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14 Gifts for the Important Dog Lovers In Your Life

Dogs > humans.

Dogs are so lovable – so much that they literally become the entire world for some people. What’s not to love about them? They’re loyal, their kisses are like therapy after a long day, and who can ignore their unconditional love towards you no matter how many times you forget to feed them?

If you’re planning to get a gift for someone who is obsessed with dogs, here are some ideas we’re sure they’d love.

Her Jewellery Swarovski Crystals - Doggie Pendant
Her Jewellery
Check Her Jewellery Swarovski Crystals - Doggie Pendant price below:

Have you got that friend you simply wish to get a necklace for but not sure of her style? You’ll get nothing better than this double personality dog necklace. Why double personality, you ask? One side of the pendant is embedded with Swarovski crystals while the other is brass plated in white gold. The perfect accessory whenever she’s feeling glitzy one time or minimalist the other.

Elli Germany Chinese Year Dog Bracelet
Elli Germany
Check Elli Germany Chinese Year Dog Bracelet price below:

If your Chinese zodiac sign is a dog, then this bracelet is made for you. This fierce looking thread bracelet would make a great statement while being subtle, too. No need to worry about it being too loose or tight as it is easily adjustable. A great pick for dog lovers who like keeping it casual.

Transparent Dog Phone Case
Check Transparent Dog Phone Case price below:

How cute would your phone look in this transparent phone case? Who would be able to resist those sweet looking faces peeking at you? You can also choose one that looks like your furbaby so that you won’t miss them too much when you leave home.

Cartoon Dog Purse (Yellowish Pink)
Check Cartoon Dog Purse (Yellowish Pink) price below:

There’s no need to wear an outfit made out of meat (Lady Gaga reference) or dye your hair neon pink to make a lasting impression. Just a serious pug face on your purse would be enough to make everyone remember you. Although not very suitable for formal events (I mean, you could if you wanted to), this can be easily styled with any other outfit.  

BONIA Light Pink Puppy Hero Keychain
Check BONIA Light Pink Puppy Hero Keychain price below:

Keychains are an endearing addition to simple things like your set of keys, pencil case or even for your purse. This keychain comes in four stunning shades, with the dog perfectly poised at the ready to save its human from any danger coming their way!

Dog Bones Cookie Cutter
No Brand
Check Dog Bones Cookie Cutter price below:

If you know a friend who can’t get enough of dogs, has a sweet tooth, and whose birthday is just around the corner, step it up by making them dog bone cookies with this cookie cutter. Cakes are overrated after all. Satisfying a best friend’s sweet tooth on their special day never felt so good.

Pop Art - Puppy Dog Painting
Check Pop Art - Puppy Dog Painting price below:

This would make a good housewarming gift for someone who appreciates art and canines at the same time. Bring out a pop of color to your mate’s new home with this purely hand-painted masterpiece. Well worth the money, we say!

Cotton Stuffed Husky Plush
Check Cotton Stuffed Husky Plush price below:

We all have that one friend who can’t resist the power of a plushie. Whether it’s to be displayed at the back of their car, on their bed, or to be hugged to sleep, they won’t say no to having a new addition to the family. Add this Husky plushie to their collection, they’ll ruff you for it!

Assorted Cool Dogs Mugs
Check Assorted Cool Dogs Mugs price below:

For caffeine addicts, a morning isn’t complete until they’ve had their cuppa joe. Kickstart your day with an aesthetically pleasing mug of hot coffee suited to your liking while admiring the doggy dog art on the mug.

Dog Bite Finger Toy
No Brand
Check Dog Bite Finger Toy price below:

We’ve all had our fair share of Old Maid, Scrabble and Monopoly Deal. Now it’s time to bring in the real deal. This fierce looking dog toy is a fun game to play when there’s a huge group present. Good as a party game and drinking game as well (wink, wink).

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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