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[Review + Discount Code] Searching for Top-Notch Wireless Earphones? Try the Sudio Nivå

And they're Truly Wireless too.

Every little sound detail counts, especially if you love your music and movies a little too much; and because we know how much we dislike replaying a scene or track to get right, Sudio Nivå’s amazing sound system makes sure you don’t need to hit that rewind button, not often at least.

So Sudio sent us a pair of these babies to try out. After careful testing, here’s what we think about it.

Just In Case

The super stylish yet compact casing doubles as a charger. Just place the earphones back into the fully magnetic-operated case and it’s good to go get powered up. We had the option to go for a quick 10-minute charge during rush hour but a full one-hour charge is always recommended to prolong the battery’s life. That got us a good three to three and a half hours of playtime. Note that you should also leave it to charge for eight hours after unboxing.

Sounds Great

These wireless earphones deliver clear and crisp sound details, making it easy to identify every sound beat and bass. With each of us having different tastes in music (from ballads to Hip-hop and R&B), NIVA did not disappoint - the sound in every type of music is projected perfectly.

The earbuds, on the other hand, are designed to drown external noises, giving a nightclub-like experience. Surrounding sounds would completely be shut off and we would hear nothing but our own music. It also has a filter that smoothens out all sound beats without compromising any details, so you wouldn’t have to worry about sharp and piercing sounds which may cause discomfort.

It’s Not Going Anywhere

I went all out to test the stability of the ear sleeves. From jumping around during a HIIT class to hanging upside down on a pole while doing vigorous head flings - nothing could separate us. Yes, I was sweating profusely but that did not affect the relationship between my ears and the earphones.

The ear sleeves come in three sizes to better fit my ear canals comfortably. Made of high-grade materials, they stayed in without moving an inch, making my intense exercises a breeze. They’re so lightweight, it’s like as if they weren’t there.

Best Travelling Companion Yet

It’s a universal rule to have your headphones on when you are travelling. Nine out of ten times, we end up accidentally yanking on the wire and uncomfortably pulling the earphones, followed by dropping our bags, phones and papers. The best thing about the Sudio Nivå - no more making a hot mess out of ourselves.

One Click Is All It Takes

Taking calls and playing music can be done with just one click on either side of the earphones. You guessed right, there’s a built-in microphone and it’s surprisingly clear on the receiver’s end. Just note that you would need to hold the button down for two seconds to switch from phone to music mode - still perfect and convenient for those who are always out and about.

Playtime 3.5 hours per full charge
Portable Case Holds +4 charges
Earphones Battery 55 mAh
Case Battery 500 mAh
Bluetooth Version 4.2
Range 10m
Driver Dynamic
Additional Function Siri enabled
Colour Options Black or White

It Is Surprisingly Affordable

It feels like the Nivå is worth a thousand bucks, but really it’s only retailing online at RM 425. The device stays on the border between affordability and premium quality; and is definitely great value for money, especially if you have to use it daily.

Get yours today, in two colour options (black or white) with an extra 15% OFF when you enter code: ProductNation at Sudio. They’re also running a special 2018 Hari Raya promotion where you’ll get a  FREE Gift Box, FREE Sudio Eco-friendly Tote Bag, and of course, FREE Delivery to Malaysia that ends on 17 June.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

Our Score

Check Sudio Niva price below:
add_circle Charges in just one hour.
add_circle Casing, also a charger.
add_circle Clear and crisp sound details.
add_circle Stable and comfortable ear sleeves to prevent earphones from falling off.
add_circle Built-in microphone.
add_circle Makes travelling super easy.
remove_circle Can only last between 3 - 3.5 hours.
remove_circle Could easily be misplaced if you don't bring the case along.
It's mobile, it's powerful and it's stable. Love it especially when I'm doing intense workouts. Though the battery life can be a bit of an issue but other than that, all good!
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