoon characters could all be our guilty pleasures (to relive our childhood dreams).

Buying a child seat for our car is like shopping for accessories to pimp up the interior. It’s fun, but certainly not that simple as it comes with plenty of safety rules you will need to know. We’ve gathered a few tips from our peers at SAFETY Insider to ensure your child’s safety is at 100.

If He Fits, He Sits


The first thing you should check is the fitting of the seat. Make sure the height and weight is suitable for your kid. Take into consideration that these two elements will ensure your child’s comfortability and safety.

The best way to test it out: Bring your child to the store, put him in the seat you’ve picked, ignore other judgy parents, and take the measurements from there. Take note that you will probably have to change seats very often because you know, your child grows, and always remember, safety comes first for your child. Sell off your old seats at Carousell.

Orange Label to Avoid a Red Card

After spending hours in the store choosing a seat, you’ve finally settled on the cutest print with vibrant colours. Yay! But before heading to the counter with your VISA, look out for the attached orange ECE R44 label - this indicates that the seat has been approved by the European Union for abiding by their basic safety standards and requirements. If the label is not there (and it should be), check with the salesperson.

Make A Strong Bond

Make sure the seats are equipped with ISOFIX connectors; look out for the information on the tag, or ask the salesperson just to be sure. It’s important to get seats accredited by ISOFIX because it’s made to lock into the car’s ISOFIX anchor points. This feature will really ensure the safety of your car seat and your child.

On another note, fret not if the car seat you like doesn’t come with ISOFIX but make sure it’s absolutely safe for use. Again, check with the salesperson or Google the brand up for extra information. Strapping the child seat with your seat belt is not going to help much.

Getting a child seat is not rocket science. All you have to do is to look out for the above pointers and you’re on your way to a smooth road trip. SAFETY Insider provides you with timely information on product recalls and safety issues, allowing you to keep you and your family safe.

Mamakiddies Carseat With Booster


RM 139.00

If you need that extra protection

With so many reckless drivers on the road, it’s best to make sure your child’s safety is a top priority. This car seat comes equipped with a detachable seat booster that works to add extra protection to avoid too much bumping on uneven roads.

The seat abides by the ECE R44 Safety Standard and the ISOFIX connectors for easier fixing. You’ll also find two shoulder harness built to accommodate your growing child, as well as an adjustable headrest to fit your child’s height. No more spending extra when your baby is getting bigger. Oh, the seat covers are washable as well because babies are bound to spill things.

Halford Voyage XT Car Seat


RM 399.00

Best for easy fastening 

It looks really big, padded and tough but the Halford Voyage XT Car Seat is very easy to handle plus of course, it’s very stable. It’s built with a one-key adjustment safety belts to easily manoeuvre the seat around your car.

The seat also comes with three recline positions and is perfect for the rear as well as forward facing. It’s secured by the ISOFIX anchor points to your car and it abides by the ECE R44 Safety Standard. The covers are removable for washing to give your child a first-class seat always.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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