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5 Quick Makeup Removal Ideas for Busy Malaysians On-The-Go

Because let’s be real, removing makeup is satisfying but can be a pain at the same time. Yet, we are all cautioned that not removing makeup means clogging up your pores, disabling skin restoration and is basically a very bad habit.

Fret not fellow Malaysians, we know how you feel after a whole day of being dolled up and we’ve got some handy quick and easy solutions that will fit into your everyday situations.

Traffic Jam Blues

Not exactly the most ideal of situations to remove makeup but we have found a way to make do somehow in true blue Malaysian style.

Makeup remover wipes are great when you don’t have access to a tap and sink and have to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. This is especially if you're stuck in a jam that takes almost an hour to clear.

Instead of juggling cotton pads and bottles of different makeup removers, why not opt for a packet of FCC Skintrends Micellar Makeup Remover Wet Wipes (RM19.10) that you can use on-the-go without even needing a rinse.

For a deeper cleansing effect, try Sephora Collection Cleansing and Exfoliating Wipes Yuzu (RM29). This double-sided cloth has a soft side for removing makeup as well as a textured side with microbeads for exfoliating dead skin cells, leaving your skin clean and revitalized.

Now, all that car-time won't go to waste!


Are you at work and constantly eyeing the clock as it draws closer to the start of your fitness class? While you're getting yourself all psyched up for an intense workout, removing makeup may be the least of your worries - and it can be!

The magic Original Makeup Eraser (RM35) cloth is a great solution to remove all your makeup with just water - no makeup removers required! You can do this in the office, on your way to the gym and even after your workout (why not wipe off that sweat as well?). With just a few wipes, you can remove lip, eye and face makeup in no time.

We know it's hard to believe and you won't be the first to be surprised. Check out the review of the Original Makeup Eraser cloth.

Shortcut to Success

Do you love the feeling of being able to jump into bed as quick as you can after arriving home from work? We know that one... which is why we love the one-step solution to removing makeup and cleansing!

The 2-in-1 Neutrogena One Step Gentle Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover (RM150.16) combo is your alternative to the double cleanse method and leaves your skin moisturized after a good cleaning. Simply wet your hands in lukewarm water, pump cleanser into hands and work into a foamy lather. Massage the lather onto your face in circular motions and around the eyes, then rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Spicy and Oily Food Feast

Satay, kuey teow, nasi lemak... let's assume that like most Malaysian meals, your night of feasting is likely going to involve something spicy or oily - which means sweaty eyes and nose and faded lipstick.

For situations like these, an eye and lip makeup remover stick (for eyes and lips) or a cleansing oil stick (for face) can come in handy. They are small and easy to carry around and don't require a complicated method to use.

The A'pieu Speedy Remover Stick (RM19.90) can remove lip and eye makeup anywhere and on-the-go by just giving your lip and eye makeup a few swipes. No need for cotton pads, oily makeup remover solutions or a towel to pat dry!

Alternatively, the G9 SKIN IT CLEAN Oil Cleansing Stick (RM142.27) is a good choice for removing face makeup. Simply spread the product over face before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. While it may require rinsing and a little more cleaning effort, we like to think it's more convenient to carry as opposed to a whole bottle of makeup remover solution.

The Overtime Dilemma

For those late nights in the office, you'll want something moisturizing after being in an air-conditioned room the whole day as well as something simple to keep your focus on that deadline.

Which is why keeping a tub of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (RM5.30) in the office is a great idea, especially if you expect to stay late often. This little tub is useful if all you're after is giving your lips and skin around the eyes a chance to breathe after a long day.

Simply apply vaseline to makeup and wipe it off with a tissue or cotton pad (take care to avoid the eyes). This easy step can be done at the desk and ensures your skin stays moisturized.

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