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8 Pasta and Noodle Makers for Freshly-Made Meals

Go noodles with creative pasta making.

Besides rice, pasta and noodles are the next best staple food and a great option for a tummy-filling delicious meal. Although we have store bought pre-made pasta and noodles at our disposal, nothing beats the originality of homemade food. Fresh pasta and noodles made in your kitchen are definitely healthier as it does not contain enhancers, synthetic flavours or preservatives. Select a pasta and noodle maker for your home from our recommendations.

Best pasta maker with 7 shaping discs
Best pasta maker with 7 shaping discs
Check Midea Electric Noodle & Pasta Maker MJ-WNS1501B price below:

Featuring a high torque motor, this pasta maker enhances the texture and taste of your noodles. Adjust the shapes and sizes of your noodles or pasta with a selection of 7 different shaping discs. Choose from the western choice of spaghetti, penne or fettuccini to the eastern range of vermicelli or thick noodles. It also comes with a storage drawer to keep the discs and tools safe.

Affordable manual pasta maker
Check Wales Stainless Steel Manual Noodle Pasta Maker price below:

Manual pasta making does not have to be a tiresome chore. Invite the children to help assist you and turn this labour of love into a fun kitchen project. This hand-operated pasta maker has a crank handle for easy rotation. It is stable on your kitchen top or table with extra clamps for safety.

Best automatic noodle and pasta maker
Automatic noodle and pasta maker
Check Joyoung Automatic 3-Minute-Quick Noodle & Pasta Maker price below:

Interested in a home cooked meal, but do not have the time? With the help of this automatic 3-minute noodle and pasta maker, you could effortlessly enjoy a healthy and delicious dinner even when pressed for time. This machine features automatic flour mixing and pressing, imitating genuine hand movements. Choose from 6 different types of pasta or noodles for a scrumptious meal.

High-quality noodle maker
High-quality noodle maker
Check Philips Avance Collection Noodle Maker HR2365 price below:

This noodle making machine is assuredly a worthwhile investment for your kitchen. Noodles are easily prepared in a whopping 10 minutes. Get creative and include fresh ingredients into your meal to heighten the flavouring. Children simply adore chewy noodles, especially those with a bouncy texture. With the function to adjust the kneading process, you can have extra-bouncy noodles for lunch.

Best vegetable pasta & noodle maker
Vegetable pasta & noodle maker
Check Freemarket Ultra 4-Blade Heavy Duty Pasta Maker  price below:

The ideal option for a vegan, gluten-free or paleo lifestyle. Why make pasta with wheat flour when you can substitute the gluten with a non-carb option. Spiralize hard vegetables such as zucchini, carrots or radishes and serve them with yummy pasta sauces. This multifunctional pasta maker also serves as a mandolin, easily grate, slice and cut fruits and vegetables of your choice.

Multifunctional pasta and noodle maker
Multifunctional pasta and noodle maker
Check Savtm Multifunction Automatic Noodle Pasta Maker price below:

This magnificent noodle and pasta maker also easily transforms into a juicer, saving you the need for separate appliances. An amazing ability of this pasta maker is that conveniently incorporates vegetable juices such as spinach, carrot or beet juice into your pasta dough which makes it flavourful and colourful. Enjoy a variety of tagliatelle, fettuccini, macaroni or vermicelli any time you feel like it.

Best pasta maker with LED display panel
Pasta maker with LED display panel
Check Trio Pasta Maker TNM-05 price below:

Easy to operate with low noise, you can be a wizard in the kitchen with this exceptionally talented machine. Providing you with 10 different shaping discs, marvel your family or dinner guests with exquisite picks of western pasta or Chinese noodles. Aside from spaghetti and lasagne, this machine also churns out dumpling wrappers. A versatile kitchen appliance indeed.

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