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14 Types of Mouth-Watering Hari Raya Kuih & Cookies To Indulge In This Ramadan 2021

Your sweets galore awaits!

This will be a Raya season in the midst of a pandemic, so you might not enjoy whipping up your own traditional, homemade recipes. So why not easily buy some buttery, mouth-watering Kuih Raya online? 

Food certainly brings people together, and more so during celebrations. Enjoying festive desserts and cookies with your loved ones, regardless of where you are, is a sweet way to connect.

Down below listed are some 14 Muslim-friendly halal Kuih Raya cookies that you surely will want a taste off this festive season.

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1. London Almond Cookies
Updated on 25th March 2021

You know it’s the start of a festive season when these babies come out. With a whole lot of almonds, a layer of buttery-texture and a rich chocolate coat these biscuits are a favourite among everyone and it’ll surely bring a smile upon anyone who gets a taste of this goodness.

Walnut Pecan Butter Cookies
2. Walnut Pecan Butter Cookies
Updated on 25th March 2021

This nutty surprise from Nutty Lover is sure to give you a burst of flavours upon your tongue with every bite. Freshly baked to perfection with minimal sweet ingredients and only the best of premium nuts, this crunchy number is the insatiable buttery taste you’ll need.

Peanut Butter Cookies
3. Peanut Butter Cookies
Updated on 25th March 2021

The Skinny Bakers have envisioned the perfect cookie for all you peanut butter lovers out there. Made with double chocolate, bits and pieces of reese’s peanut butter chips and loaded fully with peanut butter inside, this affordable soft cookie will make you purchase a second and a third!.

4. Pineapple Tarts 50pcs
Updated on 25th March 2021

These bite-sized pastries which are filled with pineapple jam, is a staple dessert, especially in Southeast Asia during any festival season. Its soft, melt-in-your-mouth buttery texture will always leave you craving for it more. If you haven’t tried it until now, are you even Malaysian?

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies
5. Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies
Updated on 25th March 2021

Signature Market’s cookies have always been somewhat, popular and desirable. Healthy and gluten-free, this baked treat rids you the fear of allergies and unnecessary additives. Not too rich nor sweet, there’s also no artificial colouring, flavouring, trans fat or even any soy products in it! Now are you ready to chow on them this Raya?

Cornflakes Cookies
6. Cornflakes Cookies
Updated on 25th March 2021

If it’s good enough as a breakfast food, then it surely is good enough to be in cookies! These Danish buttered cookies are a crunchier and healthier choice as well as being vegetarian, although it contains some gluten and dairy. Be reminded however that if you don’t keep it in an airtight container, you can say goodbye to that crunchy exterior.

Nutella Cookies
7. Nutella Cookies
Updated on 25th March 2021

Now this cookie type needs no introduction at all. It is a rendition to the Skinny Bakers’ original chocolate chip cookie dough. Here, Nutella’s glorious hazelnut cocoa spread is filled with a generous amount of the chocolate spread gooey goodness into the soft cookies; what an indulgence! 

You may want to get more than one; it might need refills especially at a time where everyone’s just quarantined at home, like now.

M&M Cookies
8. M&M Cookies
Updated on 25th March 2021

If m&m chocolates can be so desirable, so can the cookie version. While this may not be a traditional cookie to gorge on during Raya, it will surely be a treat for the little ones. Soft on the inside yet, this statisfying chewable texture and not forgetting, very very chocolatey; how can chocolate-lovers resist this?

Kuih Raya Nestum
9. Kuih Raya Nestum
Updated on 25th March 2021

These Nestum cookies from Ita Delight are sure to be a crispy burst of surprise for your mouth! These flaky bites are made with premium chocolate fudge coated with nestum and chocolate drizzle as a finishing touch. Also halal certified, they go well with your other Raya delicacies.

Kuih Kapit Raya
10. Kuih Kapit Raya
Updated on 25th March 2021

Also another ‘fan’ favourite during the festive seasons; kuih kapit, also fondly known as love letters biscuit, is a must have at every house for every festive season. This thin waffle-like biscuit has a very light and crisp texture which is made with coconut milk, egg and caramelised sugar. Quite a simple yet delightful treat to have any time of the year.

11. Kuih Bangkit
Updated on 25th March 2021

If you haven’t heard of it before, kuih bangkit, also known as tapioca cookies, is made from sago starch and are a local favourite for most festive seasons. Compactly sized, the best part about this biscuit is the fact that whether you choose to lightly crunch into it or just pop it into your mouth, the cookie immediately melts in your mouth when eaten, leaving you wanting more!

Ramadan Cookie Bundle
12. Ramadan Cookie Bundle
Updated on 25th March 2021

Want a gift set for someone that’s also edible? Well, Skinny Bakers have made life easier for you with their Ramadan Cookie Bundle. This set contains three jars of cookies with the flavours Safari Dates, Almond Chocolate Chip and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip. This set comes in a simple yet pretty packaging that’s perfect for most occasion besides Hari Raya.

The Muhibbah Hamper
13. The Muhibbah Hamper
Updated on 4th May 2021

At a time where we’re restricted from travelling and meeting other friends and families, it’s still nice to show that you’re thinking of them. Bakhache Hampers’ offers a Raya special hamper that’s packed with not only cookies but also some gourmet pulled beef, cooked via local celebrity Chef Wan’s recipe. 

The hamper also consists of dates, traditional sweets and other bite-sized snacks- with a gift card specially designed for the occasion too.

Buah Tangan Hamper for Raya
14. Buah Tangan Hamper for Raya
Updated on 25th March 2021

Also from Bakhache Hampers, this one’s pricier for a reason. The hamper carries our very own Chef Wan’s raspberry drop and oatmeal caramel cookies. 

It also contains some fruit-based treats like safawi dates, dried fruits, blueberry jam and even some manuka honey! Better yet, make it more thoughtful with a written gift  message on a card along with some Raya packets and you’ll have a luxury, eye-catching gift!

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