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10 Fascinating Floaties to Help Your Kids Stay Afloat

Do any of these float your boat?

It’s good to start your kids young if you want them to learn how to swim. What better way to do that than with an adorable pool float they’ll love? Get their bathing suits on, because here are some inflatable pool floats that’ll make pool time even more fun!

Check Inflatable Baby Boat Float price below:

Looking for a unique pool float that will stand out? Look no further. Here’s a float that’s colourful with a design that mimics a car. Swimming is more fun with this float, your kid can ‘steer’ their way in the pool and zoom off!

Check Pink Flamingo Float price below:

Flamingo floats are often seen at pool parties – stay in trend with these pink beauties as they gracefully float around your pool. A fun and colourful addition, it’s going to look amazing on your Instagram with your kid in it. Your kid will be a #trendsetter before they even know it!

Check Kids Seat Security Float price below:

If you’re a new parent and you’re hesitant to let your kid into the pool, here’s one that might interest you. This seat security float is suitable for children 3 years and below. With a double layer design, this makes it more stable and safer to use – but this doesn’t mean you can take your eyes off your kid!

Check Covered Speed Boat Float with Handle & Horn price below:

This speed boat float with a detachable roof is just what your kid needs when the sun is out shining too brightly. Don’t let the sun get in the way of having a good time in the pool! Just pop this roof on and enjoy the cool shade it provides while having a nice relaxing soak in the pool.

Check Inflatable Shark Float price below:

Featuring shark jaws at the front, this pool float might just scare all the other kids into leaving – now your kid can have the whole pool to themselves! Jokes aside, this pool float is spacious and comfortable, your kid won’t want to get out of it. Who knows, they might even befriend Sharkboy!

Check Inflatable Unicorn Float price below:

Unicorn floats are all the rage now, in fact, they’re on everything – cakes, shirts… you name it! What better way to join in on this trend than with this magical unicorn float? Just like the flamingo float, this unicorn float is also totally Insta-worthy. Plus, this fun little float is sure to stand out among others with its pop of bright colours.

Check Infant Swimming Neck Float price below:

A neck float? If you’re not familiar with this, it might look a little scary, but fear not! This neck float is used for toddlers in baby spas around the world and is actually very relaxing for them. As horrifying as it looks, this neck float is equipped with double layer protection to prevent your kid from slipping and it fits just like a comfortable collar.

Check Intex Froggy Baby Float price below:

When you place a princess together with a frog, magical things happen. With the inflatable sunshade and comfortable seat that comes with this frog float, your child is going to have the best time in the pool without a ray of sunshine bothering her. The adorable design will also be the envy of all the other kids!

Check Intex Stingray Baby Float price below:

As much as stingrays are dangerous, we promise you that the float version of it is absolutely harmless. In fact, your kid is going to be besties with it as they waddle in it. The shade that comes along with the float also gives your kid a little extra sun protection.

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