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Here are 20 Décor Items to Create the Perfect Nursery!

A little at a time slowly builds magic.

Do you have a baby on the way? Then there is no better time than the present to get started on decorating the nursery room. If you have absolutely no idea where to start and all you’ve got is a freshly painted, but an empty nursery room, scroll down to find out how you can fill and decorate the nursery room!

Check Illusion Love Bear 3D LED Night Sleeping Light price below:

Lights are crucial in a room as they can set the whole vibe of a room. Why not go for a modern and playful light like this 3D Teddy Bear light rather than the usual traditional lamps? The best part is that the light is colour-changing, with seven different colours. It is definitely a sight to see and a unique décor for the nursery room.

Check Lace Bed Canopy (White) price below:

If you’re going for a fairy tale themed nursery room, then it wouldn’t be complete without a canopy over the bed, would it? This beautiful white canopy is sure to leave an elegant feeling when draped over the bed and makes the bed a more comfy place altogether.

Check Cute Kids Nursery Wall Sticker Decal price below:

One can never go wrong with a wall decal and in this case, it is sure to add a fun element to the nursery room. With wall decals, you will not need to decorate the walls with frames and art as the decal is more than enough to keep the room colourful. Also, it can be used as a fun backdrop element to take pictures of your kids for Instagram.

Check Innovative Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank (White) price below:

In case you’ve missed the rage on this cute mischievous kitten piggy bank, it’s never too late to get one now. Gone are the days where we’d have to save money in piggy banks and now your kids can save their money with this playful kitty bank. Plus it is a cute décor item for the nursery.

Check 3D Butterfly Wall Stickers (12 Pcs) price below:

Having a 3D element in the nursery room is great for kids as it makes the décor look more realistic and leaves a more stylish finish to the room. Go crazy with these 3D butterfly stickers and stick around the baby room. The final look is sure to leave a statement and the room will look far from a traditional nursery room.

Check Bed Baby Toy for Cot price below:

This hanging toy for the cot is the cutest thing to hang to keep your baby entertained until they get exhausted and drift off to dream land. If the cute hanging toys aren’t enough, it even plays a sweet melody to put your child to sleep.

Check 200 Pcs/Set Bedroom Glow In The Dark Stars Wall Stickers price below:

The fun doesn’t have to end even after the lights go off! With these 200 glow-in-the-dark stickers, give your kid an out of the world experience as they go to bed. If they are having trouble going to sleep, they don’t have to count imaginary sheep when they can just count the stars on the wall. They’ll definitely fall asleep before they can finish counting them all!

Check OHSEM Cute Cloud LED Night price below:

With the lights off, you’d never know if there are monsters under the bed or in the cupboard waiting to attack you. Make your baby feel safe with this adorable side table light. With such a cute design and bright light, this night lamp will whisk the fear of darkness away

Check Retro Classic Music Box price below:

You can never go wrong with a classic music box, especially when it is a merry-go-round themed. With all the toys in the room, this retro piece will definitely stand out. Let the sweet melody fill the nursery room with the four horses galloping around the music box.

Check Lille 10m LED String Lights - Yellow price below:

Whether we’re talking about adults or kids, string lights are a favourite among all. Just something so simple can be able to brighten up space and leave a magical feeling. With this 10-metre long string lights, hang them all over the walls of the nursery room to liven up the place!

Check 2-In-1 Easel Wooden White and Black Board price below:

Age is just a number and should not be a barrier to a child’s learning curve. With this double sided black and white board, let your child practice their maths or just draw random stuff on it. Place it at the corner of the nursery, you child will love it when they’re old enough!

Check Cute Stuffed Animals Toys price below:

No matter how old you grow, you will have a fond place in your heart for stuffed toys and teddy bears. Then there’s also the issue of which soft toy to get as there are just so many to choose from! Here’s one for you to consider, an adorable little panda plush!

Check 3D Mickey and Minnie Wall Sticker price below:

Minnie and Mickey Mouse were the foundation of every kid’s childhood and it is only right to have them on the room wall. This large 3D wall sticker adds some depth to the nursery, no more boring solid painted walls

Check Maylee 4pcs Cute Animals Multicolour Pillow Cases price below:

Throw pillows are often not used to sleep on but to decorate the room and add more colour and fun to it. Why not get some throw pillows and these adorable animal themed pillow cases to go with them? The design on these pillow cases make the room more kid-friendly and comes in a set of four.

Check SOKANO Dark Blue Star Design Curtain price below:

Curtains can be a bold and bright element in a soft-toned nursery room and this dark blue starry curtain is surely that. It’s great for livening up a kid’s room up without adding too much and keeping the overall design simple. Who knows, the starry curtains might even attract a visit from Peter Pan!

Check PREMO Photo Wall - Set of 7 Photo Frames price below:

While some may prefer to go for colourful painting or wall decals in the nursery room, you can always opt for photo frames. After all, there is no better way to decorate a wall than with a story. With this set of 7 photo frames, print out some of your favourite pictures, or better yet, slowly fill it up with new memories as your baby grows!

Check IKEA STORABO Children Play-Mat Carpet/Rug (GREEN) price below:

A play mat is another fun way to keep your child busy and entertained. Place it anywhere in the room and watch your child set their imagination free. Buy them some toy cars to play on the rug and be prepared for endless hours of fun!

Check My Baby Street Pink Lace Table Lamp with Teddy Bear  price below:

A teddy bear table lamp? Two of my favourite things in one sentence. This vintage styled table lamp is an eye catcher, for sure. Don’t worry about the colour if you’ve got a boy, we’re living in 2018 and colours no longer define gender. So what are you waiting for? Get this cute décor to style the bedside table.

Check Baby Toddler Colourful Musical Play Gym Play Mat - Sky price below:

Having a baby also means sacrificing a lot of your free time to play with them. However, with this baby play gym mat, your baby will be occupied and entertained all the time. With the endless toys that come with this gym mat – from the multiple hanging rattle toys, colourful piano keys at the bottom and mirror, your baby’s going to be occupied. Meanwhile, you can get some much-needed rest.

Check MB Baby Rattles Toy 6 PCS Fabric Book For New-born price below:

Ever wondered how Einstein became a genius? He read lots of books growing up, that’s what. There’s no better way to get your child on this bandwagon than to start them early. These six fabric books are a fun and colourful way to get your kids educated. Plus, they are also a colourful addition to the nursery room shelves.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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