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10 Stylish Outfits below RM50 Your Toddlers Can Strut Around In

#YOLO – You’re only little once!

It is often said that kids grow out of stuff fast and one of them are clothes. Since they won’t be wearing the clothes for a long time, it is such a waste to spend tons of money on it and see them wearing it only once or twice before they grow out of it. Instead, here are some toddler clothes that are affordable and cute at the same time.

Check Baby KIKO Toddler Girl Short Sleeve Bermuda price below:

Who doesn’t love hearts on their clothes? Especially when they come in different shades too! This white tee paired with the contrasting orange pants is a comfortable daily outfit for your kids.

Check Trudy & Teddy Baby Boy Short Sleeve Collar Tee price below:

This pastel blue and white tee is a cute little polo shirt that will give your little one a slightly more dressed up look. Made of 100% cotton, this is comfortable enough to wear all day. Perfect for weekend outings with your toddler!

Check Trudy & Teddy Baby Boy Short Sleeve Short Romper price below:

Having a little kid means constant diaper changing sessions but removing their pants multiple times a day can be such a hassle. However, with snaps at the inseams, changing diapers and dressing is now a breeze. Stylish and practical at the same time!

Check Baby KIKO Toddler Boy Short Sleeve Shirt price below:

Most toddler clothes are adorned with cartoon characters and cute prints, but this one is different. With tribal prints and dark shades, this unique shirt will make your toddler stand out – in a good way. Let your little boy steal the spotlight with this cool button-down shirt.

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