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This Video About the iPhone X from Samsung is Just Too Brutal

So the iPhone 8 has already been launched in Malaysia and the iPhone X has already made it's way to Singapore's shores. We've also spotted broken iPhone X's making their way around Facebook. Samsung decided to seize the moment and release a pretty savage video titled Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up.

It starts off - in 2007 - with a guy walking past an Apple store which has people queuing up to get their hands on the very first generation iPhone. He gets himself one too, and the scene cuts to 2010. Our man here tries to take a photo but gets bummed out when he doesn't have enough storage to save it (something every one of us who have ever owned an iPhone would have experienced, I'm sure).

Fast forward to 2013. He bumps into a girl he's interested in and writes his number on her Samsung Note 3 using the S-Pen. In 2016, he and his girlfriend fall into the lake. Her Samsung was a-ok but his iPhone obviously wasn't. Then came the iPhone 7. Having removed the headphone jack, Erik had to use an adaptor to allow charging while using his headphones. While his girlfriend, on the other hand, enjoyed wireless charging via Samsung's charging dock.

At the end of the video, Erik has finally "grown up". It was a bit of a reminiscent moment for him when he walked past a long queue for the iPhone X. Would you just look at that haircut?! We thought the video was pretty brutal, to be honest. Apple probably needs some aloe vera to soothe all that burn.

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Customer: I own an iPhone X
Barber: Say no more fam[/caption]

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