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Top 7 Elliptical Cross Trainers for That Quick Full-Body Workout

One beach body, coming right up!

No time yet wanting a full-body workout at the comfort of your home? An elliptical cross trainer might be what you’re looking for! The elliptical cross trainer allows exercises that simulate brisk walking, running and climbing the stairs. In short, it enables a natural range of motion which gives you the full-body workout you need. Here’s a list to get you started.

Check Lexcon Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Cross Trainer  price below:

From RM 559.00            

As a magnetic resistance cross trainer, it is quiet; almost no noise is produced when you use this cross trainer. You’ll also get to use your full range of motion without a hint of awkward movement, thanks to its magnetic resistance.

Its unique 2-in-1 Elliptical Motion Design Technology allows you to utilise it as an elliptical trainer or an exercise bike – perfect for those who can’t decide which to get.

Check Lexcon Ultra Hard Core Magnetic Elliptical Trainer price below:

 From RM 999.00            

This sleek and modern trainer is perfect for those who seek to improve their cardiovascular health, keeping the artery flexible and pumping healthily. One may also customise their workout range from low-intensity to high-intensity, based on their set resistance and speed preference.

Check Lexcon Elite Magnetic Elliptical Trainer price below:

From RM 669.00             

This elliptical trainer from Lexcon features a rear flywheel. What does the flywheel do? It ensures fluidity of movement in exercises and keeps you from jerking during your workout. In short, you get to execute natural momentum with much-needed fluidity, ensuring a workout without any interruptions at all.

It also features a front smartphone holder. This means you get to catch up on entertainment while you work out. Fight boredom while staying fit!

Check FITCHAMP: Orbitrek Elliptical Silent Cross Trainer price below:

From RM 569.00             

The FITCHAMP Orbitrek Elliptical Trainer features an easy-to-use LCD screen that shows tracking progress details such as calories burned and pulse rate. It also has fan wheel resistance which helps in providing smooth movement and strong air resistance according to how fast you pedal. Customize further with its height-adjustable padded seat and adjustable tension knob for a more comfortable workout.

Check NordicTrack E 7.0 Z Elliptical Trainer price below:

From RM 4,850.00          

This one-of-a-kind elliptical trainer has 20 built-in programmed workouts which are designed by a certified fitness instructor to help you to achieve your desired body. It can also incline up to 20 degrees which allows you to tone specific muscle groups.

It has iFit compatibility, allowing you to train anywhere in the world without leaving your home by providing Google Maps’ street views and resistance-adjustment to simulate terrain.

Check Johnson Fitness Horizon Syros Pro Elliptical Trainer price below:

This Trainer made by the Johnson Team is amazingly compact; clocking in at a length of 145cm and a width of 60cm. Its compactness makes it ideal for those living in apartments or for those who have less space to spare.

Its beginner friendliness lets you assemble it in 8 simple steps – saving you time and energy. It also comes with a user-friendly backlit LCD window that displays a variety of things: resting heart rate, distance and many more.

Check Johnson Fitness Horizon Andes 3 Elliptical Trainer price below:

From RM 3,888.00          

This elliptical trainer has a one-step folding frame, allowing you to save space and move around the house. Want to move it from the living room to the balcony? Not a problem at all.

Its ergonomic design, from its pedals to its handlebars, ensures users will always exercise in an upright, straight posture. Easy on your back and strict on your training (in a good way), what more can you ask for?

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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