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Let No One Stop You From Wearing Bold Lips With These 5 Lip Brushes

Achieve that perfect pout!

Lip makeup can be one of the most challenging areas to perfect, as many apply lipstick straight from the tube. A lip brush can smoothen your makeup experience by applying the product onto your lips with much more precision to create a perfect pout. Want in on thick, luscious lips? Check out this list for our favourite lip brushes!

Best lip brush for eyeliner
MAC Cosmetics
Best makeup brush for lips
Check MAC Cosmetics 318 Retractable Lip Brush price below:

Rule the world with sharp winged eyeliner and bold red lips. The versatile MAC Cosmetics 318 Retractable Lip Brush can be used for both the lips and the eye line. Its firm and flat bristles make it easy for control, so you can apply any lip formula, or create a winged eyeliner with ease!

Best lip brush for matte lipstick
Lip brush for matte lipstick
Check NYX Professional Makeup Pro Brush - Lip price below:

Everyone loves a good matte lip colour, but matte lipsticks can be stiff and hard to glide. With this lip brush from NYX Professional Makeup Pro line, you can effortlessly glide that matte colour onto your lips. The pointed brush is made with synthetic bristles which helps with perfect colour application.

Lip brush for lipstick
Check Real Techniques Lip Colour & Blur price below:

This unique duo from Real Techniques will not only apply your lipstick with precision but also help create a soft, blurred or gradient lip makeup with ease. Made with synthetic fibres, this lip brush duo is soft, cruelty-free and easy to use!

Best for concealer
Rae Morris
Lip brush for concealer
Check Rae Morris Lip Brush price below:

For an ultra-precise application, the Rae Morris Lip Brush is perfect for the job. The square-tipped brush is designed to help you create a clean, sharp lip line, and is also great with dark colours. It also acts as a concealer brush to quickly cover imperfections.

Best lip brush for liquid lipstick
Lip brush for liquid lipstick
Check ZOEVA 331 Precision Lip price below:

Liquid lipstick can get messy due to its typical quick-drying and many times, unforgiving formula. To make your life easier, do try the ZOEVA’s 331 Precision Lip to apply liquid lipstick without any mistakes or bleeding. The flat, synthetic brush fills in the contour of your lips to ensure a perfect lip application.

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