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Bring Out The Bass With These Top 7 Headphones

Cuz’ we know you’re all about that bass!

With the rise of hip-hop, electro house and other music genres that are bass-centric, come leagues of fans who just love it when they hear that bass drop. There are tons of headphones on the market but do they bring out the best in bass? If you’re interested in bringing out the bass, here’s a list of headphones to get you started!

Best in-ear bass headphones for gym
est in-ear bass headphones for gym
Check SONY MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass price below:

The SONY MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass is an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts; they’re portable and lightweight. They feature an in-ear fit and when you add the lightweight factor into the equation, you have yourself a pair of earphones that won’t easily fall out of your ears.  

In regards to the sound quality, they can be described in one word: amazing. The SONY MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass delivers a well-balanced sound stage with crisp highs and punchy bass with little to no distortion. In fact, if you listen to deadmau5 (or any other favourite DJ of yours), you’ll find that the music sounds unbelievably tight and punchy with impressive bass response.

Best bass headphones for gaming
Check ASUS ROG STRIX Wireless price below:

The ASUS ROG STRIX Wireless is your go-to-headphones when it comes to gaming. Due to the humungous 60mm drivers, the bass on the headphones sound impressively rich and with that extra bass power, it’ll deliver that extra “oomph” that you, without a doubt, need when playing FPS games (Overwatch, anyone?).

Another great thing about these headphones is that it uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection instead of Bluetooth. What’s so great about that? Well, this means you’ll experience less audio lag. This is great news for FPS fans as you’ll not only hear the sound of your weapons firing or grenades exploding the moment it happens, but you’ll be able to feel them.  

Best noise-cancelling bass headphones for audiophiles
Best noise-cancelling bass headphones for audiophiles
Check V-MODA Crossfade M-100 price below:

Want to shut out all the noise from the outside world and be in a world of music on your own? If you do, then we highly recommend the V-MODA Crossfade M-100. These headphones block out noise from the outside world passively with memory foam ear cushions and external interchangeable metallic plates which V-MODA affectionately calls, “shields”.

As for audiophiles who like bass a tad too much, these headphones have got you covered. The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 has 50mm dual diaphragm drivers to set the bass apart from the mids and highs. As such, you can expect vivid mids and clean deep bass – definitely worth the splurge.

Best for mobile phones
Best bass headphones for mobile phones
Check Plantronic BackBeat Pro 2 price below:

The Plantronic BackBeat Pro 2 is a solid choice for those who like to listen to their favourite beat on their phones. It has an outstanding wireless range – 250 ft in direct line-of-sight. That’s not all, even if you’re isolated in another room away from your phone, the connection will not drop the slightest.

One more reason to get your hands on this baby is that it has an exclusive app you can download from Google Play, ‘Plantronics Hub’, which enhances your listening experience with in-app tools. There’s also a ‘find my headphone’ feature on the app which tracks down your headphones if you ever misplace it.

Best bass headphones with volume control and mic
Best bass headphones with volume control and mic
Check Sennheiser MOMENTUM 2.0 On-Ear price below:

Sennheiser is back at it again with its Sennheiser MOMENTUM 2.0 On-Ear headphones. These headphones feature a versatile in-line remote which allows you to take calls, listen to music and control the volume. You also don’t have to worry whether these headphones are compatible with your mobile devices or not – it supports both Android and iOS devices.

These headphones are also equipped with a microphone so you can make calls easily. As for noise handling, the microphone is capable of separating speech from undesired signals and dismiss unpleasant noise effectively, so that each word you speak over the phone is clear.  

Best earphones for iPhone
Best bass earphones for iPhone
Check V-MODA Zn price below:

The V-MODA Zn is designed for the iPhone; it has a 3-button remote control along with a microphone for Apple iOS devices which are made for you to manage your calls, control your playback and adjust the volume on the go.

Design-wise, it’s staggeringly impressive. It is made out of durable plastic and zinc alloy which make the headphones uniquely alluring; it’s as if they were designed by aliens from another planet. The cable is DiamondBack Kevlar-reinforced which complement the overall design of the headphones.

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